realistic elephant tattoos

Top 40 Traditional and Realistic Elephant Tattoos

Looking for the trendiest realistic elephant tattoos, then take a look at these awesome designs!

Elephants have walked this planet for centuries and still fascinate us to this day. Their statuesque physique is perfectly balanced by their loving, gentle nature which we admire to this day. Earning a magical space in everyone’s hearts, whether that be through beliefs, likes or hobbies, what better way to celebrate elephants than through a tattoo.

Finding the perfect tattoo design for something you love and hold dearly to your heart can be a long and difficult journey. To help you along the way we’ve collected our top realistic and traditional elephant tattoo designs to assist your search for the perfect body art.

big tribal elephant head tattoo
Credit: _inkvan (Instagram)

Starting our list is this wonderful and captivating tattoo design. A design meant for larger-scale work, this design is perfect for those after a bold and head-turning tattoo. Illustrating the breed’s links to religion, the inclusion of mandala shapes and patterns (especially on the ears) adds dynamic to the elephant’s design. Realism is achieved through intricate shading to produce texture as well as emotion.

mother and son elephant tattoo
Credit: cause.chaos (Instagram)

The inclusion of fine line designs and geometric shapes adds dynamic to this realistic and traditional elephant tattoo. Framed in a fine line circle sits a detailed packed design, illustrating the unbreakable bond between elephants in a herd. The surrounding elements add a softness to the design and frame it subtly.

detailed small elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: tattoowarshawa (Instagram)
realistic elephant tattoo design on arm
Credit: challistattooer (Instagram)

Mastering the realistic tattoo on this elephant design, whilst adopting a darker palette, has been brought to life through dotted shading. The vivid white tusks add dynamic to the traditional design and add that unique element to the elephant you may be after.

elephant family on ribs tattoo
Credit: liberta_tattoo (Instagram)
elephant family row tattoo on back neck
Credit: repentlesstattoostudio (Instagram)
elephant in safari tattoo
Credit: peeterjanecek (Instagram)
elephant floral tattoo on leg thigh
Credit: xavtattoo (Instagram)
realistic elephant tattoo on leg
Credit: giahi (Instagram)

The beloved elephant has been brought to life through the explosion of florals, botanicals, and delicate jewels. Gracing the poised mammal, the design illustrates the highest of respect and garnishes it in beauty. Realism is achieved through various intensity levels of ink, producing texture. A great option for those after a showstopper.

elephant pose on rock tattoo
Credit: madlynevanlooy (Instagram)
elephant row with names tattoo
Credit: irena_banti (Instagram)
elephant tattoo in traditional realistic style
Credit: szutattoo (Instagram)
small realistic elephant family tattoo
Credit: gioiamelis_art (Instagram)

A view we admire in many of our favorite nature programs, the powerful bond between the elephant mother and child is clear in this tattoo design. Minimal in nature yet full of detail, the mother’s face produces a somber feel to the design; maybe illustrating the difficult and strenuous circumstances their kind faces. A very powerful tattoo.

elephant water element tattoo
Credit: helene_studioblack (Instagram)
elephant with baby elephant tattoo
Credit: philsharks (Instagram)
family elephant in a line tattoo
Credit: richardmontytattoos (Instagram)
large elephant environment tattoo
Credit: timothyboor (Instagram)
large elephant tattoo design on arm
Credit: tattoo__dr (Instagram)
tribal elephant hand finger tattoo
Credit: inkfortheskin (Instagram)

A design showing you the relationship between tattoo design and placement. This clever hand tattoo is a great option for those after a striking effect. Adding dynamic with the addition of accessories, as seen in Victorian circus performances, the elephant has been brought to life in a way where Cleopatra would be proud.

lifelike elephant full body tattoo
Credit: dio_tattoo (Instagram)
parenthood elephant tattoo
Credit: dominikaszymczyktattoo (Instagram)
realism elephant tattoo on leg
Credit: th3ora_ (Instagram)
motherhood elephant tattoo detailed
Credit: aliceink_tattoos (Instagram)
realistic elephant family tattoo design
Credit: robo_bas (Instagram)
realistic tribal elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: miss__jsl (Instagram)
Realistic floral elephant tattoo
Credit: _inked_by_em (Instagram)
detailed outline elephant tattoo
Credit: lunainkstudio (Instagram)

This traditional tattoo is perfect for those after a portrait design with intricate details. An almost fossil-like effect has been created through delicate and precise shading. Radiating a vibe of an elder who is wise, this simple elephant tattoo should be respected.

safari elephant wildlife tattoo
Credit: jaycunliffe (Instagram)
traditional elephant head tattoo
Credit: suyscene (Instagram)
tribal elements elephant tattoo
Credit: nicc.inkk (Instagram)
abstract detailed elephant tattoo
Credit: jaco_tattoo (Instagram)
cute elephant and giraffe tattoo
Credit: nbbartistry (Instagram)

Bringing to life the beautiful elephant in its younger form, accompanied by a fellow youthful giraffe, this tattoo illustrates the gentle side of the mammal. With an almost childlike quality, this design will transport you to the good old days.

tribal elephant realistic tattoo
Credit: eddflores_a (Instagram)
basic detail elephant tattoo on leg
Credit: tattooartist_soyeon (Instagram)
abstract element elephant tattoo
Credit: larslunsing (Instagram)
big realistic elephant bicep tattoo
Credit: anthonydavis83 (Instagram)
big tattoo of elephant
Credit: the_neon_lady (Instagram)
black realistic elephant tattoo
Credit: bethmaddoxtattoos (Instagram)
botanical elephant detailed tattoo
Credit: birdqueendesigns (Instagram)
blackwork elephant realistic tattoo
Credit: grandson_tattooink (Instagram)
colored realistic elephant tattoo
Credit: mikemcgrathtattoos2 (Instagram)
detailed elephant leg tattoo
Credit: luisramireztattoos (Instagram)

I Hope this List of Elephant Tattoos Helped!

Those were our top realistic and traditional elephant tattoo designs, hoping to ignite your imagination and creative bones for your next tattoo. Wishing you a triumphant tattoo journey for your elephant design.