Abstract Elephant Tattoo Design


Abstract Elephant Tattoo- Downloadable Design

  • Elephant Tattoo- 8″x 8″ High Res JPG Image
  • Instant Download
  • Permission to use as a temporary or permanent tattoo.
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Disclaimer: This is not a temporary tattoo sticker. This is a design that you have permission to use as a tattoo from the artist.

Upon purchasing the design, you’ll receive the design file instantly through the email you provided. You’ll also have access to the design through the download page after purchase.

How to use the design

  • Take the design to your local tattoo parlor.
Respected tattoo parlors like to see proof of consent from the original artist before tattooing the design. Usually, this is presented with a permission/release form or receipt. You can present the form included in the purchase which contains the image of the design and the signature from the artist.
  • Use it as a Temporary Tattoo

There are many sites where you can upload the design and have the tattoo sticker shipped to your address. Inkbox is one of the examples that allows you to do that, just upload the file and you’re set! Though, customer support might contact you if you own or have proof of consent from the artist. So make sure to provide the permission form if needed.

Permission Form Example

This is a sample of the permission form you’ll receive to present to your tattoo artist or website.

If you’d like a unique custom tattoo, make sure to visit this post for more info.

Take the opportunity to download this unique elephant tattoo design, free for a limited time.

Elephants have been around for centuries and still cease to amaze us. Statuesque mammals that walk the earth and you could say are the true kings of the animal kingdom, the elephant has gained a special place in many of our hearts. Through their rareness, beauty, and gentle nature, the mammal has become a symbol within many cultures. Our abstract elephant tattoo design is a great option for those after some ink work who are looking to show and commit their love to this amazing creature.

Illustrate your love for the breath-taking mammal through a tattoo – whether temporary or permanent use our simple elephant tattoo design. A bold design with a dynamic and marble striped element, gain a permanent symbol of good luck to carry with you in everything you do. Treated as gods within some religions, give this elephant tattoo design a worthy spot on your body. Big, medium, or small, this design can be tailored to size preference but also color.

A tattoo design that will illustrate your love for the animal, can also act as protection or as a placebo effect. A destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles as well as an icon for strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality, this is a strong tattoo design that encompasses the strong qualities of the magnificent elephant.

Get your hands on this digital 8”x 8” high-resolution design today! Simply use it as an image, send it to your tattooist or a temporary tattoo company that allows you to create your own personal designs before jumping the gun. Simply purchase the design and you’ll instantly have access to the downloaded document design, allowing you to use it as many times as you’d like! If you like to see designs like these, check out this unique elephant tattoo