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General FAQ for Custom Tattoo Designs

Custom tattoos are unique designs created specifically for an individual, often incorporating personal symbolism, preferences, and style. Unlike flash tattoos, which are pre-designed templates, custom tattoos are tailored to the client’s specifications and the artist’s creativity.

Start by gathering inspiration from various sources such as art, nature, or meaningful personal symbols. Consider the style, colors, and placement on your body. It’s also helpful to consult with your chosen tattoo artist, who can advise on design aspects and feasibility.

Absolutely. Most artists appreciate when clients bring their designs or ideas as it helps them understand your vision. However, be open to suggestions from the artist about adjustments for better results.

The Process of Ordering a Custom Design Online

The process typically starts with submitting a design request, including details about your desired tattoo (size, placement, style, etc.), and any inspirational images. The artist then creates a draft for your review. After any necessary revisions, you’ll receive the final design, which you can take to a local tattoo artist.

Look for an artist whose style resonates with your desired tattoo. Review their portfolio, read client testimonials, and consider their experience in creating custom designs. Communication is key, so ensure they understand your vision and provide constructive feedback.

Most artists offer a certain number of revisions. It’s important to communicate clearly what aspects you’re unhappy with. If issues persist, check the artist’s policy on refunds or additional revisions. For example, all the tattoo artists that we recommend offer at least one free revision.

Gather any inspirational images, sketches, or detailed descriptions of what you want. Be ready to discuss the placement, size, and color preferences. Clarify any questions or concerns you have about the process.

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