Pronounced (インク, ink⋅coo), Inku meaning “Ink” in Japanese. 

Inku Paw is a blog by animal lovers for animal lovers, which is totally dedicated to the best and most interesting animal tattoos on the internet! We have an incredible amount of respect for the art of tattooing, especially when it comes to animals designs. 

Many cultures around the world hold animals in a sacred place, giving these tattoos a deeper meaning. Whether it’s honoring lost loved ones, evoking strength and stability, or expressing spiritual devotion, people have been adding animal portraits to their skin for centuries through beautiful, unique inkwork. At Inku Paw, we’re excited to explore that meaning and share it with you. 

We’ve scoured the web for the best pet tattoos like, dogs, cats, birds, along with other wildlife immortalizations in ink with the goal of giving you some joy in your day, and maybe even some inspiration for your next piece! We’re breaking down these pictures for the quality of the designs, the kinds of animals they cover, and how they’re done, with some helpful advice for those looking to get inked. We also collaborate and feature upcoming artists by sharing their custom tattoo designs.

Inku Paw is always adding new pictures for you to enjoy and explore. Check out our latest posts for the newest in animal tattoo inspiration, find your favorite breeds in our curated lists, or, if you’ve got ideas for what you want to see from us in the future, contact us! We’re glad to have you with us as we explore the exciting world of inspirational animal tattoos.