simple elephant tattoo ideas

Simple Elephant Tattoos in Popular Styles for Inspiration

When you have an affinity for elephants and you’re looking to get a tattoo, what combination could be better? There are so many options and ways that you can feature these majestic beasts on your skin and this gallery can start you off.

Whether you want something realistic or a little more fantastical, there’s something here to suit everyone’s taste and creativity with these simple elephant tattoos. If not, hopefully at least one of these will spark your imagination.

1. Detailed but Simple Elephant Tattoos

Of course, the most realistic or detailed-looking elephants make for the best kinds of tattoos. There are several in this gallery that are beautiful and impressive while capturing the elephant’s notorious nobility. Much care went into the shading and fine lines.

pairing elephants arm tattoos
Credit: (Instagram)

For instance, this set of elephants captures one elephant in a regal stride while the other could be running or frolicking. Regardless of the context, the detail takes the viewer’s breath away. The shading, light, and composition are superb.

two elephants sitting tattoo
Credit: byhectorsalas (Instagram)

Likewise, this dual image of elephants puts them in an almost human-like depiction. They’re chilling out next to each other with their trunks in the air. They appear as though they’re laughing and joking while they sit near a body of water or on a beach. It’s absolutely adorable to behold.

abstract elephant silhouette tattoo
Credit: (Shop page)

Even though not realistic, we designed our own detailed tattoo that gives this elephant a marble-like silhouette effect. You can check it out on our shop page along with other similar elephant tattoo designs.

elephant outline carving tattoo
Credit: ceren.tatts (Instagram)
realistic tiny elephant tattoo design
Credit: melanie.loton (Instagram)
doodle elephant line tattoo
Credit: nekokat_ink (Instagram)
simple elehant tattoo abstract element
Instagram @emavillegastattoo
minimalistic small family elephant tattoo
Credit: enginonaldiart (Instagram)
minimal stipple elephant tattoo
Credit: poisonaty7 (Instagram)

Simple Cartoon Elephant Designs

If you’ve ever seen the quaint children’s cartoons, “Dumbo” or “Babar the Elephant,” there are plentitudes of images that reflect the quality, feel, and appearance of these animations. While the images don’t outright boast coming from these cartoons, the similarities are undeniable.

minimalist cute elephant tattoo with blue heart
Credit: arylilith (Instagram)

One of the more precious images that scream echoes of “Dumbo,” this depiction is simple yet profound. The teal heart at the tip of the trunk as the elephant looks up is cute beyond words.

cute tiny elephant tattoo with red heart balloon
Credit: chris_soze (Instagram)

This other elephant showing a heart-shaped balloon also falls in line with such a theme.

cute elephant line art tattoo
Credit: crnamisatattoo (Instagram)

There are many more of these that appear to come right out of a Babar book. This one is simple, yet it looks like it belongs as part of Babar’s family.

elephant tattoo floral line tattoo
Credit: ellatattoo__ (Instagram)

Even though this next image isn’t exactly Babar, the composition definitely lends itself to comparison with this beautiful floral elephant tattoo.

couple elephant tattoo design
Credit: tattoofamilykalisz (Instagram)
elephant simple wrist tattoo
Credit: kaku.roy (Instagram)
cute line art elephant tattoo
Credit: modoink_tattoo (Instagram)
minimal tiny elephant tattoo
Credit: jess_tattooist (Instagram)
minimal cute elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: duitamatattooshop (Instagram)
tiny elephant shoulder tattoo
Credit: tess_poke (Instagram)

Simple Henna-Like Elephant Tattoo Designs

If you have a penchant for all things Hindu or adore the look of elephants beset in subcontinent Indian style, there are a plethora of fabulous tattoo inspirations. If you go with something like this, you could even get it done in brown ink to make it look like a henna design. No one will know the difference unless they ask.

tribe elephant outline tattoo design
Credit: ellatattoo__ (Instagram)

This adorable Indian-like image depicts an elephant with a headpiece complete with lotus flowers on its back and diamonds.

tribal cute elephant tattoo
Credit: rbtattooartist (Instagram)

And yet, “cute” hardly describes this other elephant line drawing. It’s a Hindu-like rendition but there are musical notes streaming out of the trunk from this little guy. There’s a heart-pulling look in this animal’s eye as it displays its beautiful markings.

large tribal elephant arm tattoo
Credit: mariah.landers (Instagram)

But, you could just get a portrait-style rendition of an elephant’s head with similar decorations, like this one of an elephant holding a lotus flower delicately placed in its trunk. It’s very stunning as an arm piece that shouts simple yet very elegant in its presentation.

Extra Minimal Elephant Tattoos

We like to include some extra elephant tattoo designs that aren’t categorized but could potentially help you find your design.

abstract scribble elephant tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
Minimalist one line elephant tattoo designs

This simple one-line elephant tattoo, created with bold black lines, is a striking and minimalist design. The clean, continuous line captures the essence of the elephant, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and grace. Ideal for those seeking a sleek and meaningful tattoo, this design makes a powerful statement with its simplicity.

baby elephant scribble tattoo
Credit: _saturn_symetry_ (Instagram)
abstract origami elephant tattoo
Credit: gattooilustrator (Instagram)
continuous line elephant tattoo on wrist
Credit: kefibeautyaz (Instagram)
cute tiny elephant outline tattoo behind neck
Credit: (Instagram)
continuous line elephant tattoo design
Credit: sebastian_tattoo (Instagram)
elephant blue silhouette arm tattoo
Credit: kike.dread (Instagram)
elephant line abstract tattoo
Credit: larissawagnertattoo (Instagram)
elephant head one line tattoo

This minimalistic abstract line tattoo of an elephant head embodies a unique blend of simplicity and artistry. The clean lines subtly outline the majestic features of the elephant, symbolizing strength and wisdom in a subtle yet impactful way. Perfect for those drawn to understated elegance, this design offers a timeless representation of an iconic animal.

elephants back to back tattoo
Credit: ms_lizzos_art (Instagram)
family elephant line tattoo
Credit: pollytatttoo (Instagram)
family elephants with bird tattoo
Credit: rakefetattoo (Instagram)
line dot elephant tattoo
Credit: sylva_mtattoo (Instagram)
minimal adult elephant line tattoo
Credit: lisadeliatattoo (Instagram)
minimalist simple elephant tat
Credit: lacarlavaldes (Instagram)
one line elephant arm tattoo
Credit: xsugarduckyx.tattooo (Instagram)
one line minimal elephant tattoo design
Credit: handpokusmokus (Instagram)
simple and minimal elephant tattoo ideas
Credit: moitattoo (Instagram)
safari elephant tattoo design
Credit: (Instagram)
single line elephant head tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
tail grab elephant family tattoo
Credit: heidi_fineline (Instagram)
tiny elephant tattoo on foot
Credit: marcosorgato_ (Instagram)


There are so many wonderful artistic portrayals of elephant tattoos in this gallery, you’ll get lost for at least an hour if not longer staring at their beauty. They give a glimpse at the real or fantastic and even some that echo how elephants display in India. Getting one with a splash of color helps bring attention to the elephant while providing an element of show-stopping charisma. By the way, check out our safari theme animal tattoos here.