elephant flower tattoo

Top 30 Trendy Elephant Flower Tattoo Designs

Elephants are dominating and statuesque mammals. As we admire them from our favorite nature shows, we may be inspired to combine our love for elephants and nature into one. And what better way than through an elephant flower and plant-themed tattoo.

With something to suit all tastes and aesthetics, our list features a range of designs. From large showstopping designs to a small feature of a flower or two, you’ll find inspiration.

detailed mandala elephant black tattoo
Credit: wpunkt_tattoo_gubin (Instagram)

Taking the elephant tattoo to the next level, this design is a feast for the eyes. So much time and detail have gone into tattoo which is visible through the mandala patterns covering the mammal. It doesn’t stop there as delicate flowers and leaves add balance to the design.

baby elephant covered in flowers tattoo
Credit: kingfisherdaaisy (Instagram)
floral elephant tattoo on leg
Instagram @abii_tattoo

This vibrant tattoo features a realistic elephant head and partially its torso, beautifully intertwined with colorful flowers, creating a stunning blend of nature and artistry. The elephant, symbolizing strength and wisdom, is gracefully complemented by the vivid blooms, adding a touch of softness and life to the design.

abstract elephant rose tattoo
Credit: jassicapaulatattoos (Instagram)
elephant floral tattoo on back idea
Credit: jassicapaulatattoos (Instagram)
elephant pink flowers on head tattoo
Instagram @loyaltyink_bali
unique elephant tattoo with flowers
Instagram @india.tatt

This charming tattoo features a whimsical elephant adorned with a vibrant floral pattern, blending the animal’s form with colorful, dynamic designs. The mix of bright flowers and leaves against the elephant’s silhouette creates a unique and eye-catching piece. This tattoo combines a sense of fun and creativity, making it a delightful and standout design.

unique elephant tattoo on thigh
Instagram @vincent_tattusz
elephant heads plant tattoo
Credit: andrea.m0rales (Instagram)

This unique design illustrates the fusion of realistic design with abstract and botanical elements. The minimal branch uniquely splits two elephant portraits to add a new dynamic to a traditional tattoo design. The leaves are accompanied by fine geometric shapes and delicate dotted shading.

botanical theme elephant tattoo
Credit: studioh.jessica (Instagram)
color mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: streetculturetattoo_official (Instagram)
big elephant flower plant tattoo
Credit: squareandcompasstattoo (Instagram)
elephant holding rose tattoo
Credit: jimmygalan (Instagram)

An idea for the incorporation of florals in a subtle way, this tattoo is perfect for those who aren’t after a full bouquet design. Small, this tattoo features a realistic elephant and rose. With a hint of humor, the elephant has a smirking expression, ready to woo those that set their eyes on him. Curious to see more small elephant tattoos, check out this design.

colorful elephant family floral tattoo
Credit: kobisabag (Instagram)
detailed floral elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: inkbyjayj (Instagram)
detailed elephant tattoo with flowers
Credit: szymon_radzik (Instagram)
elephant head floral tattoo on leg
Credit: gonzatattoos.nh (Instagram)
elephant abstract elements floral tattoo
Credit: nofac3 (Instagram)
elephant leaves arm tattoo
Credit: istriderink (Instagram)

Showing the full majestic size of the elephant, this tattoo design is perfect for those after a minimal yet impressive design. Delicately placed dots add shade and dynamic to the elephant. The softness of the design is further achieved by small flowers and leaves surrounding the mammal’s lower half. A great tattoo showing the understated inclusion of botanicals.

elephant floral mural thigh tattoo
Credit: alex_epifanio_tattoo (Instagram)
elephant blackwork floral tattoo
Credit: heinisuopetrotattoo (Instagram)
elephant botanical tribal tattoo
Credit: bancrofttattoos (Instagram)
elephant flower leg tattoo idea
Credit: earl.tattoos (Instagram)
elephant plant back tattoo
Credit: ggmtats (Instagram)
elephant tribal floral thigh tattoo
Credit: awaketowild (Instagram)
elephant with flowers arm tattoo
Credit: northsidetattooz (Instagram)
geometric floral elephant tattoo
Credit: prof3ssor_j (Instagram)
half elephant and flower tattoo
Credit: steveokills (Instagram)
mandala elephant flower tattoo
Credit: olgalierre_tat (Instagram)

A design that does not lack in the flower department, this design shows a new take on religious/mandala-inspired elephant tattoos. Whilst many geometric patterns are still featured, the chain of budding flowers is what makes this design so extravagant. An abundance of flowers and small leaves frame the mammal, illustrating the large widespan of the elephants’ ears.

large elephant floral tattoo on leg
Credit: maliciousinkwa (Instagram)
minimal flower elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: camillawolf_lepurgatoire (Instagram)
realistic flower elephant tattoo
Credit: hive.tattoo.sarnia (Instagram)
rose pedals elephant tattoo
Credit: kipystuudio (Instagram)
mom and son elephant tattoo on arm
Credit: youlovenothing (Instagram)

Reverting to a more minimal approach, this design is perfect for those after something subtle. The dotted shaded portraits of a mother and child elephant take center stage, as they are placed within a triangular frame. The finishing touches of botanicals such as palm leaves heighten this alternative tattoo design.

small elephant sunflower tattoo
Credit: roscoeink (Instagram)
small elephant flower tattoo
Credit: chagass.tattoo (Instagram)
tribal elephant leg tattoo ideas
Credit: catinkfacttattoo (Instagram)

An elephant was given the flower crowns of all flower crowns; this tattoo illustrates the mammal’s unofficial title of ‘King of the Jungle’. Geometric in design, the aesthetic carries into the featured leaves the elephant seems to be eating. Dotted shading and mandala patterns add a religious tone to the design. A very grand tattoo.

stipple elephant flower tattoo
Credit: daisyhestertattoo (Instagram)

Concluding: Elephant Flower Theme Tattoos

We hope you enjoyed our list of botanical-themed and floral elephant tattoos. Our goal was to assist with the flourishing of your own exciting design ideas so that when the time comes, you’ll have the perfect elephant design accompanied by outstanding flowers and plants. Best of luck on your very own elephant inkwork.

If you’re searching for a more minimal abroach to elephant tattoos, visit our elephant-style tattoo post for more ideas.