mandala elephant tattoo

Eye-Catching Mandala Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Whilst many of us simply admire the elephant from afar, over in the East, elephants are worshipped. Uniting this holy animal with mandala patterns brings a whole new spiritual level to tattoos. And what better way to honor the animal and begin your spiritual journey than through a mandala elephant tattoo. A tattoo concept that may seem overwhelming and difficult to design yourself, we’ve picked our top 30 designs to help you kick off your search for the perfect design.

mandala flower with elephant tattoo
Credit: m8tattoo (Instagram)

Starting our list is this very unique design that blends the elephant and mandala pattern in a unique way. The mandala’s geometric symbols subtly frame the elephant’s portrait. The elephant alone is a vision in itself as it draws inspiration from the Hindu god Ganesha, who represents beginnings.

animal elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: thais.foxtattoo (Instagram)
be strong elephant tattoo
Credit: prav_ink_tattoos (Instagram)
black elephant mandala leg tattoo
Credit: realinklord (Instagram)
best mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: toughtittytattoo (Instagram)
black mandala elephant leg tattoo
Credit: devilicioustattoo (Instagram)

A more simplistic mandala elephant tattoo uses larger shapes to create a minimal yet effective mandala design. Situated in the center is a stunning elephant portrait. Texture has been created through detailed shade placement which has created a strong-looking/feeling design.

colorful mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: eltintero_tattoo_ (Instagram)
detailed tattoo of mandala elephants
Credit: hayleighhazeybtattoos (Instagram)
detailed mandala pattern elephant tattoo
Credit: santiago.tattooink (Instagram)
elephant mandala tattoo design
Credit: sabi_tattooer (Instagram)
elephant with blue jewel and crown mandala tattoo
Credit: kellie_jayne_ (Instagram)
elephant mandala pattern tattoo
Credit: skin.fx.tattoos (Instagram)
flower and elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: Im_tattoos_ (Instagram)
elephant with crown mandala tattoo
Credit: kala.galas (Instagram)
grey shaded elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: lucy.tttoos (Instagram)
large mandala elephant tattoo on back
Credit: kablaink (Instagram)

This big and bold design is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to commit to such a large masterpiece. A new approach to the mandala elephant tattoo places a focus on the animal itself whilst cleverly incorporating the patterns. Detailed mandala prints grace the mammals ‘ear span’ as well as give the magnificent animal a mandala crown.

Hindi elephant leg tattoo
Credit: kristiana_tattoo (Instagram)

Incorporating the mandala’s geometric shapes across the entire design, this abstract tattoo is packed full of intricate patterns that will always keep the eye intrigued. This large tattoo design is set to wow everyone as even the elephant is graced in geometric configurations, creating a cohesive and compelling tattoo.

Hindu elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: tamzin_riches_art (Instagram)
mandala crown elephant tattoo
Credit: justin_sentiment (Instagram)
lifelike mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: cstattoos (Instagram)
mandala elephant tattoo ideas on leg
Credit: lotus_ink_by_loui (Instagram)
mandala elephant leg tattoo
Credit: bancrofttattoos (Instagram)
mandala elephant line art tattoo
Credit: audreyhenry_tattoos (Instagram)
multi color elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: storyofmyskintattoo (Instagram)
mandala outline elephant floral tattoo
Credit: awaketowild (Instagram)

For those looking for an outline mandala elephant design, this beautiful and intricate tattoo of the botanical elephant is perfect for anyone interested in nature and is an elephant lover.

purple ear mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: m4l_atl (Instagram)
simple mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: eros.c__ (Instagram)
realistic mandala elephant tattoo ideas
Credit: benspittletattoos (Instagram)
stipple mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: mariussahlmann (Instagram)
small detailed mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: a.velicki (Instagram)
sunflower mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: tatulebsterpabon (Instagram)
unique mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: brent_tats (Instagram)
watercolor elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: the_serpentbearer (Instagram)

Injecting rich tones into this style of tattoo, this design features a traditional mandala design alongside a more animated version of an elephant. Bringing it to life and further heightening at Eastern vibe to its design are the warm hues you might find in Indian’s ‘Festival of Colors, Holi.

tiny elephant mandala tattoo
Credit: bethchloetattoos (Instagram)
tiny mandala elephant tattoo
Credit: vinay_dut (Instagram)

Good luck on your tattoo search!

We hope you enjoyed our top 30 mandala elephant tattoos. It’s a great design choice if you’re looking to merge your love for elephants alongside the intricacy of a mandala pattern. We wish you luck in your search for the perfect mandala elephant tattoo design.