realistic greyhound tattoo

Eye-Catching Detailed Greyhound Tattoos for Men and Woman

A detailed design can really bring a tattoo to life. What better way to capture the poised Greyhound than through a detailed/realistic tattoo? It can be difficult to find the right style whilst keeping in tune with the detailed brief. But it’s also important to remember that detailed doesn’t necessarily have to mean realistic. Here are our top detailed Greyhound tattoo designs to help you with your inspiration!

cute greyhound portrait tattoo
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abstract greyhound detailed tattoo
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arabic greyhound tattoo on arm
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flower greyhound tattoo on arm ideas
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detailed greyhound tattoo portrait design
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greyhound ink tat or arm
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detailed traditional greyhound tattoo ideas
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greyhound pet tattoo on arm
Credit: isaacmahow (Instagram)

Bringing the Greyhound to life through a new tattoo style, this detailed design uses lines and more geometric-like shapes to create texture and dynamic to create an abstract piece. To achieve this realistic design, intricate shading and lines have been used to display fur and shadows. Another darker palette design, the pop of purple adds a new element and vibrant feel to the tattoo.

greyhound pet tattoo with flowers
Credit: s0ftshellkrab (Instagram)
greyhound racing tattoo art
Credit: dimitritattoos (Instagram)

Kicking off our list of detailed/realistic Greyhound tattoos is one that captures the breed’s sporty past through participation in races. A dark tattoo design, clever shading shows off the dogs’ muscles and agility whilst in a mid-run movement. Adding a sporty element with the numbered jersey, this dynamic design perfectly captures the breed’s physique and slick coat.

greyhound polaroid tattoo
Credit: merpied (Instagram)
large greyhound tattoo on torso
Credit: marthasmithtattoo (Instagram)
realistic greyhound color tattoo
Credit: kevincollins_tattoo (Instagram)

Reminiscent of 1920s artwork, this tattoo is for those looking for a unique and quirky design. A sense of lankiness is achieved through long, curved lines. Minimalist with its silhouette, the details lie within the tiger-like stripes, perfectly shaded and merged for a classic look. The hint of purple adds a subtle pop of color.

realistic greyhound pet tattoo on ribs
Credit: devonannasmith (Instagram)
greyhound whippet tattoo
Credit: tattoosbyeloise (Instagram)

Showing that small tattoos can be packed full of detail, this Greyhound design is a great option for those after a subtle and inconspicuous tattoo. It’s all about the shading technique for this design as dotting creates shadow, dynamic, and texture to the tattoo. The addition of delicate botanicals emphasizes the gentle side of the breed.

italian greyhound tattoo
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realistic greyhound tattoo portrait style
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realistic large greyhound tattoo ideas
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russian greyhound tattoo
Credit: melty.pokes (Instagram)

This detailed portrait design shows off the Greyhound with its less common longer fur. Fluidity is achieved within this design by the various toned hair strokes. The inclusion of dotted shading adds a softness to this gentle Greyhound tattoo.

spanish greyhound head tattoo
Credit: tattoosbyeloise (Instagram)
spanish greyhound tattoo design
Credit: victoria.tattoohk (Instagram)

Those were our top 20 designs showing off the Greyhound in a detailed and realistic manner. Capture your favorite breed or beloved dog through an uncanny tattoo which you’ll love and cherish forever. A timeless tattoo style that can’t go wrong.