colorful greyhound tattoo silhouette

Check Out These Vivid Multicolored Greyhound Tattoos

If you’re someone who likes a vivid, bold palette, why not incorporate color into your tattoos. If you’ve set your mind on a Greyhound design, there are many various ways you can add color to the tattoo. Whether that be subtly or in-your-face!

As Greyhounds are more on the neutral side of fur color, what better way to bring vitality to your Greyhound tattoo through the incorporation of striking colors. Find new ways of introducing color through botanicals, geometric shapes, and more! Here are our top 20 picks for colorful Greyhound tattoo designs.

traditional greyhound pet tattoo on arm
Credit: sa.customink (Instagram)

Bringing out all the colors for this design, this tattoo fuses bold botanicals alongside a realistic Greyhound figure. The tattoos palette features warm tones which creates a comforting feel. A soft blue background perfectly balances the pastel palette. A wonderful design for those who love the color.

greyhound arm sleeve tattoo
Credit: ironbark_tattoo (Instagram)
colored greyhound rose tattoo
Credit: dr_vega_tattooer (Instagram)
colorful greyhound tattoo with floral elements
Credit: django.the.greyhound (Instagram)
greyhound abstract color tattoo
Credit: iza.b.ttt (Instagram)
big colored greyhound tattoo on arm
Credit: swiftmantis (Instagram)
greyhound arm sleeve botanical tattoo
Credit: krishtattoo (Instagram)
greyhound dog leg tattoo
Credit: dlouistattoo (Instagram)
greyhound comparison tattoo
Credit: kazumiink (Instagram)

Injecting color into a realistic design, this tattoo shows a subtle approach to a colorful tattoo. If you’re not one for highlighter hues, aim for more natural colors. Creating an uncanny resemblance, the Greyhound’s warm-toned coat is perfectly captured alongside a more vibrant pink collar, adding a vibrant touch that unites the artwork.

greyhound mural leg tattoo
Credit: abbiemorphewtattoos (Instagram)
greyhound face tattoo with color
Credit: ejraw (Instagram)
greyhound leg tattoo comparison
Credit: lolatheloopylurcher (Instagram)
greyhound greyhound tattoo cartoon style
Credit: lefthandink (Instagram)

Color is everything with this piece as cooler tones are used for the Greyhound’s silhouette. The moon and silhouette contain a delicate ombre of tones to bring the colors together. Even though it’s colorful, this design is understated and subtle. A great option for those after a colorful yet delicate design.

minimal simple greyhound tattoo on arm
Credit: v_weirds_ink (Instagram)

For those after a touch of color, this design is for you! Subtly at its best, this tattoo is color minimalism. Blue and red lines frame the outline of Greyhound drawings. Two colors that contrast yet pair nicely together, this design is for those introducing the color wheel to their tattoos.

greyhound purple flowers tattoo
Credit: crappy_name (Instagram)
greyhound race blue tattoo
Credit: cathmercury (Instagram)

Starting off with a neon turquoise tone, this tat shows a more minimal approach to incorporating color within a design. A simple geometric-shaped background places the Greyhound center stage. The touch of primary red contrasts yet complements the vivid blue. A bold option for people after a minimal yet vibrant and creative tattoo.

traditional greyhound dog tattoo with flowers
Credit: sophielewistattoos (Instagram)
spanish greyhound color tattoo
Credit: filthy_stinkin_witch (Instagram)
white greyhound portrait tattoo
Credit: faniperez (Instagram)

There you have our top 20 colorful Greyhound tattoo designs! Looking to suit all tastes, our list has something for everyone. Also, make sure to stop by our Greyhound Style Post for more awesome design ideas. We wish you luck on your tattoo inspirational journey.