greyhound tattoo minimalist one line

20 Minimalist Greyhound Tattoos From Small to Large

Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world and people have used them for centuries in racing. They clock in at speeds ranging between 35 to 45 miles per hour. So, when you have a dog like this, there’s definitely an appeal to get a tattoo. The gallery below offers some great minimalist ideas for killer skin art. See if any of these inspire you to create your own tattoo from small to large sizes.

greyhound moon tattoo
Credit: emmanuelledenazareth (Instagram)
black greyhound head tattoo
Credit: melty.pokes (Instagram)
black outline greyhound tattoo
Credit: super_spanko (Instagram)
greyhound in sweater tattoo
Credit: methlabor (Instagram)
greyhound balloons cartoon tattoo
Credit: harriet_lowther (Instagram)
full body greyhound tattoo
Credit: tonyhennesseytattoo (Instagram)
greyhound doodle tattoo design
Credit: drahuska.dolejsova (Instagram)
greyhound butterfly tattoo
Credit: kitstattoo (Instagram)
greyhound run tattoo on arm
Credit: norte.00 (Instagram)

For a breathtaking view of a greyhound, this image shows the dog running. But it’s not a frozen image of the legs separating, there’s an overlay effect that is similar to what photographers call a “double exposure.” This is a creative and innovative way to show the speed at which these dogs can run.

There are literally two images in this tattoo. When you focus on each one individually and then whole, it’s a wonder to behold. One has the legs closer together, showing a gallop. The other is with the legs spread, depicting a leap. The composition is a clever portrayal of movement.

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greyhound tiny outline tattoo
Credit: kitstattoo (Instagram)
greyhound with stars tattoo
Credit: chainzz____baby (Instagram)

The depiction of the greyhound here is a near-exact conveyance of the beauty and magic of these dogs. The simple outline and shape are superb, emphasized by the delicate shading around the neck, back, belly, legs, and face. The use of white and black ink to achieve this is impressive, to say the least.

The starry highlights at strategic spots around the dog accomplish several things. The visual appeal of the stars projects this greyhound-like constellation you’d find in the night sky. Or, it puts the dog in a sort of Hollywood glitz, like it’s a famous actor from the golden years.

line art greyhound tattoo on arm
Credit: stefania.camelia (Instagram)
minimalist greyhound black tattoo
Credit: salix_tattoo (Instagram)
minimal greyhound cartoon tattoo
Credit: sage_tattoos (Instagram)
minimal one line greyhound tattoo
Credit: cookiethegreyhound_ (Instagram)
Fine line greyhound tattoos
Credit: millie_bunny (Instagram)
minimalist greyhound tattoo on torso
Credit: anngravure (Instagram)

This greyhound, shown mid-leap, is simple yet very complex. The surrealistic effect combined with pointillism truly conveys how amazing these dogs really are. What makes this image is how the dog is in two halves with some foliage growing out of its belly.

While the pup runs, it seems unaffected by the fact that it’s not connected. Such a scene lends itself to displaying the focus and concentration greyhounds have when they race.

single line greyhound tattoo
Credit: sticksanddotstattoo (Instagram)
simple spot greyhound tattoo
Credit: tonyhennesseytattoo (Instagram)
outline greyhound dog tattoo
Credit: etions_formidables (Instagram)
simple greyhound space tattoo
Credit: bopsiart (Instagram)
outline ideas on greyhound tattoos
Credit: methlabor (Instagram)

Having multicolored Greyhound designs but keeping it simple is another great option. Like this minimal Greyhound outline with its favorite red sweater.

tiny simple greyhound tattoo ideas
Credit: spooky.pixi (Instagram)

Every image in the gallery is an absolute beauty. Each one tells a story and gives a glimpse into the classic characteristics of greyhounds. They feature their speed along with loving, gentle natures. Any dog lover would be proud to brandish one of these. Check out this Pinterest board for more recent designs.