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50 Amazing Greyhound Tattoos in Popular Styles

Known for its speed, agility, and obedience, the Greyhound has been a prevalent breed amongst society for decades. And what better way to show our love and appreciation through a Greyhound tattoo. Finding the perfect tattoo design can be a difficult job which is why, to make the process easier, we’ve picked our top 3 Greyhound tattoo styles to help you move forward with your tattoo.

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spotted greyhound tattoo
Credit: tonyhennesseytattoo (Instagram)

1. Minimalistic Greyhound Tattoo Style

To some, a simple tattoo design, like an outline can seem boring and lack creativity. But that’s not the case with our list of simple greyhound tattoo designs. Choosing a simple tattoo style can mean finding a perfect minimalist tattoo that is timeless.

Simple does not necessarily mean it lacks detail. The tattoo style can consist of more refined details to create the Greyhound or go all outline drawing. A great option for a first tattoo.

minimal greyhound outline tattoo idea
Credit: (Instagram)
minimal greyhound outline tattoo
Credit: r_a_wilkie (Instagram)
greyhound with toy line tattoo
Credit: kelsi_hooper (Instagram)
minimal greyhound arm tattoo
Credit: canidaetattoo (Instagram)

Showing off the iconic breed, this simplistic design creates a recognizable tattoo without any drama. A simple outline drawing captures the Greyhound’s stature in its simplistic form, yet the design manages to create a sense of movement and intrigue, making us wonder what the dog may be looking at. A great option for someone after a simple yet cartoonist design.

silhouette greyhound tattoo on shoulder
Credit: rps_tattoo (Instagram)
running greyhound outline tattoo
Credit: freckle.handpoke (Instagram)
outline greyhound arm tattoo
Credit: laurbo_ink (Instagram)

A great tattoo showing the Greyhound in its element; displaying one of its iconic features – speed. Bringing movement to this simplistic design, the clever placing of thick lines adds dynamic to a minimal design. A great option for someone after a simple yet abstract Greyhound tattoo.

minimalist greyhound dog tattoo
Credit: izzystabs (Instagram)
simple greyhound head portrait tattoo
Credit: laurbo_ink (Instagram)
simple greyhound tattoo outline
Credit: cmttatooer (Instagram)
simple greyhound outline tattoo ideas
Credit: freckle.handpoke (Instagram)
small greyhound outline tattoo
Credit: olive.pokes (Instagram)
cute greyhound head tattoo
Credit: miagonzalestattoo (Instagram)
tiny greyhound outline tattoo
Credit: salvacata (Instagram)
abstract greyhound simple tattoo
Credit: meli_startko (Instagram)

Simplism in its finest form, this one-line tattoo design is the epitome of this tattoo style. Elegant, soft, and effortless, the carefully designed line with subtle swerves adds movement to the design. A minimal design yet uncanny, this tattoo illustrates how a simplistic design can be an iconic one.

two greyhound line tattoos on arm
Credit: freckle.handpoke (Instagram)
greyhound blackwork tattoo
Credit: __hbtattoo (Instagram)
greyhound cartoon tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
greyhound black line tattoo
Credit: julieodega (Instagram)
greyhound and sun tattoo line art
Credit: poko_ono (Instagram)
greyhound running tattoo line art
Credit: don.rza.tattoos (Instagram)
greyhound profile tattoo outline
Credit: pleaseholdtattoo (Instagram)
greyhound laying on back tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
greyhound head portrait outline tattoo
Credit: gracereedtattoo (Instagram)
greyhound running outline tattoo
Credit: sotadespadas (Instagram)
greyhound with scarf tattoo
Credit: redandsalty (Instagram)
traditional greyhound portrait tattoo
Credit: jaimeroglestattoo (Instagram)

2. Traditional Greyhound Tattoo Style

The Greyhound has played a key role in our history and has been associated with upper-class activities such as hunting. What better way to portray this noble breed than through a traditional design?

Consisting of a portrait-esc drawing or a full-body detailed design showing off the stature of the breed, this tattoo style is great for those after a strong, bold, and dominating design. Whilst this style commonly accommodates larger pieces, smaller designs are achievable.

awesome greyhound tattoo on stomach
Credit: wardatattoo (Instagram)
detailed greyhound tattoo
Credit: ollettattoo (Instagram)

Traditionalism at its best. A monochromatic design with intricate shading brings detail and dynamic to this traditional Greyhound tattoo design. As a fairly small tattoo, this design illustrates that details don’t go amiss on smaller designs.

full body greyhound tattoo
Credit: victoria.tattoohk (Instagram)
funny greyhound tattoo
Credit: mary_jka (Instagram)

Adding a comedic, Victorian flavor to a traditional tattoo. Drawing influence from the breed’s popularity from the Victorian era, this tattoo, whilst sticking to a traditional portrait, the garments adds interest and brings the design to life. Whilst the design may project sad emotions, to anyone who captures a glimpse, only smiles will appear on their faces. An inventive traditional design option for those after an elevated style.

greyhound floral vase tattoo
Credit: allireallydoistattoo (Instagram)
greyhound dog tattoo with heart
Credit: wood_tattoo (Instagram)
greyhound black silhouette tattoo
Credit: gethintattoo (Instagram)
greyhound leg tattoo
Credit: frankiehatten (Instagram)
large greyhound leg tattoo
Credit: laceyolivialaw (Instagram)
traditional greyhound flower tattoo
Credit: cat.gavin_tattoo (Instagram)

A traditional portrait with a twist. This design illustrates the poise of the Greyhound. Yet through detailed shading, a new dynamic has been added to what would be the most traditionalist design. The inclusion of botanicals enhances the design and nicely frames the faded portrait. A dominating and dark tattoo design for someone after a captivating piece.

large greyhound tattoo ideas
Credit: krishtattoo (Instagram)
spotted greyhound leg tattoo
Credit: ironlotuswinnipeg (Instagram)
realistic greyhound tattoo with flowers
Credit: s0ftshellkrab (Instagram)
traditional greyhound head tattoo
Credit: jordanlentztattoos (Instagram)
traditional greyhound purple flower tattoo
Credit: crappy_name (Instagram)
traditional simple greyhound tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
traditional tattoo of greyhound
Credit: nicolagradycoldiron (Instagram)
unique greyhound dog tattoo ideas
Credit: suchaiglatattoo (Instagram)

3. Unique Greyhound Tattoos

Put your own twist on a greyhound tattoo by adding a unique design element. Achieve this through the use of colors, line drawing, and intricate pattern work.

A great style for people after a vibrant and intriguing design. Be as creative as you want as there is no wrong or right way of designing it. Small, medium, or large, this tattoo style is unbelievably accommodating to your vision and preferences.

abstract greyhound outline tattoo
Credit: aarchitattoo (Instagram)
abstract greyhound simple tattoo design
Credit: (Instagram)
abstract greyhound silhouette tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

This unique design also adopts a minimalist approach. Simple shapes and lines create this unique design; whilst minimal in design, its meaning has a thousand words. The delicate ombre effect with ink also adds a contrasting tone against the blackout doorway. Definitely a design that will get people talking.

colorful greyhound with moon tattoo
Credit: lefthandink (Instagram)
creative greyhound tattoo ideas
Credit: miau_tattoos (Instagram)
artistic greyhound tattoo
Credit: amyjeantat2 (Instagram)
dotted greyhound arm tattoo
Credit: artbyhartman (Instagram)
geometric greyhound tattoo
Credit: boerdy_body_electric (Instagram)
greyhound black tattoo
Credit: melissadowart (Instagram)

The Greyhound has this Tim Burton-look design. Almost skeleton-like, this design incorporates many unique features to create an interesting tattoo. Shading, dots, fine lines, and a striped jumper bring an alternative feel to the Greyhound. A great option for someone after a quirky design.

geometric greyhound color tattoo
Credit: renytattoos (Instagram)
greyhound line design tattoo
Credit: norte.00 (Instagram)
one line greyhound dog tattoo
Credit: bymosler (Instagram)
watercolor greyhound line tattoo
Credit: laura.caselles (Instagram)

Uniting minimal outline drawing with bold colors creates a unique design. The collaboration of black and white lines brings the Greyhound silhouette to life. Vibrant colors takes the design a step further through a watercolor-like effect. Little hearts add a soft touch to this wonderful design.

unique greyhound tattoo
Credit: allireallydoistattoo (Instagram)

And there you have it! Our top 50 Greyhound tattoo designs in three trendy styles. Showing you the multitude of design routes, you can go down to find the perfect Greyhound tattoo. You’ll find your own perfect way of showing off the beloved breed. We hope we’ve inspired you and helped you on your quest to find your own personal design.