dachshund dog tattoo

60+ Stylish Dachshund Tattoos That’ll Make You Smile

The trendiest and most stylish Dachshund tattoos to get ideas from!

We all know and love them, the Dachshunds are cute and small pets, with lovably large personalities. These sausage-shaped cuties are known for being devoted to their owners, as they were bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits and rodents.

Most Dachshund owners prefer this breed due to the fact that they are on the smaller side. Known as the Weiner dog, Dachshunds have an unmistakable build to their body, giving them a long, narrow build with short stubby legs, perfect for anyone who does not want a larger dog. With their true personalities, Dachshund owners find that these little furry friends are the perfect cuddle buddies. 

Now that Dachshunds aren’t used for hunting, but rather adored pets, some owners will find themselves wanting to commemorate their 4-legged friend in any way that they can. Some people will get pictures drawn of their pet, others will get their paws imprinted in cement. On that same trend, some will get tattoos of their forever friends as well. 

Dachshund tattoos are perfect because they memorialize the cute looks of the breed. Plus, Dachshunds are also small in size, so there is no need to commit to a large tattoo if that’s not your style. Regardless of your reasoning, a Dachshund tattoo makes for a cute addition to your body, while also having a really great meaning behind it.

We have a few different Weiner dog tattoo styles that are sure to pique your interest and warm your heart. You mean the world to your furry friend, why not show them how much they mean to you?

realistic dachshund head portrait tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)

1. Head Portrait Dachshund Tattoo

Want a simple way to show off your Dachshund best friend? A head portrait tattoo will do just that! This is the best way to show off the cute face of your pet, while also adding in as many or few details as you want.

And, if you have multiple pets, this is a great way to show off each of their lovely faces, without getting too big or taking up too much room, if that is your style. Plus, who doesn’t love to see the sweet face of a dog? We have some cute examples below!

big head portrait of dachshund tattoo
Credit: alessandropaparellatattoo (Instagram)

Show off the cute little face of your pup with a life-like head portrait tattoo. If you want more than just pictures of your Dachshund best friend, then this is just the tattoo for you with its realistic coloration and its captivating attention to detail.

dachshund with pink roses tattoo
Credit: belladaisytattoo (Instagram)
circle head portrait wiener dog tat
Credit: ramonetattoo (Instagram)
simple head tattoo of dachshund
Credit: peria_tattoo (Instagram)

Simplistic, detailed, and color-accurate. This head portrait tattoo is great for the minimalist who wants to represent their sweet Dachshund accordingly.

dachshund portrait tattoo
Credit: andreabochoa (Instagram)
large tattoo of dachshund head
Credit: marta_atzeni_tattoo (Instagram)
detailed head portrait wiener dog tattoo
Credit: adamexiste (Instagram)
small wiener dog head portrait tattoo
Credit: eggsy_tattoo (Instagram)
twin dachshund pet tattoos
Credit: luckyrabbittattoocult (Instagram)

What’s better than just one head portrait tattoo of your pet? Two head portrait tattoos. Show off your two furry best friends with two side-by-side head portrait tattoos that celebrate their friendship together and your love for them.

weiner dog simple tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
two outline weiner dog head tattoos
Credit: alinehuebtattoo (Instagram)

black brown dachshund pet tattoo
Credit: nemo.tattoo (Instagram)

2. Detailed Dachshund Tattoo

Is picture-perfect more your style? Then a detailed Dachshund tattoo is for you! This style allows you to fully replicate your 4-legged friend in the best way possible.

Realistic tattoos are meant to show every line, every color shading, and every little detail that you want. This method comes with true-to-photo colors that bring the photos of your dog to life on your skin.

Let’s take a look at some examples! But just note, the quality of the design will vary depending on the artist.

realistic dachshund pet tattoo on arm
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)
dachshund tattoo with comparison
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
dachshund pet tattoo with owner
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
dachshund tattoo detail design
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
dachshund with bowtie tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
dachshund pet tattoo on arm
Credit: cheontattoo (Instagram)
botanical dachshund black white tattoo
Credit: alu.tattoo (Instagram)
detail wiener dog leaf tattoo
Credit: attackofthe50footwoman (Instagram)

Are detail and imagery more your forte? Take a look at this highly structured take on a tarot card, with flowers surrounding it. The Dachshund has a realistic portrayal, almost as though it was photoshopped into the tarot card, with stunning shading around it that outlines a perfect crescent moon.

detail stipple dachshund head tattoo
Credit: meganleahtattoo (Instagram)
detailed black dachshund leg tattoo
Credit: art.mielniczek (Instagram)

A perfectly detailed tattoo of a Dachshund, as it beautifully shows all the skin roles, the ankle bends, and even the little nails. This is a great way to memorialize a man’s best friend in a realistic and detailed way.

floral wiener dog tattoo on shoulder
Credit: borok_mse (Instagram)
detailed black wiener dog tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)
slinky pet dog tattoo
Credit: darkside.tattoo.posadas (Instagram)

This realistic take on Slinky from Toy Story is a creative blast from the past. This tattoo shows just how much fun you can have with your own ink, while also paying close attention to detail and coloration.

weiner dog tattoo with blue star
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
two wiener dog tattoo on shoulder
Credit: nemo.tattoo (Instagram)
wiener dog laying tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)
wiener dog tattoo with name under
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)

colorful cartoon tattoo of pet wiener dog with heart
Credit: lunatyk_studio (Instagram)

3. Colorful Dachshund Tattoo

If you are someone who likes colors to bring your tattoos to life, then this is the style for you. Color tattoos are a way to be creative, as you can choose your own color scheme in order to make your tattoos unique to you. With the addition of color, your Dachshund tattoo is sure to stand out and represent the lively attitude of the dog breed.

This is also a great opportunity to add other details to the tattoo such as flowers, hearts, and other colorful designs. Let’s take a look at some colorful Dachshund designs for reference!

dachshund pink roses dog tattoo
Credit: crisstinacastillo_ (Instagram)

Give your pet the designs they deserve with a tasteful rose wreath around the dog. This Weiner dog has a realistic and expertly shaded design, while also adding pops of color around it, to complement the traditional coloration of the sweet pup.

dachshund dog in costume pet tattoo
Credit: ponylawson (Instagram)
cartoon wiener dog tattoo
Credit: _tats.by.tee93 (Instagram)

A simple version of color, while bringing the pup to life. This realistic coloration of the Dachshund tattoo can be a great way to show off your beloved fido, while also maintaining simplicity. If the sound of a color tattoo makes you think of too many details, then this version is perfect for you!

cute small wiener dog with donut tattoo
Credit: cocoa._.jam (Instagram)
wiener dog on skateboard color tattoo
Credit: vamp.29 (Instagram)
dachshund colorful floral pet tattoo
Credit: dannyorsini (Instagram)
dachshund dog with crown tattoo
Credit: aprilnicoletattoos (Instagram)
polaroid photo of dachshund tattoo design
Credit: zerotattoogallery (Instagram)
sushi dachshund weiner dog tat design
Credit: mikereedtattoo (Instagram)
hot dog wiener dog funny tattoo
Credit: inkbyshannon (Instagram)
watercolor line tattoo of wiener dog
Credit: annii_tailor (Instagram)

Want something a little more abstract while adding in different pops of color? This tattoo style is for you. The outlined Weiner dog with the lines of color and hearts around it makes for a beautiful representative tattoo that is sure to catch people’s eye.

wiener dog with guitar and hat tattoo
Credit: mauritziantetattoos (Instagram)

line art of dachshund tattoo
Credit: janajaguartattoo (Instagram)

4. Dachshund Line Art Tattoo

If simplicity in your tattoos is your go-to style, then line art is for you! When it comes to Dachshund tattoos, everyone knows the sausage-shaped dog outline when they see it, making line art one of the go-to styles for this breed.

Emulating your Weiner dog with line art is a great way to showcase them in a playful way, while also paying tribute to your loved animal.

Line art is also quite on-trend for tattoos, so this is a great way to incorporate trends and your sweet fido friend in one big artistic way. We have some examples below!

cool wiener dog skateboard tattoo
Credit: chrissiepdx (Instagram)

Add personality to your Dachshund by putting in some simple background pieces, such as this skateboard. This tattoo is sure to bring smiles to any face that sees it, while also showing off your adventurous pup!

dachshund line art tattoo side arm
Credit: ma.reenb (Instagram)
heart dachshund dog tattoo
Credit: larataenpijama (Instagram)
cute wiener dog outline tattoo
Credit: eagletattoer (Instagram)

Are you someone who has a furry Dachshund rather than short hair? This is the perfect way to simplistically emulate them! The simple line strokes that show off hair make this tattoo different from the others while also being true to the puppy’s muse.

cute dachshund line tattoo
Credit: alsonsthagenart (Instagram)
line art weiner dog simple tattoo
Credit: rexthedachshund_ (Instagram)
long wiener dog line tattoo on arm
Credit: inkedbymars (Instagram)
minimal abstract dachshund tattoo
Credit: foxkitti (Instagram)

Show off your Dachshund in an abstract way by using different lines of the body. This tattoo idea offers a unique look at the Weiner dog, while also imitating their well-known physique.

minimalistic outline dachshund tattoo
Credit: missing.ink (Instagram)
minimal dachshund pet tattoo
Credit: jose_g_p (Instagram)
minimal dachshund dog arm tattoo
Credit: deboratatuadora (Instagram)
minimal dachshund tattoo line design
Credit: tattooist_namoo (Instagram)
simple dachshund tattoo ideas
Credit: viktoria.vitez (Instagram)
outline pet name dachshund tattoo
Credit: haz.tattooer (Instagram)
outline silhouette wiener dog tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
picasso dachshund dog tattoo
Credit: xsugarduckyx.tattooo (Instagram)
slinky dachshund line tattoo
Credit: petecasso (Instagram)
simple wiener dog pet line tattoo
Credit: nesshalliwelltattoos (Instagram)
simplistic dachshund line tattoo
Credit: soulsister.tatts (Instagram)
simple doodle dachshund tattoo
Credit: aeternum.inkart (Instagram)
wiener dog outline tattoo with heart
Credit: bronxtattoostudio (Instagram)
two dachshund pet line tattoo
Credit: szottfriedgreta (Instagram)

Find what style is best for you

There are many different ways to show off your pet in the form of a tattoo. With everyone’s preferences, we are sure that one of the styles explained above will be suitable for you. Showing off your stretchy companion is so exciting and we wish you the best of luck in your tattoo journey! Good luck!