pet wiener dog tattoo on arm

17 Lovable Wiener Dog Leg and Arm Tattoos

There are two aspects of a tattoo that are daunting. One is the pain, and two is getting the design right. You’ve already set your sights on a Dachshund tattoo, but with endless routes to go down, the choices are endless. So, to make that decision easier for you, we’ve picked out our favorite Wiener Dog tattoo styles for the arm and leg.

dachshund paw portrait tattoo on arm
Credit: (Instagram)
colorful detailed dachshund dog tattoo on leg
Credit: tiggytattoos (Instagram)

Have a completely unique Dachshund tattoo through the use of color. Whilst the Weiner dog is known for its luscious black and brown coat, add some originality to your tattoo with bold blue ink. Take it one step further with the inclusion of colorful flowers and greenery.

weiner dog outline tat arm
Credit: michalska (Instagram)
dachshund bicep tattoo
Credit: lilke (Instagram)
dachshund black brown arm tattoo
Credit: kimta_tattoo (Instagram)
dachshund line art tattoo on bicep
Credit: zapalka_tattoo (Instagram)

Simple yet so effective, this design is perfect for those looking for a minimal pet tattoo that screams personality. Fine lines and dotted shading show off the Dachshund’s best features.

dachshund surrounded with flowers tattoo
Credit: madlynevanlooy (Instagram)

Show off the poised Dachshund through a detailed profile tattoo. No detail goes amiss as it perfectly captures the breed’s unique features. Take the design to the next level by surrounding the image with delicate botanicals to add balance to the dominating tattoo.

dachshund simple floral tattoo on arm
Credit: (Instagram)

Incorporating a botanical element into your pocket-sized stretchy friend, this design shows off the recognizable physique of the Dachshund. Uniting a minimalist, fine line silhouette with the detailed flower shows off the breed’s gentle nature.

love dachshund pet tattoo on ankle
Credit: haz.tattoer (Instagram)

Showing your love for the small breed – literally, this tattoo design shows off the Weiner dog’s friendly nature. A fine line drawing paired with a small red heart is a great option for a full image tattoo with a twist.

long haired dachshund tattoo on arm
Credit: jilltattoo (Instagram)
pablo picasso dog tattoo on foot
Credit: brighteyestattoo (Instagram)

Taking minimalism to another level, this fine line drawing of your favorite short-legged friend is a great choice for your first tattoo. Simple yet iconically recognizable designed by Pablo Picasso, the design will kick off ideas for your next tattoo.

realistic dachshund detail tattoo on leg
Credit: jilltattoo (Instagram)

Realistic tattoos are great at capturing all the small details of the Dachshund. The enjoyable features of the breed’s eyebrows and floppy ears are perfectly drawn through the use of color.

realistic arm tattoo of dachshund
Credit: seventattoo (Instagram)
slinky weiner dog leg tattoo
Credit: lilke (Instagram)

Adding humor and a Toy Story element, this design shows off the Wiener dog’s mainstream connections. A simple but detailed tattoo, it’s a great choice to incorporate subtle colors into your ink art. Also showing off the breed’s friendly facial features.

simple outline of dachshund leg tattoo
Credit: missing.ink_ (Instagram)
wiener dog outline arm tattoos
Credit: camilavieiratattoo (Instagram)
wiener dog full body tattoo on arm
Credit: kimta_tattoo (Instagram)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the small collection of our favorite Dachshund tattoos. Whichever design route you decide to take, each will display your pet in all its glory! Make sure to check out our small Wiener Dog tattoos on the next post.