simple small wiener dog tattoos on arm

Unforgettable Small Wiener Dog Tattoos You’ll Admire

Dogs are incredible animals that make great pets. When you have a strong connection with your Dachshund, you might be wondering what you can do to feel close with them forever. 

One thing you can do is get a small, cute tattoo that acts as a reminder of your Wiener Dog while helping you feel like they are always with you. Even when you are sure you want to get a tattoo for your pup, it can be tough to come up with a design on your own.

It can be helpful to look at some tattoos that other people have gotten done for their Wiener Dogs to give you some inspiration. Take a look at some of these small and cute tattoos that others have gotten for their dachshunds.

outline and silhouette dachshund tattoo
Credit: (website)

You can go the minimal approach with this cool abstract duo tattoo. The top dachshund outlines the dog while the bottom is the silhouette. I’d say that is a pretty clever and unique style.

blue red tattoo of an outline wiener dog
Credit: shaynatayloe (Instagram)
harry wiener dog small head tattoo
Credit: leti.ruggeri (Instagram)
happy detailed wiener dog small tattoo
Credit: hansantattoo (Instagram)

A nice portrait of your Wiener Dog smiling will help you always keep in mind how happy they are/were to be with you. When you see their smile, you will smile!

full body of dachshund weiner dog tattoo
Credit: (website)
funny small dachshund dog tattoo
Credit: (website)

If you have more than one Wiener-Dog, this is a great idea for a tattoo. Get a simple outline of each in their favorite sleeping position!

minimal small dachshund outline tattoo
Credit: hannahmaute (Instagram)
pablo picasso small weiner dog tat
Credit: playground_tat2 (Instagram)

This simple, one-line illustration is a minimalist design that doesn’t take up much space. You can also add your pup’s name to the tattoo as shown here. This is actually one of Pablo Picasso’s famous drawings but with a twist. The tattooist blended the pet’s name with the outline of the dog.

pablo picasso wiener dog tattoo couple
Credit: romysticht (Instagram)

This image shows the same tattoo without the name and paired as a couple!

minimalist small dachshund line tattoo with red heart
Credit: definedlinesstudio (Instagram)
minimal small silhouette wiener dog tattoo
Credit: izabellersouto (Instagram)
realistic tattoo of pet wiener dog
Credit: zeal_ttt (Instagram)
realistic small head portrait of dachshund tattoo
Credit: mongetattoo (Instagram)
simple small dachshund ear tattoo
Credit: josienoel94 (Pinterest)

If you want a minimalist tattoo, you can consider this outline of your dachshund’s head and ears. It is a nice, clean-looking tattoo that still has a special meaning.

small cute dachshund portrait tattoo
Credit: susfudge (Instagram)

Consider a small portrait of your dog’s face and ears from a picture where they were as happy as could be. You will always be able to remember them at their best.

simple line tattoo of wiener dog
Credit: zarabotanical (Instagram)
small simple weiner dog tattoo on ankle
Credit: anditrip (Instagram)

A simple outline of your dachshund’s coloring with their name is a great way to remember your dog. You can also add footprints like the ones shown here as a leg tattoo.

small realistic dachshund pet tattoo
Credit: aikortiz (Instagram)

This tattoo is a simple portrait of your pup’s face in a circle. With a tattoo like this, you can easily look down and see your best friend on your skin.

small shaded wiener dog tattoo on arm
Credit: (website)
small wiener dog animal tattoo on chest
Credit: ba_tattooer (Instagram)
space helmet wiener dog tattoo design
Credit: lucielinnington (Instagram)
weiner dog line tattoo with colorful balloons
Credit: andi860411 (Instagram)

Wiener Dogs are small but very special breeds. If you have one or had one, you might be searching for the best way to remember them. Getting a tattoo dedicated to them is a permanent way for you to honor their memory and keep them close to you.

Hopefully, this post gave you the inspiration you were looking for to get your own pet tattoo. Make your appointment and get that tattoo done!