small dachshund tattoo outline

20 Simple Dachshund Outline Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to getting a tattoo, one of the main decisions is choosing which style you want. While there are different styles for every person, there is something so simple about minimalist outline tattoos. 

If you are planning on showing off your Dachshund in the form of a tattoo, then the minimalist style is one option to consider. Dogs, such as the sweet Dachshund, are a great muse for minimalist tattoos because everyone knows their long body and short leg outline. 

However, finding the right inspiration for a simple outline tattoo can be difficult because there are so many ways to minimally emulate your beloved pup. That is where we step in. Here is a look at 20 minimalist Dachshund outline tattoos that are sure to provide you with artistic vision!

one line dachshund tattoo design
Credit: stephen_doyle_tattoo (Instagram)

Line tattoos have been popular since their origins but a certain style has been trending lately, that is, one-line designs. Not only does it create this cool abstract look to the dachshund, but it’s also minimal. This design might be up your alley as a first-time tattoo on the arm.

long hair dachshund line art tattoo
Credit: tattoosbyina (Instagram)

If you have a Weiner dog with longer hair, then you might consider this design as it demonstrates the Dachshund’s hair in a minimal way.

minimalist dachshund outline tattoo ideas
Credit: sky_jedi (Instagram)
minimal border line dachshund tattoo
Credit: estudio184 (Instagram)
dachshund saxophone line tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Make your Dachshund tattoo one-of-a-kind by adding in some props! The saxophone adds a fun addition to the tattoo, making your dog have some personality.

cute dachshund minimal tattoo
Credit: eagletattooer (Instagram)

Custom Dachshund Tattoos by Veni

simple dog tattoo of dachshund
Credit: InkuPaw x Veni
Dachshund minimal line art tattoo design
Credit: InkuPaw x Veni
Credit: InkuPaw x Veni
Credit: InkuPaw x Veni

We have recently collaborated we an artist that created these cute dachshund illustrations. If you like to see more cute pet line tattoos like these, and where to get your very own, make sure to check this post.

couple dachshund line art tattoo design
Credit: allanrogertattoo (Instagram)
cute weiner dog line tattoo red hearts
Credit: alexandrejorge1 (Instagram)
dachshund green bandana tattoo
Credit: lovaynaink (Instagram)

Add a little pop of color to your outline tattoo! The addition of the green bandana makes this minimal tattoo unique and is a chance to show off some of the special features of your furry friend!

dachshund outline head tattoo design
Credit: (Instagram)
dachshund weiner dog line tattoo
Credit: localtattoostudio (Instagram)
hot dog dachshund line art tattoo
Credit: magnumcircustattoo (Instagram)

A literal take on the Weiner dog, this tattoo perfectly shows off your pup, while also bringing in some humor. You can customize this tattoo by providing a picture of your own Dachshund and adding the bun around it to bring the Weiner dog to life!

minimal linework dachshund dog tattoo
Credit: deboratatuadora (Instagram)
pet dachshund tattoo comparison
Credit: (Instagram)
minimalistic weiner dog tattoo on wrist
Credit: kelly947 (Instagram)

Are simple outlines your style? Then take a look at this tattoo. The smooth outline of this Weiner dog is eye-catching and fun, making it great for the minimalistic crowd!

pablo picasso weiner dog line tattoo
Credit: maniaclara.pokes (Instagram)
outline dachshund tattoo leg placement
Credit: alizziane (We Heart It)
sleepy wiener dog line tattoo
Credit: ekayliving (Instagram)
simple wenie dog tattoo
Credit: maansimbajon (Instagram)
weiner dog outline tat arm
Credit: michalska (Instagram)
small dachshund tattoo outline ideas
Credit: small dachshund tattoo outline by Inku Paw

Go Minimal!

Even though minimal tattoos are very simple, they provide space for you to make them unique to you. Each minimal tattoo tells its own story, and the Dachshunds provide a form of inspiration right off the bat. We hope that these few minimal ideas provide some inspiration for you and see where your own personality can be introduced as well. For more tattoo ideas, check out the Pinterest board. Thank you for viewing!