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How to Protect Tattoo from Sun: Tropical Vacation Edition

Hey there, fellow ink enthusiasts! So, you’ve got some cool tattoos and you’re planning a vacation, right? Awesome! But wait, have you thought about how you’re going to protect your precious ink from the sun’s relentless rays? No? Well, get ready because we’re about to dive into the wild world of vacation tattoo care. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I’m on vacation, I don’t want to worry about anything!” I hear you but trust me, a little bit of care now means your tattoos will still look sharp when you’re showing them off at the retirement home in 40 years. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Sunscreen: Your Tattoo’s Best Friend

tattoo sunscreen care tips
Pexels- Mikhail Nilov

Alright, let’s talk sunscreen. I know, I know, it’s not the most exciting topic. You’re probably picturing that one time you got a handful of sunscreen in your eyes and spent the next hour crying like a baby. But listen, sunscreen is the unsung hero of tattoo care.

Think of sunscreen as the bodyguard for your tattoos. It’s there, standing between your precious ink and the sun’s harmful rays, ready to take a bullet (or in this case, a UV ray) for your tattoos. It’s like the Kevin Costner to your Whitney Houston, if you will.

Now, not all sunscreens are created equal. You want to look for something that’s SPF 30 or higher and broad spectrum. Why? Because SPF 30 blocks about 97% of UVB rays, and its broad spectrum means it also protects against UVA rays. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal, and who doesn’t love a good bargain?

Applying sunscreen can be a bit of a chore, but it’s worth it. You need to apply it about 15 minutes before you go out in the sun and reapply every two hours. Yes, every two hours. Set a timer on your phone if you need to. And don’t skimp on it. You need about a shot glass full for your whole body. 

Remember, your tattoos are a work of art. You wouldn’t leave a Picasso out in the sun, would you? So, slather on that sunscreen and give your tattoos the protection they deserve. Your future self will thank you. Trust me.

Shade: The Unsung Hero

tattoo in the shade vacation
Pexels- North

Now that we’ve got the sunscreen sorted, let’s move on to our next ally in the fight against sun damage: shade. Yes, you heard it right, good old-fashioned shade. It’s like nature’s own sunscreen and the best part? It’s absolutely free!

I get it, you’re on vacation. You want to soak up the sun, not hide from it. But think of it this way: the shade is like a chill-out zone for your tattoos. It’s a place where they can take a break from the harsh sun and just relax. 

You don’t have to spend your entire vacation under a tree, of course. Just be mindful of where the shade is and use it to your advantage. Maybe read a book under a beach umbrella, or enjoy your lunch under a palm tree. 

Remember, the sun moves throughout the day, and so does the shade. So, keep an eye on it and move accordingly. It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but your tattoos will thank you for it. Plus, you’ll still get a tan, just without the lobster-red sunburn. It’s a win-win!

Towels: More Than Just for Drying Off

tattoo with towel tips
Pexels- Rachel Claire

Transitioning from the cool comfort of shade, let’s talk about another handy tool in your tattoo care arsenal: the humble towel. You might be thinking, “A towel? Really?” But stick with me here.

A towel can act as a portable shade provider, a sun-blocking superhero if you will. It’s perfect for those moments when shade is scarce or when you’re on the move. Just drape it over your tattooed skin, and voila, instant sun protection!

This trick is especially useful if you have a specific area you want to shield, like a sleeve or a large piece on your back. Just remember, the towel is not a sunscreen substitute. It’s more like a sidekick, helping your sunscreen do its job more effectively.

So next time you’re packing for the beach, don’t underestimate that fluffy piece of fabric. It’s not just for drying off after a swim, it’s a secret weapon in the fight against sun damage. Your tattoos will definitely appreciate the extra layer of protection. Towels to the rescue!

Sunburn Hotspots: Areas to Watch

tattoo sun spots care
Pexels- Jasmin Chew

Switching gears a bit, let’s delve into the parts of your body that are more prone to sunburn. It’s like playing a game of tattoo whack-a-mole, some areas just pop up more frequently than others.

The usual body parts are the shoulders, upper chest, upper back, and face. These areas are like sun magnets, attracting more than their fair share of UV rays. And to add insult to injury, these are often the places where people love to get tattoos.

So, what’s a tattooed sun lover to do? Well, it’s all about being proactive. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to these areas, and reapply often. And remember, clothing can be your friend. A light, long-sleeved shirt or a hat can provide an extra layer of protection.

But let’s not stop there. Let’s get creative. How about turning sun protection into a fashion statement? Rock that wide-brimmed hat or that funky, loose shirt. Not only will you be protecting your tattoos, but you’ll also be the most stylish person on the beach. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation!

Water Woes: Swimming with Tattoos

tattoo in the water care
Pexels- Key Notez

Next up on our sunny vacation, we’re diving into the deep end. Literally. Let’s talk about swimming.

Swimming is a double-edged sword when it comes to tattoos. On one hand, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip on a hot day. On the other hand, water can be a bit of a party pooper for your tattoos.

First off, water has a knack for washing away sunscreen. It’s a sad fact, but true. After a couple of dips, your sunscreen might as well be on a vacation of its own. So, the key here is to reapply after every swim. Your tattoos will thank you.

Secondly, sun exposure feels different in the water. You might think you’re safe in the cool water, but those sneaky UV rays can still get you. In fact, water can reflect and intensify the sun’s rays, leading to a faster burn. 

Lastly, saltwater and chlorine can dry out your skin, which isn’t great for your tattoos. So, make sure to rinse off after swimming and apply a moisturizer to keep your skin and tattoos hydrated.

Swimming with tattoos can feel like navigating a minefield, but with a little preparation, you can enjoy the water without sacrificing your ink. So, go ahead, make a splash! Keep in mind to reapply that sunscreen and keep your skin hydrated. Your tattoos will be ready to dive into the next adventure with you.

Fun in the Sun: Mindfulness Matters

But here’s the catch: when you’re having a blast, it’s easy to forget about things like sun protection. You might be too busy building the world’s biggest sandcastle or showing off your epic cannonball skills to remember to reapply your sunscreen. 

This is where mindfulness comes into play. It’s all about being aware of your surroundings and taking a few moments to take care of your skin and tattoos. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, it just means taking a few moments every now and then to reapply your sunscreen or take a break in the shade.

And remember, it’s not just about the here and now. It’s about ensuring that your tattoos continue to look great for many years to come. So go ahead, and have your fun in the sun, just don’t forget about your tattoos in the process. They’re counting on you!

Wrapping Up: Balance is Key

tattoo care balance vacation
Pexels- Tatiana Danelli

And there you have it. We’ve journeyed through the world of tattoo care on a tropical vacation, from the land of sunscreen to the realm of fun, and everything in between. 

The key takeaway? Balance. It’s about finding that sweet spot between enjoying your vacation and taking care of your tattoos. It’s about soaking up the sun, but also seeking out the shade. It’s about diving into the water, but also taking the time to reapply your sunscreen. 

Remember, your tattoos are more than just ink on your skin. They’re a part of you. They tell your story. So, they deserve a little TLC, especially when you’re on vacation.

So, go forth and enjoy your vacation! Just remember to pack your sunscreen, seek out the shade, and be mindful of your tattoos. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll thank yourself when your tattoos still look great years down the line. Now, if you’re interested in when is the best season to get a Tattoo, you can check out this post.

Happy vacationing, and remember, your tattoos are counting on you!