traditional corgi realistic tattoo ideas

Top Traditional and Realistic Corgi Pet Tattoos

With the Corgi’s grand and royal connections, it’s only fitting to have a traditional or realistic Corgi tattoo. From detailed portrait art worthy of a place in Buckingham Palace to capture the entirety of the beloved breed, a Corgi tattoo is a spectacular way to show off your love for the iconic breed.

Whether you’re keeping the design minimal, monochromatic, colorful, or adding flourishes of botanicals, you can make the traditional/realistic design your own. Achieve the true essence of the wonderful Corgi through a plethora of design routes. Here are our 18 top designs.

abstract traditional corgi tattoo with elements
Credit: kisskatattoo (Instagram)

Taking the realistic tattoo style to the next level, this design illustrates the brilliant artwork tattooist can create. Offering a more animated version of the Corgi, this design uses outline elements to bring the artwork to life. Adding dynamic to the design with scenery, it has caught Corgi’s playful and gentle demeanor. Expand the design through the addition of geometric shapes to make it a show-stopping piece.

big traditional corgi tattoo on arm
Credit: kozubskaola (Instagram)
corgi realistic ears tattoo
Credit: sarrraahhhc (Instagram)
diamond border corgi tattoo
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)

Another small design yet with a hint of individualism, this monochromatic design perfectly captures the Corgi. Each strand of fur has been cleverly captured to add a sense of texture to the design. Adding a contemporary feel to the realistic/traditional design with the use of a geometric frame. A personalized touch is achieved by the featuring of a name signature.

corgi large traditional tattoo
Credit: tattoo_gale (Instagram)
corgi with toy ball tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
large corgi arm tattoo
Credit: zinktattoozac (Instagram)
detail traditional corgi tattoo on arm
Credit: jilltattoo (Instagram)
playful corgi pet tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
traditional corgi flowers tattoo
Credit: emilyeffler (Instagram)

A large-scale tattoo, this dominating design has a sense of poise to fit its traditional style. A monochromatic palette with clever shading details enhances the design and captures the Corgi in a new way. The addition of botanicals frames the design well whilst staying true to its realistic style. The touch of the bone-shaped tag adds a sense of personality.

floral corgi detail tattoo
Credit: tinyloophole (Instagram)
small traditional corgi tattoo on arm
Credit: nana.tattoos (Instagram)

Headshot/portrait designs are a great choice if you’re after something small and minimal. With the ability to still be packed full of detail, this traditional design can still contain some flair and personality. Keep the design refined through a monochromatic palette, allowing clever shading to capture the Corgi’s beautiful coat.

realistic corgi tattoo inspiration
Credit: youyeon (Instagram)

A wonderfully small tattoo yet still oozing personality and resemblance. This design is great for those after something small yet realistic. The subtle details show off the uncanny coat of the Corgi. A traditional design at its best.

traditional corgi head tattoo ideas
Credit: tattoosbyl (Instagram)
traditional corgi puppy tattoo
Credit: josiewwwww (Instagram)
traditional corgi head portrait tattoo
Credit: cekatattoo (Instagram)
traditional corgi tiny tattoo
Credit: truecanvas (Instagram)
traditional heart with corgi tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
traditional two corgi tattoos
Credit: mikegranttattoos (Instagram)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of favorite traditional and realistic Corgi designs. Getting your creative juices flowing and introducing you to new ways of capturing your pet, we wish you luck in your tattoo journey.