small and minimal cat tattoos

Top Minimal And Small Cat Tattoos You’ll Want To See

So, you’ve decided to get a cat tattoo; swaying more to the minimal, small, and tiny designs, you don’t have nine lives to get this decision right. Searching for the perfect tattoo design can be a long, tedious and overwhelming process.

With an abundance of small cat tattoo designs out there, it’s important to choose the right tattoo to show off your love for cats. To make it that little bit easier for you, we’ve rounded up an eclectic list of minimal tattoo designs for cat owners and lovers.

cute cat with wine tattoo
Credit: izmirtattooflora (Instagram)
3rd eye cat tattoo outline
Credit: raharu4 (Instagram)
black cat cartoon tattoo in small
Credit: (Instagram)
abstract outline cat tattoo
Credit: lirontattoo (Instagram)
black and white kitty tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
cat in box tattoo
Credit: vien.tattooist (Instagram)
cartoon cat tiny tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
funny cat meme tattoo small
Credit: enorazmoket (Instagram)
black cat head portrait tattoo
Credit: moon_witch_emma (Instagram)
cat head portraits tattoo on leg
Credit: tattoobahar (Instagram)
colorful grey cat tattoo
Credit: aliikablan (Instagram)

Adding a touch of flair to a minimal cat tattoo, this design fuses realism, detail, and color in a simplistic tone. A refined color palette with pops of color takes the tattoo to another level. All encased in a minimal portrait frame, this alternative design is perfect for those after an elevated minimal tattoo.

cat with balloon tattoo
Credit: kirbeeys (Instagram)

A sense of romanticism is captured in this cat design through subtle touches like the elegant whiskers and eyes, accompanied by an exaggerated liner. Also, a cartoonish touch through the design of the paws is in contrast to the smoked-out body. A hint of color adds an additional dynamic to the design.

funny cat and fish tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
cute small cat looking in cup tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Full of cuteness, this design shows the childlike side of the cat or kitten. With a playful design, this is a brilliant option for those after something quirky. Kept simple through the use of black ink line drawing, the tattoo speaks for itself.

detailed tiny cat head tattoo
Credit: pedrogarciapa (Instagram)
fat cat simple tattoo on arm
Credit: jane13tattoo (Instagram)
funny cat small tattoo
Credit: belatrixtattoo (Instagram)
lucky cat maneki neko tattoo
Credit: martik.hazelnutattoo (Instagram)
minimal tiny cat heart tattoo
Credit: sheentattoostudio (Instagram)
minimalist geometric cat tattoo
Credit: lelionnoirtattoo (Instagram)

This geometric portrait illustrates how a cat tattoo can be stripped back to its core whilst keeping an intriguing element. The use of simple geometric shapes and lines creates a minimal outline design. A design for those after their first tattoo.

head tilt geometric cat tattoo
Credit: stefani_tattoo23 (Instagram)
small cat tattoo on back
Credit: _scottish_ (Instagram)

This small cat tattoo can be a perfect addition to your ink collection or a great option to start it off. An animated, minimal silhouette design, this small design captures the essence of the cat through curved lines, representing the animal’s elegance. Stick to black for the full minimalism effect or be adventurous with a bold color.

minimalistic tiny cat tattoo on arm
Credit: brujachicana (Instagram)

This tattoo captures the nature of the cat’s slinky movement through the use of subtle wavy lines. A silhouette outline drawing can feature the cat’s key features such as its tail and whiskers. A great option if you’re going for a full-body minimal design.

small detailed cat tat
Credit: tattoo_ur_bodys (Instagram)
smal cat outline arm tattoo
Credit: _tonink_ (Instagram)
small dog and cat outline tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Taking minimalism to the next level through this utterly simplistic fine line drawing. Showing the uncommon friendship between dogs and cats, this design whilst minimal speaks for itself. A cat design choice for those starting out their love for tattoos.

tiny black cat tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
small white cat tattoo
Credit: tattooist_kimria (Instagram)

Taking a more realistic approach to tattoos, this design uses a minimal color palette to capture the feline’s fur. Intricate shading creates texture. A design with a sense of softness, this tattoo is great for those after a subtle, small yet realistic design.

small one line cat tattoo
Credit: solyafemaleartist_tattoo (Instagram)
tiny cat head tattoo outline
Credit: bora_tattooer (Instagram)

If this is your first time getting a tattoo, usually, simple line illustrations are the most popular. Especially if you’re afraid of needles these quick little tattoos can also do the job to honor your pet. Like the two cat illustrations with floral elements next to them.

two kitties hug tattoo
Credit: mardetinta1 (Instagram)
tiny silhouette cat tattoo
Credit: j_erre_tattoo (Instagram)
tiny realistic cat tattoo on finger
Credit: (Instagram)
unique cat rainbow tattoo
Credit: babcia_hela_tattoo (Instagram)
uwu tiny cat outline tattoo
Credit: inspirr.inks (Instagram)
water glass cat tattoo
Credit: tati.tatts.od (Instagram)

Final Thoughts on Small Cat Tattoos

We hope we’ve helped you find your purrrfect minimal and small cat tattoo design. From geometric, realistic, and line drawing designs, there is an abundance of inspiration to help you find the right ink work for you. Also, if you’re looking for a more magical style, stop by our Cat Moon tattoo post for more ideas.