minimal starfish tattoo on ankle

Trendy Simple and Small Starfish Tattoos You’ll Love To See

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll appreciate the small and simple starfish tattoos you can find. These tattoos are perfect for people with sensitive skin who prefer minimal ink pieces. They’re stylish tattoos that can be inked anywhere on your body but are more common on the wrist and hand. Minimal starfish tattoos are perfect for people with shy personalities, too. The following images will help you choose the perfect starfish design.

But before we get started, a little background on why starfish tattoos are so popular. The sea star was first depicted by sailors. The sea creature was a symbol of peace and safety. Later, sailors reproduced the symbols on their ships and spread these totems to other people. Starfish also has roots in various cultures. For example, it is the Christian symbol for the Virgin Mary. Getting one of these tattoos can be a way to express your inner beach bum self.

Another common starfish tattoo is a zodiac symbol. This zodiac sign is also associated with love and a starfish represents both. If you’re not sure if a starfish tattoo is for you, try reading about the symbolism of this starfish first. You may be surprised at how many people are attracted to this symbol. It’s one of the most versatile tattoos in the world.

Now here are 30 simple and small starfish designs perfect to be inked anywhere on your body.

simple starfish tattoo on foot
Credit: mjcampostattoo (Instagram)
beach elements starfish tattoo
Credit: error_geometrico (Instagram)
black starfish tattoo on bum
Credit: adriannesimms_art (Instagram)
blue gradient small starfish tattoo
Credit: ola_jot_tattoo (Instagram)
cute tiny starfish tattoo on leg
Credit: dominikamazurr (Instagram)
cute waving starfish tattoo
Credit: mrs.fox_tattoo (Instagram)
cool minimalist starfish tattoo on arm
Credit: evas_botanical_tattoos (Instagram)
laying starfish tattoo on arm
Credit: casapanteratattoo (Instagram)
detailed starfish tattoo on foot
Credit: (Instagram)
line art black starfish tattoo
Credit: stickandpokebylily (Instagram)
minimal starfish tattoo design on ribcage
Credit: llajetatuaje (Instagram)
minimal starfish tattoo on ankle
Credit: junetattoojun (Instagram)
minimalistic starfish tattoo on arm
Credit: (Instagram)
minimalist shoulder starfish tattoo design
Credit: amour__velours (Instagram)
one line starfish tattoo design
Credit: deeply.reimagined (Instagram)
outline starfish with dots tattoo
Credit: modoink_jimmydana_ (Instagram)
realistic small starfish tattoo on foot
Credit: inkby_sim (Instagram)
Rose color starfish tattoo on shoulder
Credit: mar__negro (Instagram)
simple starfish line art tattoo
Credit: celestial.tattooist (Instagram)
sea life elements with starfish tattoo
Credit: theodysseytattoo (Instagram)
small starfish tattoo on shoulder
Credit: antstattoo_morris (Instagram)
starfish with sea horse tattoo on ankle foot
Credit: (Instagram)
starfish with color outline tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
starfish blue pattern tattoo
Credit: leopard.chuy (Instagram)
swirl starfish line tattoo
Credit: tattoosbynery (Instagram)
starfishes in row on ankle
Credit: cristina.tattooart (Instagram)
stipple simple starfish tattoo
Credit: dudink (Instagram)
tiny starfish detailed tattoo
Credit: romainkew (Instagram)
tiny starfish tattoo on bicep arm
Credit: antstattoo_morris-2 (Instagram)
two starfish small tattoo for couples
Credit: sanmao_yiminpokes (Instagram)