realistic great dane tattoo inspiration

Take a Look at these Detailed Great Dane Dog Tattoos

When getting a tattoo of your Great Dane, the hardest part is choosing which style you want. Some people may hesitate when getting a tattoo because they want to fully show off their gentle giant, but they don’t know the best way to do so. Well, one of the best bets to show off your pet is to get a detailed Great Dane tattoo!

A realistic pet tattoo is an exceptional way to show the world the devoted dog that you love! This style of tattoo is meant to create a replica of your pet, so you can memorialize them forever! Let’s take a look at some inspiration!

big great dane portrait tattoo on leg idea
Credit: mabella_danes (Instagram)

This tattoo provides great details for the side portrait of the Great Dane. The color shading throughout the dog is exceptional, as it resembles the actual coat of the pet!

black great dane leg tattoo idea
Credit: electro_ink_tattoo_studio (Instagram)

Are you someone who likes detail but with black and white colors? Take a look at the portrait tattoo of this Great Dane! The contrast of the black and white coloring creates details that stand out, without adding in any color!

big great dane pet tattoo design
Credit: mantarotattoo (Instagram)
brown and white great dane realistic tattoo
Credit: erekglover (Instagram)
detailed great dane dog tattoo idea
Credit: crookedvillainchris (Instagram)

Take a look at this creatively detailed tattoo! This design has a detailed figure of the Great Dane, with a border and cute little additions around it, such as the nameplate and the flowers. What a great way to commemorate your pet!

detailed great dane dog tat on leg
Credit: tallontattoo (Instagram)
brown great dane tattoo on back
Credit: thetattooideasofficial (Instagram)
detailed realistic great dane tattoo
Credit: unknown (Pinterest)
floral great dane purple tattoo
Credit: seawatters (Instagram)
great dane head portrait tattoo idea
Credit: labarberiatattoogallery (Instagram)
great dane detailed tattoo inspiration
Credit: franziska_faulstich_ (Instagram)
great dane big tattoo on leg
Credit: sjv_tattoos (Instagram)
great dane tattoo on back shoulder
Credit: rainey_harley_tattoo (Instagram)
realistic great dane tattoo ideas on leg
Credit: leandrogarciatattoo (Instagram)
great dane pet tattoo back arm
Credit: edgar_tats_951 (Instagram)
great dane memorial tattoo on arm
Credit: xvtattoo (Instagram)

Add in your own little details, like the halo on this Great Dane, perfect for memorial tattoos.

realistic great dane tattoo on arm inspiration
Credit: marco.tto (Instagram)
realistic simple great dane tattoo on leg
Credit: (Instagram)

Take a look at this sweet Great Dane’s face! The tufts of hair on the ear and the coloration of the face stand out, as this tattoo has great attention to detail.

Detail tattoos, try it out!

When it comes to showing off your beloved Great Dane, realistic tattoos are a great style! Since Great Danes are large dogs, this style allows them to be portrayed to the fullest extent. Plus, you can add in your own details to make it unique to your relationship with your pet! We hope these tattoos give you some inspiration for your future pet design. Are you interested in more simple designs, check out curated minimal line tattoos!