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40 Incredible Realistic Cat Tattoos That Are Trending

There are many ways you can show off your love of cats through ink work. Why not take a more traditional design route like a realistic cat tattoo? This is a great design option if you’re after an uncanny tattoo that will never go out of style.

From frames to foliage, and face to body artwork the choices are endless. We’ve created a list of our top 40 traditional and inventive realistic cat tattoos to spur your imagination for your very own design.

american shorthair cat realistic tattoo
Credit: damlastattoos (Instagram)
balinese cat realistic tattoo
Credit: tattooist_sazin (Instagram)
american shorthair cat portrait tattoo inspiration
Credit: tattooist_keter (Instagram)
sleepy cat tattoo on arm
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cat head portrait tattoo on arm
Instagram @tattooist_sazin
vibrant colorful cat tattoo unique idea
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small head portrait cat tattoo
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cat portrait tattoo on arm
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Cat pet tattoo on arm 1
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front facing cat tattoo portrait
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Clever Cat tattoo funny
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realistic cat on skateboard tattoo
Instagram @pattattoo.salmon

This amazing tattoo design captures the playful and adventurous spirit of a cat on a skateboard. The design is both colorful and realistic, with every detail of the skateboard and the cat’s fur adding a sense of movement and vitality to the art. The bright colors add a whimsical touch, making it both eye-catching and fun.

This tattoo design is perfect for those looking for a daring and unique design that celebrates the fun-loving nature of our feline friends.

Realistic colorful cat tattoo
Instagram @pattattoo.salmon
realistic cat tattoo small tiny
Instagram @w_inkstudio
realistic kitty cat tattoo on shoulder
Instagram @tattooist_sazin
american shorthair head portrait tattoo
Credit: hannahsenoj (Instagram)
botanical leaves cat tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
british shorthair cat with bottle tattoo
Credit: jconly_mary (Instagram)
birman cat portrait tattoo
Credit: tattooist_popo (Instagram)
chartreux cat detailed tattoo
Credit: diegosilveiratattoo (Instagram)
burmese cat small tattoo
Credit: xiso_ink (Instagram)
cats cuddle small tattoo on arm
Credit: (Instagram)

When one cat is not enough, get two! Showing the soft and cuddly side of the creature, this realistic cat tattoo is bound to make you fall in love with them. An incredible amount of skill has gone into creating shadow and texture on the striped cats. A small tattoo design packed full of detail.

cat head portrait memorial tattoo
Credit: tattooist_keter (Instagram)
detailed full body cat portrait tattoo
Credit: nanowartattoo (Instagram)
cute detailed cat tattoo on arm
Credit: picsola (Instagram)
european shorthair cat tattoo
Credit: mirelasolmifa (Instagram)
chubby british shorthair cat tattoo
Credit: tritatooartist (Instagram)
family cat portrait tattoo on arm
Credit: dino_tattooer (Instagram)
exotic shorthair tattoo on arm
Credit: fattie_tao (Instagram)
head peak cat tattoo
Credit: s.q.u.i.d.vicious (Instagram)

This tattoo illustrates a more refined approach to the realistic cat tattoo style. Showing how you don’t necessarily need a full face or body portrait; this design is great for those after a subtle cat tattoo. A more playful approach can easily be adapted to color palette preference and breed.

leaves and cats arm tattoo
Credit: tattooist_keter (Instagram)
norwegian forest cat tattoo with quote
Credit: leonova_tattoo (Instagram)
manx cat tattoo
Credit: tappymao (Instagram)
multicolor eye white cat tattoo
Credit: tattooist_yeono (Instagram)

A captivating tattoo achieved by the white fur coat of the cat alone, this design is set to wow those who are lucky to get a glimpse. Intricate shading has created realistic fur throughout. The addition of color within the nose, eyes, and geometric background adds dynamic to a perhaps somewhat simple design. A tattoo that will stand the test of time.

oriental cat head portrait tattoo
Credit: mattbrundelltattoo (Instagram)
manx cat frame tattoo
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)
ragamuffin cat portrait tattoo
Credit: more.madeleine (Instagram)
photo realistic cat portrait tattoos
Credit: tattooist_keter (Instagram)
realistic bengal cat tattoo
Credit: tattooist_keter (Instagram)

Featuring a cat with a more colorful coat, this tattoo is brought to life through a warm palette. Its contrasting blue eyes make you fall in love with this adorable tattoo. The fine details are what make this design, such as the heart-shaped collar, further adding to the cute vibe of this design.

realistic botanical cat tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Traditional by nature through the cat’s artwork and color palette, the addition of botanicals and foliage adds that extra zest to its design. If you fancy a hint of color, incorporate it into the botanical frame to add vibrancy. A great concept for a large tattoo.

realistic british shorthair cat tattoo circle frame
Credit: kathy_tattoo (Instagram)

A subtle tattoo design, perfect for those after their first tattoo. Whilst monochromatic, delicate shading and strokes have achieved a fluffy coat on the cat’s portrait. Illustrating youth, this kitten portrait is perfectly finished with a geometric frame of dots, fine lines, and arrows. This is one that will melt hearts.

realistic cat colored tattoo portrait
Credit: (Instagram)
realistic cat and planets tattoo
Credit: acra.tattoos (Instagram)

For anyone looking for a space-themed cat tattoo, this design will pique your interest with this incredibly detailed cat with the planets, including the moon. We have a specific post all about moon cat tattoos here.

realistic cat arm tattoo ideas
Credit: monotattu (Instagram)
realistic ragdoll wrist tattoo
Credit: berkayyazici (Instagram)
realistic Himalayan cat tattoo on arm
Credit: cleopatrainksamsun (Instagram)
realistic cat head portrait small tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
somali cat arm tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
toyger head portrait cat tattoo
Credit: itscharly8 (Instagram)
side profile realistic cat tattoo
Credit: studiomuniztattoo (Instagram)
realistic star wars cat tattoo
Credit: molnar.viki (Instagram)

Taking the realistic cat tattoo to the next level, this is a great design for the sci-fi fans out there. Realism is achieved through the cat’s facial portrait which includes delicate shading. Playfulness and uniqueness are injected through its Star Wars accompaniment and background.

tuxedo cat head tattoo
Credit: kittats (Instagram)
two kittens and yarn tattoo
Credit: yuwaitattoo (Instagram)

And those were our top 40 realistic cat portrait tattoos. We hope you’ve been inspired to have such a timeless tattoo design that you’ll cherish and admire for years to come. From the traditional design to something more unique, delve into a realistic cat portrait tattoo for your next ink work.