Chihuahua Line Tattoo Design


Chihuahua Line Art Tattoo | Downloadable Design.

  • Chihuahua Design- 8″x 8″ High Res JPG Image
  • Instant Download
  • Permission to use as a temporary or permanent tattoo.
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Disclaimer: This is not a temporary tattoo sticker. This is a design that you have permission to use as a tattoo from the artist.

Upon purchasing the design, you’ll receive the design file instantly through the email you provided. You’ll also have access to the design through the download page after purchase.

How to use the design

  • Take the design to your local tattoo parlor.
Respected tattoo parlors like to see proof of consent from the original artist before tattooing the design. Usually, this is presented with a permission/release form or receipt. You can present the form included in the purchase which contains the image of the design and the signature from the artist.
  • Use it as a Temporary Tattoo

There are many sites where you can upload the design and have the tattoo sticker shipped to your address. Inkbox is one of the examples that allows you to do that, just upload the file and you’re set! Though, customer support might contact you if you own or have proof of consent from the artist. So make sure to provide the permission form if needed.

Permission Form Example

This is a sample of the permission form you’ll receive to present to your tattoo artist or website.

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Honor your pet with this simple and minimal Chihuahua outline tattoo!

A breed that causes mixed reactions, the Chihuahua, whilst small has made a big name for itself in the dog breed world. Its petite figure doesn’t mean they lack personality as they are known to have a larger-than-life persona, be demanding, and sometimes needy. However, they’re loved for their ability to get on with people well and are generally softies who love to snuggle in one’s lap.

The Chihuahua is an intelligent breed which results in them being fast learners. Mix that with their amazing agility and you’ve got a winning dog on your hands at any dog competition. 

We’ve got a winning Chihuahua tattoo design for those that can’t get enough of the breed. Our fine line design, whilst minimal is effective at portraying the small yet iconic breed. This graceful portrait perfectly captures the breed’s beloved features that many admire.

If you love this design, simply place an order and you’ll gain access to a digital download of the design in 8”x8” JPG format, for you to pass to a tattooist or semi-permanent tattoo company.

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