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Looking For A Simple Custom Tattoo Design? Check Out These 5 Artists To Order From!

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting experience. However, it can come with some of its own difficulties such as finding the perfect tattoo illustrator, creating the design itself and such service can come with a hefty price tag. Furthermore, when approaching an ‘in-house tattooist’, you could be placed on a long waiting list until it’s your turn to get a vision of your inked design.

But no need to fear and stress as there’s a marketplace where you can order high-quality tattoo design services at your fingertips. Allowing you not only access to global illustrators but time for the more important things Fiverr is the place to go. If you’re after custom-made, unique designs at a fraction of the price then it’s time to pop onto Fiverr.

Here are my top 5 tattoo services to help you find your perfect illustrator. Check them out down below!

1. Yosias- Minimal Outline Tattoos

simple custom tattoo service on fiverr

From Peru, Yosias is a professional graphic designer who has spent two years on the platform. They have since racked up over 200 five-star ratings for their minimal hand drawings. Offering simplicity at its finest, Yosias creates soft line drawings of animals, people, and botanicals. Meeting every brief, the minimal aesthetic can be as quirky, imaginative, and as personalized as you want. 

Offering a custom service of modern and minimal tattoo drawings, they are a perfect seller if you’re after your first tattoo or are looking for a refined design. Yosias offers one package costing $5. This includes a single-hand drawing in either black and white or a singular color. The design may feature one or two elements containing medium details without any shadows. Expect quick delivery from this seller as they offer 2-day delivery with two revisions, ensuring the design is perfect. When delivered you’ll receive the design as a source file so you’re able to send it to your tattooist.

2. Daniel Malin- Flat Line Tattoos

custom tattoo line art service on fiverr

An illustrator based in Ukraine, Daniel has been on Fiverr for nearly two years and has developed a five-star rating. Focusing on flat-line art drawings, Daniel aims to turn your ideas into reality through his craft and skills. Many of his drawings ooze personality, character, and a personal element. Whether you’re after a portrait, landscape, or object tattoo, Daniels’ got you covered. Whilst line drawings are in essence minimal, Daniel manages to capture a magical element that really brings his simple designs to life.

Offering three packages, Daniel ensures delivery features a high-resolution design available in JPG or PNG file form. The basic package includes either a one-person or two-object illustration. The standard package features 2 people or three objects as well as a simple background. The premium package includes 3 people or four objects with detailed backgrounds.

All three packages offer five revisions with delivery between 1-2 days. Prices range from $10 to $20.

3. Abay Dsgn- Vector Silhouette/Line Tattoos

5 custom animal tattoo services on fiverr

A professional graphic designer for three years, this Fiverr seller offers high-quality pet portraits in a line art style. From Indonesia, Bayu joined the platform last year and has since gained a five-star rating from over 100 clients. His drawings will capture the essence of your pet or favorite breed as he creates uncanny illustrations featuring fur details and expressions. A professional artist, have your design tailored to you through the addition of text or name as well as the level of minimalism within the design.

His service offers additional source files alongside the illustrations already available in PNG transparent and JPED files. Three services are available. The Bronze package includes the headshot illustration with 1-day delivery. The Silver package comes with a half body design available in high resolution with 1-day delivery. This Gold Package features a full-body illustration in high resolution with 1-day delivery.

All packages feature unlimited revisions. Prices are between $5 to $14.

4. Ruangsore- Line Art Tattoos

personalized custom minimal tattoo service

Custom line drawing at its finest, this Fiverr seller will create a high-quality illustration from any given brief. From Indonesia, this seller has been on the platform since 2017 and has been classed as a top-rated seller. A graphic designer and illustrator, they create custom designs from botanicals, figures, portraits, and landscapes. You can even decide whether you want a monochromatic design or something with a pop of color, or a colorful illustration.

Simply send them a brief and you’ll have your design within four days. Offering one simple package, it features a single simple line drawing in JPG and PNG form. It also comes with a revision, allowing you to get the tattoo of your dreams.

5. Nekovoid- Minimal Blackwork Tattoos

blackwork custom tattoo service

From Indonesia, this top-rated seller is high on the list of experience. Also known as Raiky, this illustrator has proven to meet and exceed customer briefs, gaining an exceptional amount of repeat buyers. Specializing in minimalism and line art designs, Raiky is able to inject personality and a sense of quirkiness into his drawings. Joining the platform in 2018, he has since gained a five-star rating with nearly 300 top reviews.

Offering high-resolution illustrations, simply provide your idea/concept and see it come to life. From animals, objects, and botanicals you’ll see an abundance of creativity in a simple line art design. Nekovoid will have orders delivered within 2-4 days, offering revisions to create the perfect design. His services range from $10 – to $30.

Focusing on monochromatic designs only, three packages are available. The basic package offers a single black and white design in PNG form. The standard package allows for two designs in black and white, whilst the premium package offers three designs as well as the source file. If you require the design in a photoshop/illustrator file, that requirement can be purchased at an additional cost.

Wrapping up

And there you have it! Five amazing tattoo illustrators who want to help you get the perfect tattoo. Illustrating how diverse the minimal/line drawing style can be, I can ensure that your tattoo will be one of a kind. The great thing about choosing one of these services is that you’ll know the cost but also have an exact delivery date, enabling you to visit the tattoo parlor in no time. For more tattoo designs that you can order from talented artists, you can check our recommended page.

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links that could generate a small commission from clicks that result in a purchase, without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your consideration and support!