Siberian husky tattoo

60+ Popular Husky Tattoos in Traditional Styles

Any dog owner will tell you about how much their pet means to them, as dogs are one of the best things about this life. Huskies in particular prove to be a breed that is fun-loving, high energy, and lovable towards all people. As a matter of fact, getting a Husky tattoo is a great way to showcase these wonderful dogs!

Known for their fluffy coats and funny howling, the husky proves to be a pet that any proud owner would want to show off. Some owners may think to themselves, “I don’t know which tattoo style I want for my Husky.” Luckily, we have some ideas for you.

Pet tattoos are the best way to boast about your amazing furry friend, especially the Husky breed. Since Huskies are known for being athletic and free-spirited, the best way to commemorate them is to get a tattoo about them! We have some inspiration for Husky tattoos below.

black white husky tattoo portrait
Credit: saveriodamiani_tattooer (Instagram)

1. Realistic Husky Tattoo Designs

Is your Husky’s face too cute to not show off perfectly? Then take a look at this tattoo style. Realistic tattoos are great for those who want an exact replica of their pet forever.

Since Huskies can come in different coat and eye-color variations, this tattoo style gives you the opportunity to present that. Attention to detail makes for a great tattoo, scroll down to see some inspiration!

husky dog realistic tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)

Get a profile tattoo of your Husky to show off just how cute it is! This realistic tattoo perfectly presents its adorable face with simple coloration in the tongue and nose. How cute!

realistic husky pet tattoo
Credit: nogg.victor (Instagram)

Commemorate your furry friend with a realistic tattoo that is highly detailed. This tattoo shows off the exact coloration of the Husky, as well as the different colored eyes! What a great way to model your sweet pup! These super-realistic designs are the most popular when it comes to paying tribute to a loved one.

detailed husky tattoo with geometric border
Credit: antinktattoo (Instagram)
cute realistic husky pet tattoo
Credit: tattsha_ (Instagram)
detailed blue eyed husky pet tattoo
Credit: arleyzuluagad (Instagram)
blue eye siberian husky tattoo on arm
Credit: goldbalam.vhsa (Instagram)
detailed big siberian husky head tattoo
Credit: amyorchard_tattoos (Instagram)
geometric frame husky dog tattoo
Credit: kosco_tattoo (Instagram)

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detailed husky with flower tattoo on arm
Credit: orphan_of_thought (Instagram)
husky with favorite toy tattoo
Credit: hipner.magdalena (Instagram)
husky puppy detailed tattoo
Credit: lilyberkeleytattoo (Instagram)
large siberian husky arm tattoo
Credit: sylvia_skincitytattoo (Instagram)
leaves with husky pet tattoo
Credit: inkbyweeziee (Instagram)
realistic detail husky dog tattoo
Credit: thelostartconcept (Instagram)
realistic head portrait husky tattoo on leg
Credit: gibbs_tattoo (Instagram)
realistic husky tattoo
Credit: madvaltattoo (Instagram)
realistic head portrait husky tattoo
Credit: hipner.magdalena (Instagram)
red bandana siberian husky tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
subtle watercolor husky head tattoo
Credit: huskbournians (Instagram)
small head husky arm tattoo
Credit: leobtattoo (Instagram)
realistic siberian husky arm tattoo
Credit: ozgekkul (Instagram)
tongue out husky arm tattoo
Credit: maya_gat (Instagram)
two husky tattoos on each leg
Credit: vandastonelight (Instagram)
sunflower sleeping husky tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
husky eyes ears tattoo on arm
Credit: (website)

2. Simple Husky Designs

Sometimes less is more, and that can be true about tattoos of your four-legged friend. A simple tattoo is best for those who don’t want a large, captivating tattoo, but something that is still memorable.

Simple Husky tattoos are beautiful for their attention to detail and sophistication. If this style is your forte, then we have some visuals for you down below!

husky and owner leg tattoo
Credit: lera_breger (Instagram)

Put yourself in your tattoo with your pet like this one. The simple outlines of the owner and the Husky create a heartwarming tattoo that demonstrates a loving moment between the two!

minimalist husky ears nose eyes tattoo
Credit: nix_te_sien (Instagram)

This unique tattoo presents a simple Husky look. The fluffy pointed ears, stunning eyes, and cute nose stand out as the Husky breed while remaining simplistic.

heart shape frame husky tattoo
Credit: julian_kodigo13tattoo (Instagram)
happy simple husky pet tattoo
Credit: abarcastudio (Instagram)
husky and mountains simple tattoo on shoulder
Credit: (Instagram)
husky stars line tattoo
Credit: Mimi Mine (
husky silhouette tattoo
Credit: sava stoic (
husky eyes ears tattoo on arm
minimal husky dog tattoo
Credit: isaipopoca (Instagram)
custom pet tattoo designs
husky with name arm tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)
simple head portrait of husky tattoo
Credit: andreacamink_ (Instagram)
two minimal huskies tattoos on back
Credit: jacksontattooart (Instagram)
single line husky tattoo line art
Credit: aogtattoo (Instagram)
blackwork husky black tattoo
Credit: psil0cube (Instagram)

3. Abstract Husky Designs

One of the best ways to showcase the playful temperament of your Husky is to get an abstract tattoo. This style of tattoo is for those who want eye-catching visuals and outside-the-box inspiration.

Since the Husky is known for being super friendly, why not present them as such! The abstract style gives you a chance to create your own unique version of the pet you love so dearly with geometric shapes, fun lines, and fun colors!

Let’s take a peek at some examples below!

colorful abstract husky head tattoos on leg
Credit: jan.doodle (Instagram)

Take a look at these abstract Husky portraits. The color shading used to create lines adds an abstract look to the Huskies, making them look 3D!

geometric blue eye husky tattoo
Credit: jan.doodle (Instagram)

The geometric shapes that make up the Husky’s face perfectly demonstrate the abstract design. The pop of ice blue color for the eyes brings the tattoo to life and perfectly represents the traditional look of the breed in a unique way.

geometric and realistic husky pet tattoo
Credit: joshmoontattoos (Instagram)
flowers and husky portrait tattoo
Credit: pan.detinta (Instagram)
detail abstract floral husky tattoo
Credit: ladamedepique_tattoo (Instagram)
geometric husky pine tree tattoos
Credit: rose_tattooist_ (Instagram)
geometric siberian husky pet tattoo
Credit: syndicattattoo (Instagram)
labrador husky abstract floral tattoo
Credit: inkaholiks_montlhery_tattoo (Instagram)
siberian husky abstract tattoo
Credit: nicetattooparlor (Instagram)
moon pine tree husky abstract tattoo
Credit: tenocturno (Instagram)
half face flower husky tattoo
Credit: eagleeyetattoo (Instagram)
abstract detailed siberian husky tattoo
Credit: myforestink (Instagram)
abstract flowers husky tattoo on back
Credit: carleearlenetattoo (Instagram)
square frame husky abstract tattoo
Credit: siuky.gzz (Instagram)
abstract geometric siberian husky tattoo
Credit: liveage_sokolov (Instagram)
colorful siberian husky dog tattoo
Credit: balmtattoouk (Instagram)

4. Colorful Husky Designs

If you are someone who likes lots of color and fun details then this tattoo style is for you! This style will give you the chance to display your Husky to the fullest extent, with picture-perfect colors or even fun, flashy colors, it’s all up to you!

These tattoos add personality to your Husky, while also adding a lively new tattoo to your collection. The best part about color tattoos is that you can add in other details to complement your pup if you want!

Take a look at the colorful Husky tattoos below!

watercolor husky portrait tattoo on leg
Credit: spaykanton (Instagram)

Add in your own favorite pops of color with a tattoo like this! The simple line work and bright colors create a one-of-a-kind tattoo that perfectly represents your furry friend!

husky dog with pizza tattoo
Credit: donemessedupa_aron (Instagram)

Flaunt your Husky and their favorite things with bright colors! This tattoo pays close attention to the color detail within the dog and the elements around it, making it a bright and stunning piece!

botanical husky leg tattoo
Credit: skybluestattoos (Instagram)
color eyes husky pet tattoo
Credit: minaxkate (Instagram)
colorful watercolor husky tattoo
Credit: fermartintattoo (Instagram)
husky with color tattoo
Credit: dida_tattoo (Instagram)
cute husky tattoo with name tag
Credit: inkedbyciro (Instagram)
husky cartoon tattoo on leg
Credit: barbziez (Instagram)
line and shaded husky dog tattoo
Credit: sad_moon_boy (Instagram)
orange tattoo of husky and friend
Credit: lukaskaytattoo (Instagram)
mountain husky pet tattoo
Credit: pattyotattoo (Instagram)
purple flower husky pet tattoo
Credit: inkbygabby99 (Instagram)
pink purple floral husky tattoo
Credit: kozo_tattoo (Instagram)
red scarf husky pet tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
siberian husky leg tattoo
Credit: timararose (Instagram)
siberian two huskies tattoo on leg
Credit: mutattoo_ (Instagram)
white husky floral tattoo as background
Credit: zerotattoogallery (Instagram)

Show Off Your Husky!

Your own tattoo style can be achieved when showing off your pet Husky. The four different styles mentioned above can be catered to the personality of your dog and your own personal wishes. The Husky is a great dog that deserves recognition for its love for you. 

We hope the examples above gave you some inspiration for your commemorative tattoo. Best of luck!