Husky outline tattoo

Beautiful Husky Outline Tattoos for Men and Women

The Husky breed is one of the most recognizable dogs out there. Loved for its thick, fluffy coat and piercing blue eyes, there’s no wonder why they’re so popular. It’s hard to find the perfect pet tattoo, especially if the design is complex. So why not go for something more simple and easy to tattoo? Find ideas with these wonderful tattoo outlines of Huskies.

Here are our top picks to help you find your inspiration.

abstract husky dog tattoo on arm
Credit: bobinczi (Instagram)

A tattoo concept I’ve never seen before, this design adds dynamic to a simple Husky tattoo. Creating a marble silhouette effect, the tattoo draws inspiration from the breed’s famous black and white coat. This playful design will stand out from the rest.

space ship husky line tattoo
Credit: anearththing (Instagram)

An outline drawing that’s out of this world! Show off your love for the Husky breed in a completely original way through the use of fine lines and dotted ink work. The Husky is so popular even aliens want them as their best friend.

small husky outline tattoo on chest
Credit: liana_joy (Instagram)
cute pet husky tattoo on arm
Credit: kddiamond (Instagram)
geometric line tattoo of husky dog
Credit: irregy (Instagram)
geometric abstract husky outline tattoo
Credit: loquito_ (Instagram)

A geometric design using circles and triangles has created a complex Husky tattoo for many to gaze at in astonishment. An intricate design brings the breed to life in a newly envisioned way. A great design concept for those after something more complex in design whilst avoiding a dominating tattoo. You can find more designs like these in this post.

husky outline portrait tattoo with name
Credit: opal_tattoo (Instagram)
husky face portrait outline tattoo
Credit: nuriafortunytattoo (Instagram)
minimal husky line art tattoo
Credit: diffuzer (Instagram)
line tattoo of husky dog
Credit: (Instagram)

A great choice for those after a full image tattoo without the dominating design. This fine line design alongside the detailed shadowing perfectly captures the Husky’s black and white ombre tones within the fur. A great minimal design with subtle details.

minimalist head outline husky tattoo
Credit: iris.inkwell (Instagram)
sketch husky line tattoo
Credit: tattooer_nicky (Instagram)

Using lines to add detail and depth creating a realistic design, this tattoo style merges detail with subtlety perfectly. Capturing all the best aspects of the Husky, this design brings to life the breed’s love for the outdoors, like strokes of fur imitate the mountainous regions from where they originally come from.

simple outline husky leg tattoo
Credit: annaolivia (Instagram)
one line husky leg tattoo
Credit: aogtattoo (Instagram)

This single-line drawing of the Husky brings a new feel to the tattoo. Adding a sense of fluidity to the drawing, this minimal design shows off the best parts of the Husky breed. A great style for those after a more subtle design.

one line husky with stars tattoo
Credit: tattoo.sie (Instagram)

This fine line design is perfect for those after a minimal tattoo. Paying homage to the Husky, this design shows the breed’s connection to cold climates. Elevating the tattoo further, geometric snowflakes surround the lined portrait of the Husky.

Those were our top Husky outline tattoos for you to take a pick at. The great thing about these types of designs is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. So, enjoy your Husky tattoo journey!