husky memorial tattoo ideas

Honor Your Husky With These Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Losing your beloved dog is difficult. Like losing a family member, you want to find ways you can remember them. And what better way to have them close to you forever, than through a memorial tattoo of your Husky.

With so many designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect commemorative design that captures their wonderful fur, piercing eyes, and great personality. Here are our top designs for memorial Husky tattoos to help you get the inspiration you need.

colorful husky memorial tattoo
Credit: albert.tattooist (Instagram)

Bring your Husky to life through the use of vibrant colors. A tattoo design that features a more colorful style, allows a more playful design as a whole. Refine the fun design through the use of geometric frames. Last but not least, add a dog bone collar featuring their name for a personal touch.

floral memorial tattoo of husky dog
Credit: yahaira_perzam (Instagram)
minimal husky memorial tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)

A simple yet detailed design for a memorial tattoo. This ink work is perfect for those looking for a subtle way to pay their respects. Add a personal touch with the addition of your Siberian Husky’s name.

husky in flowers memorial tattoo
Credit: mamatried.tattoosmith (Instagram)
geometric elements husky tattoo
Credit: aguirret.96 (Instagram)

A memorial tattoo like no other – this design features many elements to create the perfect tattoo. A detailed portrait takes center stage and is framed by minimal geometric shapes. A paw print adds softness to the intense stare of the dog and a signed name adds the personal touch you’re looking for.

husky with name memorial tattoo
Credit: manufaraudo_tattoo (Instagram)
sleeping husky with moon tattoo
Credit: brennagosselinink (Instagram)
cool geometric husky tat
Credit: paolabvntra (Instagram)
detail simple husky head portrait tattoo
Credit: linusredtattooer (Instagram)
detail husky mandala floral tattoo
Credit: carleearlenetattoo (Instagram)

Showing off the intense side of the breed, this Husky memorial design is perfect for those looking to incorporate botanical and mandala aspects. Geometric style flowers frame Husky’s captivating expression, holding hints of blue in the eyes. A great choice if you’re after a show-stopping tattoo.

husky memorial chest tattoo
Credit: zoargarciatattoo (Instagram)
husky with quote memorial tattoo
Credit: ferbzilla (Instagram)
husky in picture frame tattoo
Credit: craigdeerheart (Instagram)

Take your pet portrait tattoo to the next level with this dominating piece of artwork. An opulent frame presents the grand breed in all its glory. Detailed handwork captures the Husky’s fur alongside touches of vibrant blue to show off the intense color of the dog’s eyes.

husky memorial tattoo on back
Credit: exelanstattoo (Instagram)
husky memorial tattoo on arm
Credit: cassiestovertattoos (Instagram)
realistic pet husky memorial tattoo
Credit: kosco_tattoo (Instagram)

A great option for those looking for a detailed yet small memorial tattoo. A simple circle outline perfectly encapsulates the Husky design. Soft touches of blue within the eyes bring the tattoo to life.

maple leaf husky dog tattoo
Credit: kwiatu_tattoo (Instagram)

Incorporating Husky’s love for the outdoors, this design brings a new element to a memorial tattoo. The leaf frame and botanicals nicely frame the Husky’s love for Autumn. Take your inked design one step further through the addition of your dog’s name.

We hope you found our list of favorite memorial Husky tattoos helpful. Whichever design you choose, your Husky will love and appreciate it just as much as you do.