great dane tattoo line art

50 Trendy Great Dane Tattoos You’ll Adore

One of the most special additions to our lives is our pets. Some people have cute little animals, and others have gentle giants like the Great Dane. What better way to commemorate a devoted pet, like the Great Dane, than to get a tattoo of them?

Great Dane tattoos symbolize not only the love you have for that pet, but also reflect the friendly, loyal, and elegant nature of this breed. Whatever your tattoo style preference is, there is a variety that is sure to fit your taste.

Here, we have some Great Dane tattoo ideas for you, so you can find the best way to celebrate the great Dane in your life. Let’s take a look!

simple great dane outline tattoo
Credit: mollytattoo (Instagram)
great dane with red flowers tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
great dane with pug tattoo
Credit: alexandyrvalentine (Instagram)
huge great dane tattoo on body
head portrait of great dane tattoo
Credit: dakid.ttt (Instagram)
minimal great dane line tattoo
Credit: camitattoo13 (Instagram)

Does your Great Dane have a playful, child-like personality? Use that in your tattoo! The simplistic outline of the dog in the play stance with a fully colored flower presents the exact reason these dogs are called gentle giants.

large great dane dog tattoo on back
Credit: artisthaylimenzies (Instagram)

Add in a pop of color to completely show off your pup! In this tattoo style, the Great Dane has lots of detail, making it look almost like a portrait!

large great dane floral tattoo
Credit: seawatters (Instagram)

Add some customization to your Great Dane tattoo with the use of flowers!

outline great dane leg tattoo
Credit: freestyletattoostudio (Instagram)
minimal outline great dane tattoo
Credit: sidtattoos (Instagram)
realistic great dane large tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Are you someone who wants a big tattoo of your dog? Take a look at the tattoo above. The stunning full body Great Dane tattoo can be a great way to fully showcase your beloved pet while carrying it around on your body – almost like a picture!

realistic great dane large tattoo on leg
Credit: sjv_tattoos (Instagram)
realism great dane tattoo on arm
Credit: lanka_tattoo (Instagram)
realistic great dane portrait tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
realistic large great dane tattoo on chest
Credit: forcesofnaturetattoostud (Instagram)
simple great dane botanical tattoo
Credit: pinkheartrescue (Instagram)
two great danes arm tattoo
Credit: jer.makes.da.artz (Instagram)
colorful great dane pet tattoo
Credit: epatltattoo (Instagram)

This Great Dane tattoo has a simple outline of the dog, with surrounding pops of color. Add in your own personality with a tattoo like this to make it unique to you!

white great dane tattoo
Credit: manulondono85 (Instagram)

Give your loving dog the style it deserves! This person is portraying their dog as royalty and, let’s be honest, what dog doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment?

big great dane leg tattoo
Credit: erekglover (Instagram)
big detail great dane tattoo
Credit: seejay256 (Instagram)
detail great dane with collar tattoo
Credit: xd_tats (Instagram)
funny great dane tattoo with pizza
Credit: hadeho__ (Instagram)
detailed head portrait tattoo of great dane
Credit: franziska_faulstich_ (Instagram)

Do you just love to look at your dog’s sweet face? A portrait tattoo of your four-legged friend is just for you. This style projects your dog to the world! And, let’s be real, who doesn’t love to see dogs?

detailed great dane portrait tattoo
Credit: dan_timelesstattoos (Instagram)
detailed great dane dog tattoo
Credit: edgar_tats_951 (Instagram)
great dane forearm tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
great dane abstract tattoo
Credit: tokatattoos (Instagram)

Add some custom designs to your tattoo with a half-and-half style. If you are someone who wants to give their Great Dane tattoo an alluring effect then this style is for you!

great dane doodle line tattoo
Credit: violette.violence (Instagram)
great dane black silhouette tattoo
Credit: ambergram_chicago (Instagram)
great dane outline silhouette tattoo
Credit: _m.e.e.k.e.l_ (Instagram)
great dane laying tattoo
Credit: rachel_rebekah_c (Instagram)

It’s all in the details! This tattoo style is one of the easiest ways to fully memorialize your pet with picture-perfect details!

great dane in frame color tattoo
Credit: missmelissatattooer (Instagram)
great dane line art tattoo
Credit: nattattoos (Instagram)
great dane head portrait tat
Credit: jimiivinstattoo (Instagram)
great dane portrait tigh tattoo
Credit: j3nnabri3II3 (Instagram)

Go abstract like the tattoo above! Adding in your own details and patterns on your Great Dane will make for a uniquely beautiful tattoo piece.

great dane sitting tattoo
Credit: merpied (Instagram)
great dane portrait tattoo on leg
Credit: tallontattoo (Instagram)
great dane silhouette outline wtih name tattoo
Credit: blake_thegreatdane35 (Instagram)
great dane watercolor tattoo
Credit: wietskedeblauw (Instagram)

Create an abstract and colorful tattoo that shows off all of your lovable pets, including your Great Dane! This whimsical style is a great way to present all of your fur babies in one place!

great dane sketch tattoo on leg
Credit: calaveranollora.tattoostudio (Instagram)
great dane tattoo ideas
Credit: addillum (Instagram) Edited: Inku Paw

Line art outlining your beloved Great Dane creates a beautiful tattoo style! This tattoo stands out and creates a simple and elegant look for the already refined breed.

great dane with butterfly tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
great dane with owner tattoo
Credit: indigo_waves_ink (Instagram)

Give your Great Dane design more character with either yourself or a person you love included. Highly detailed tattoos like this show just how much your pet means to you and those around you.

great dane with paws tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Great Dane Tattoos- Final Thoughts

No matter what your preferred style of tattoo is, there is a design that will suit your taste! Showing everyone your Great Dane pal is one of the joys in life, right next to owning the pet in the first place! Our animals are a significant part of our lives, so showing them off demonstrates just how much we love them! We hope you got some inspiration for your Great Dane tattoo. If you like to see more dog designs, make sure to visit our main page. Thank you so much for viewing!