great dane line tattoo outline ideas and inspiration

Minimalistic Great Dane Line Tattoos for Men and Women

When getting a tattoo of your Great Dane, the first choice to make is which style you want. There are many different ways to emulate your adored dog, and each tattoo style is personal to the person getting the tattoo.

If you are someone who prefers the minimal look of tattoos, then a simple line tattoo of your Great Dane is the best option! While Great Danes are large dogs that seemingly have a lot of details, we have some simple line tattoo inspiration that is sure to get your wheels turning.

Let’s take a look at some options!

great dane back line tattoo
Credit: yboreddy (Instagram)

Show off the Great Danes you’ve owned with a sequenced tattoo like this one!

great dane head portrait line tattoo
Credit: jenright (Pinterest)
great dane line tattoo with sunflower
Credit: lori-joyner (Pinterest)
great dane continuous line tattoo
Credit: acampart (Instagram)

Take your tattoo to another level with this simple “don’t pick up the pen” line art. This trendy style is a great way to mirror your Great Dane while remaining simplistic.

great dane side profile tattoo design
Credit: angi.kreativ (Instagram)
great dane on couch tattoo
Credit: mettenoerhede (Instagram)

Add some shading to your line tattoo to boost the details!

great dane sketch tattoo line
Credit: dannyfox0290 (Instagram)
owner hand with great dane tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

The Creation of Adam meets the creation of the Great Dane! Get a picture of your dog’s paw to make this tattoo personal for you and your pup!

minimalistic great dane line tattoo
Credit: sidtattoos_ (Instagram)
minimal great dane and owner tattoo
Credit: dearchels (Instagram)

This cartoon style is a simple, but effective tattoo option. The line art perfectly portrays the Great Dane and you can even add in your own simple details, such as the flowers circling the dog and girl!

realistic great dane line sketch tattoo
Credit: anjaassasin (Instagram)
black and white great dane line tattoo
Credit: violette.violence (Instagram)

Take a look at this head tattoo, which is perfect for showing off the cute face of your beloved Great Dane!

single line great dane arm tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw
simple great dane line pet tattoo
Credit: bar_the_paradise (Instagram)
silly great dane tattoo design
Credit: hadeho__ (Instagram)
geometric great dane tattoo in watercolor
Credit: michellehaleyart (Instagram)

Do you want some color with your simple tattoo? Take some inspiration from this tattoo and add your own color scheme to match your dog’s personality!

cartoon great dane line tattoo
Credit: camitattoo13 (Instagram)
great dane outline head portrait tattoo
Credit: yod67 (vectorstock)

Take Simple to Another Level!

Each tattoo should be meaningful to you and that starts with your preferred style. Simple line art tattoos are a great way to memorialize your Great Dane, even though they are large dogs. We hope this post gave you some inspiration for your dog. If you like to see over 50 different tattoo designs in many styles of Great Danes, then check out this post.