golden retriever tattoo outline

100+ Golden Retriever Tattoos In Many Styles

Tattoos are a great form of expression and are a perfect creative outlet. Many people love to share their love for animals through tattoos, one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds are Golden Retrievers.

Golden retriever tattoos can be minimal, detailed, and as creative as you want. We’ll be covering some of the best design ideas to get you inspired for your next tattoo. With over 100 designs in eight different styles including line art, abstract, and realistic designs – the possibilities are endless.

1. Framed Portraits

golden retriever polaroid frame tattoo 1
Credit: leticiahidalgo_tattoo (Instagram)

If you fancy placing your golden retriever tattoo front and center, accompany it with a frame. Whether it’s the thing that ties the tattoo together or you’re looking to add character, a frame can add that extra something. Be as minimal or as creative as you’d like. Place your furry friend in a simple thin line frame of a shape of your choice, or choose to frame it in some budding flowers.

golden retriever 3d frame tattoo
Credit: fattie_tao (Instagram)
pet name portrait tattoo on frame
Credit: szabolcsruzsanyi_tattoo (Instagram)
polaroid picture pet tattoo of retriever
Credit: leticiahidalgo_tattoo (Instagram)

Bring a retro vibe to your tattoo, framing your favorite golden retriever in a polaroid-like frame. A great idea to structure your tattoo and add a touch of your own personality to the design.

detailed golden retriever tattoo frame
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
3d golden retriever square frame tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
orange background floral golden retriever tattoo
Credit: dakid.ttt (Instagram)

Think outside the box of a simple frame and choose a geometric shape accompanied by flowers. A great way of adding dynamic to a Golden Retriever tattoo, turning it into the main feature that’ll get people talking.

triangle frame golden retriever tattoo
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)
botanical golden retriever tattoo diamond frame
Credit: keisy_akira_kora (Instagram)
puppy floral frame tattoo
Credit: flanlo (Instagram)
golden retriever flowers tattoo in frame
Credit: leticiahidalgo_tattoo (Instagram)
golden retriever frame tattoo
Credit: andresilvestretattoo (Instagram)
dot frame golden retriever tattoo on arm
Credit: rockink_tattoo (Instagram)
duo golden retriever simple tattoo
Credit: martz_dc (Instagram)
frame golden retriever circle portrait
Credit: flanlo (Instagram)
golden retriever ball and flower tattoo
Credit: flanlo (Instagram)
black border golden retriever tattoo frame
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)

When it comes to borders or frames, you can easily add some writing. In this example, the top of the border contains the pet’s name with the birth and passing date on the bottom. A great way to honor your pet if you’re looking for a memorial tattoo.

circle frame golden retriever tattoo
Credit: andresilvestretattoo (Instagram)

2. Head Portraits

vibrant golden retriever head tattoo on arm 1
Credit: blackinkbelem (Instagram)

A great way to show off the Golden Retriever is through head portrait tattoos. Small, medium, or large, the tattoo design allows it to be packed full of detail to create a realistic image that lasts forever. Keep it cool with monochromatic ink or honor the breed’s golden hues with colored ink.

The great thing about tattoos is that they are completely customizable. So, whether you’re a fan of the breed or have your own Golden Retriever, there’s a portrait for everyone. Add a personal touch with the addition of your dog’s name or keep it minimal with a good-looking portrait. Also, there’s a new trend emerging among pet owners: getting tattoos of their pets’ ears, you can check it out here.

funny golden retriever tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)

Honor your wonderful Golden Retriever through a realistic head portrait. Add personality to the tattoo through the addition of personal relics relating to your favorite four-legged friend. Include a humoristic element to give the ink uniqueness and personality.

golden retriever tattoo cute head portrait
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
golden retriever pet pair tattoo comparison
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)
color golden retriever tattoo portrait comparison
Credit: no_sleep_tattoo (Instagram)
golden retriever realistic portrait tattoo on arm
Credit: arnaz_disaster (Instagram)

Keep your head portrait minimal yet detailed, bringing to life features and characteristics through intricate shading. Add a personal touch through the addition of your pet’s name; also a great way to pay tribute.

simple head portrait golden retriever arm tattoo
Credit: arnaz_disaster (Instagram)
small golden retriever head bicep tattoo
Credit: rockink_tattoo (Instagram)
shaded golden retriever head tat
Credit: goodboyztaipei (Instagram)
retriever pet tattoo head portrait
Credit: otaviosstattoo (Instagram)
retriever mouth open tattoo
Credit: spookybabytattoos (Instagram)
minimalist wrist tattoo of golden retriever
Credit: mjcampostattoo (Instagram)
minimalist head portrait retriever tattoo
Credit: sevtattoos (Instagram)
golden retriever black white tattoo arm
Credit: (Instagram)

3. Line Art

golden retriever tattoo outline
Credit: WithOneLine x Inku Paw (Instagram)

If you’re a fan of simplistic tattoos, then line art is the way to go. This tattoo style can create various looks of golden retrievers. From the most minimalist, a single outline to a detailed line drawing, line art tattoos can create the vision you’re after.

Some designs also create a different feel to the tattoo e.g. flowy line art, geometric-like shapes, or something almost x-ray like.

minimalistic line tattoo of golden retrievers
Credit: pedro_mrskull (Instagram)
circular golden retriever doodle tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw (website)
golden retriever tattoo simple design 1
Credit: Inku Paw

We actually design tattoos here at Inku Paw, make sure to check out this cute Golden retriever design at our shop where you can download it for free. It can be used as a permanent or temporary tattoo.

simple dog and owner drawing tattoo
Credit: eslstudent (Instagram)
one line heart golden retriever tattoo
Credit: sapphire. exe (Instagram)
simple one line golden retriever head tattoo
Credit: adkaby (Instagram)
red heart golden retriever tattoo line art
Credit: ladym_tattoo (Instagram)
minimal golden retriever tattoo looking at butterflies
Credit: d.mension_tattoo (Instagram)

Simple, elegant, and all things cute. A lovely and unique way of showing your love for Golden Retrievers. Keep it minimal or add a touch of color. A really nice small tattoo showing off your favorite pet.

golden retriever line art arm tattoo
Credit: lexi.goldendog (Instagram)
head single line dog tattoo
Credit: noonlineart (website)
owner and pet touching hands tattoo
Credit: lacra.alexandra (Instagram)

Not all Golden Retriever tattoos have to be obvious dog illustrations. Sometimes it’s the bond between man or woman and dog that’s the most important thing. A great minimal tattoo showing your love for dogs.

minimal golden retriever body line tattoo
Credit: d.mension_tattoo (Instagram)
single line couple pet tattoo
Credit: mcrozatti (Instagram)
line art retriever abstract tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
happy golden retriever line tattoo
Credit: jorge_steventattoo (Instagram)
golden retriever head sketch tattoo scribble style
Credit: atelierdutatou (Instagram)
golden retriever line art tattoo with flowers
Credit: lepus_tattoos (Instagram)
golden retriever head sketch line tattoo
Credit: thisismariia (Instagram)
cartoon golden retriever line tattoo
Credit: kishaning (Instagram)
doodle golden retriever tattoo with tongue out
Credit: ecstacytat2s (Instagram)
dog pet tattoo in backyard environment
Credit: blancamediavilla (Instagram)
black ink golden retriever tat ink
Credit: tico_tattoo (Instagram)

4. Silhouette

golden retriever silhouette tattoo on ankle
Credit: novytattoo_handmade_studio (Instagram)

Keeping to the theme of simplistic tattoos, another great avenue you can go down is silhouette tattoos. Continue to keep it simple with black ink or go for something more colorful with a different colored silhouette.

The great thing about this style is you can be as minimal or as detailed as you want with the design. Some like to feature fur texture whilst others accentuate shadows to create a geometric-like feel to the image.

golden retriever head portrait silhouette tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw (website)
golden retriever silhouette tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw (website)
Golden retriever simple tattoo design
Credit: Inku Paw (website)

A silhouette portrait is a great way to minimally show off your love for Golden Retrievers. Such design features intricate details in a subtle way to avoid the design of a dominating style tattoo.

golden retriever silhouette head portrait tattoo
Credit: joenorton60 (Instagram)
silhouette golden retriever puppy tattoo
Credit: avtattoocr (Instagram)
golden retriever laying down tattoo silhouette
Credit: danamathews722 (Instagram)

Move away from the typical silhouette tattoo and have a design that focuses on the shadows to create the Golden Retriever structure. It also adds a geometric feel to the simple design.

5. Abstract

abstract geometric golden retriever tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

The abstract tattoo style pushes boundaries when developing tattoo art. If a traditional tattoo is too simple for you, then this is the way to go. Choose from abstract frames or accompanying features such as abstract shapes to create the golden retriever portrait.

The design can be as complex or as minimalistic as you’d like. This is a great option to have a very unique golden retriever-style tattoo.

abstract botanical golden retriever tattoo
Credit: panterart (Instagram)
abstract golden retriever tattoo
Credit: susboom_tattoo (Instagram)

Take your Golden Retriever to the next level. Feature a range of geometric shapes and patterns within and around the dog silhouette. Intertwine foliage and flowers to add texture and a link to nature.

abstract golden retriever with elements tattoo
Credit: krutiandrade (Instagram)
golden retriever with red bow abstract tattoo
Credit: patch_tattoo_therapy (Instagram)
abstract golden retriever geometric tat ink
Credit: moonstattoo (Instagram)
abstract half outline shaded golden retriever design
Credit: aldo9191 (Instagram)
realistic geometric golden retriever tattoo
Credit: tattoosbykenna (Instagram)
polygon golden retriever pet tattoo
Credit: jhonmedinatattoo (Instagram)

If you fancy the best of realistic and geometric tattoos, this is a perfect way of fusing your two favorite tattoo styles. See your favorite dog breed in two unique styles.

minimalist abstract retriever pet tattoo
Credit: pedrolima_tattoo (Instagram)
abstract head portrait retriever tattoo
Credit: tommartins_tattoo (Instagram)
two dogs abstract golden retriever tat design
Credit: sergioricardotattooartes (Instagram)
simple geometric golden retriever tattoo
Credit: cloggly (Instagram)

6. Realistic

golden retriever pose tattoo
Credit: duinked (Instagram)

It’s all in the details with realistic dog tattoos. If you can’t get enough of the breed, realistic tattoos are a great way to show your love but also a tattoo artists’ skills.

Medium to large tattoos is best to get all the lovely characteristics the retriever has to offer. Show off their luscious fur in black and white ink work. Or if you want to show off their golden coats, go for colored ink work.

black white realistic golden retriever tat ideas
Credit: mikestatuering (Instagram)
happy realistic dog tongue out tattoo
Credit: theblackjack_tattoo (Instagram)

Don’t let a single strand of fur go unnoticed in a black and white realistic tattoo. Capture the Golden Retrievers coat perfectly alongside its friendly facial expressions, It’s uncanny!

realistic golden retriever pet tattoo idea
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)

Realistic yet animated at the same time, this tattoo perfectly captures the Golden Retrievers fur coat details alongside its playful demeanor. Adding character to a traditional style of ink work.

golden retriever realistic ink tattoo
Credit: tattoobypat (Instagram)
golden retriever woods tattoo
Credit: brendandevine (Instagram)
Realistic full body golden retriever tattoo
Credit: _intat-instagram (Instagram)
happy realistic golden retriever tat
Credit: alexzachary305 (Instagram)
realistic golden retriever tattoo idea on arm
Credit: tattoobypat (Instagram)
simple realistic golden retriever flower tattoo design
Credit: (Instagram)
two pet dogs on arm tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)

7. Colorful and Watercolor Portraits

color golden retriever with leaves tattoo
Credit: yubarta_tattoo (Instagram)

Bored of the monochromatic ink work? Then this is the tattoo style for you! A great way to not only show off your love for the breed but also your love for color, such portraits will have eyes turning. Pay homage to the breed’s golden fur through color and make it stand out against splashes of bold and bright tones. A beautiful style to begin or spice up your tattoo collection.

blue watercolor golden retriever tattoo
Credit: fermartintattoo (Instagram)

Bring your tattoo to life through a splash of color. Whether it’s paint splats or watercolor strokes, add a playfulness to match the Golden Retrievers temperament.

colorful golden retriever cartoon tattoo
Credit: mathildy (Instagram)
abstract watercolor golden retriever tattoo
Credit: anndreparra (Instagram)
light color golden retriever tattoo
Credit: koszegivivien (Instagram)
color floral golden retriever tattoo ideas
Credit: (Instagram)
neon golden retrievers tattoo
Credit: mr_flowerhand (Instagram)

Find new and fun ways of adding color to your tattoo through a vibrant background. Add some personality to your art through animated additions to your Golden Retriever friends.

orange golden retriever tattoo in watercolor
Credit: apollotattoo.praha (Instagram)
colorful blue golden retriever tattoo
Credit: connyink (Instagram)
comparison of golden retriever tattoo
Credit: k_peanut_ (Instagram)
watercolor golden retriever outline tattoo
Credit: holoqueentattoo (Instagram)
pink golden retriever tattoo design
Credit: ericzbn.tatoueur (Instagram)

8. Paw Prints

one line small tattoo
Credit: aybantatu (Instagram)

If a full-on dog tattoo isn’t your thing, take small paw steps to your dog admiring tattoo. Pawprints are a subtle way to show your love for the pet, and it’s a perfect idea that allows you to be as minimal or as creative as you’d like. Another bonus is they can be tiny, large, detailed, and simplistic – it’s very personalizable.

golden retriever paw tattoo
Credit: macgregor_fogaca (Instagram)

Be creative with the simplistic design of a paw print and incorporate a realistic tattoo within. A great option if you don’t fancy a dominating design. It’s an interesting and quirky one for the eyes.

paw with wings memorial pet tattoo
Credit: annette.malowa (Instagram)
two small pet paw tattoos
Credit: no_sleep_tattoo (Instagram)
realistic pet paw tattoo
Credit: adamakabra (Instagram)
minimal small paws on arm tattoo
Credit: tavi_tattoo (Instagram)
heart paw pet tattoo
Credit: she_is_baby_blue (Instagram)
minimal paw heart tattoo
Credit: kfxink (Instagram)
geometric paw tattoo
Credit: thewuffinator (Instagram)
colorful pet paw tattoo with flowers
Credit: flowerpicker_tattoo (Instagram)
golden retriever large paw tattoo
Credit: lilyjtattoo (Instagram)
color flower and paws tattoo on arm
Credit: xiso_ink (Instagram)

A delicate and intricate tattoo. A lovely option in a subtle manner to illustrate your love for Golden Retrievers. It’s also a great way of incorporating a hint of color with the inclusion of flowers.

3 paws black tattoo
Credit: choiyun_tattoo (Instagram)
colorful paw line tattoo
Credit: moni_lien_pham (Instagram)
bottom paw golden retriever tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)


Now you’re left with the difficult decision of deciding what style of tattoo to get. There’s so much choice and inspiration out there, you’ll most definitely find a design for the perfect golden retriever tattoo. And if not, you can always create something new and unique just for you. Good luck with your dog tattoo quest!