golden retriever outline tattoo

18 Creative But Simple Golden Retriever Outline Tattoos

Finely outlined tattoos are a delicate undertaking. One mistake or crooked line can ruin the illustration’s entire design. So, when they’re as well done as these 18 simple golden retriever outline tattoos, they’re truly designed for appreciation.

Looking for different styles of dog tattoos can be difficult to choose from. Usually, when it comes to pet tattoos, owners will go for a realistic design. But If you’re looking for something simple and unique, going for a minimal tat is enough to appreciate your pet. Certainly, every tattoo featured here unlocks a secret, revealing how enchanting and loving golden retrievers can be.

golden retriever outline pet portrait tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw
Golden Retriever line tattoo pet comparison
Credit: Inku Paw
minimal golden retriever pet portrait tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw
golden retriever line tattoo
Credit: Inku Paw (Shop)

If you’re interested in this simple golden retriever design, it’s actually available to download in our Shop. Did we mention that it’s free to use as a temporary or permanent tattoo?

Abstract golden retriever line tattoo comparison
Credit: micheltrip (Instagram)
Golden retriever with red scarf tattoo
Credit: micheltrip (Instagram)
shaded to outline golden retriever tat
Credit: nandotattooer (Instagram)

This outline tattoo of a golden retriever takes on a more realistic and tactile approach. There’s shading and accenting in the face and the nose, which presents the visage of a very happy dog. What emphasizes its joy is how this furry four-legged friend has its paw extended toward the viewer. It’s like the retriever is asking you to play or shake hands.

Plus, nothing is more unmistakable than that look for which golden retrievers are famous. The big, gaping mouth and wet, slobbery tongue is inviting every time. This makes the image all the more poignant with that paw outstretched forward

small golden retriever head portrait tattoo
Credit: cagridurmaz (Instagram)
single line golden retriever flower tattoo
Credit: kristinevodon (Instagram)

For a refined, detailed, and amazing outline, this image of a golden retriever is something to behold. It appears as one continuous line that not only traces out the dog but also connects to the foliage and flowers that surround it. It’s very intricate, capturing a moment in the woods or the backyard.

It’s almost as if the pup notices a critter it wants to chase or a noise caught its attention. Without any use of color, the image here is reminiscent of the art deco style of the 1920s. This not only gives the whole depiction a display of great skill on the part of the tattoo artist but also a classic feel. It’s almost meditative, inspiring creativity and verve. By the way, if you’re interested in more single-line tattoos, you should check out Mo Ganji as that’s his specialty.

golden retriever pet tattoo with flower on head
Credit: ahmet_cambaz (Instagram)
golden retriever with tennis ball tattoo
Credit: kishaning (Instagram)
funny red and black golden retriever arm tattoo
Credit: ahmet_cambaz (Instagram)

Custom Golden Retriever Designs by Veni

Credit: InkuPaw x Veni
Credit: InkuPaw x Veni

Many people look just want tattoos of their pets in a simple line design. So we have collaborated with a talented artist named Veni who has created these minimal Golden Retriever illustrations. If you’re looking for a cute outline design of your pet, make sure to visit our custom tattoo post for more details and designs.

golden retriever lightning bolt outline tattoo
Credit: micheltrip (Instagram)
cute golden retriver outline doodle tattoo
Credit: ecstacytat2s (Instagram)
cute bold outline golden retriever tattoo
Credit: alchemymooncollective (Instagram)

The line drawing of this golden retriever is simple in its execution but impressive with its detail. This dog looks up to the sky with a delicate heart just above its nose. The vector appears to be easy, but the way the lines display against the skin with gradating thickness goes beyond simplicity. 

There is a potent scene taking place here. As the dog emanates the cuteness that’s a signatory of golden retrievers, it has a tribal quality with the undertone of a caricature.

golden retriever outline hearts portrait tattoo
Credit: (Unknown)

Actually, there is a series of several line tattoos set in a similar way, featuring a golden retriever with a heart or many hearts placed near or around the nose. Although a typical image in the gallery, all of them provoke a sense of wonder and love. You can see more designs like these in our style tattoo post.

one line golden retriever tattoo on wrist
Credit: darkline_tattoo91 (Instagram) Design: WithOneLine (Instagram)
continuous line pet dog tattoo
Credit: WithOneLine (Instagram)

Here’s the actual design of this beautiful one-line illustration of the golden retriever. The artist who design this tattoo is named WithOneLine.

outline of golden retriever and heart tattoo
Credit: (Unknown)

Although a short selection from these 18 simple golden retriever outline tattoos, they all impart a gorgeous and modest candor that’s almost indescribable. Each dog tells a different story in a variety of poses and expressions. When you peruse the gallery, each image gives the viewer a moment for pause and reflection. If you like to see more ideas to cherish your golden retriever, check out out memorial tattoos. Thank you for stopping by!