Golden retriever memorial tattoo design

14 Lovely Golden Retriever Memorial Tattoos

Known as one of the most recognizable breeds, the Golden Retriever has been a man’s best friend for donkey’s years (or should I say dog years). A loyal companion to many, the Golden Retriever has become a wonderful addition to many people’s lives.

Pay tribute to your favorite tail-wagging buddy with a tattoo. Take a look at some of our favorite Golden Retriever memorial tattoos to help you find the perfect way of remembering your beloved shaggy companion.

Golden retriever memorial tattoo portrait
Credit: tati_ferrigno – Instagram

Have a tattoo of your favorite picture of your loyal friend. Customize your tattoo to your taste and pet in mind. Keep it simple or include minimal geometric shapes and foliage to accompany the image.

Golden Retriever floral memorial tattoo on ankle
Credit: cherryxzhao – Instagram

Cherish your golden companion through a black and white portrait tattoo. Whether small, medium, or big, remember your pet and surround them with a border of flowers; choose from cherry blossom, sunflowers, or your favorite flower.

colorful golden retriever tag memorial tat
Credit: lukepritchardtattoo – Instagram

If you fancy going all out, get yourself a large tattoo. Personalize it to your dog with the addition of their own collar and name tag.

golden retriever flower memorial tattoo idea
Credit: matolototattoo – Instagram

You can’t go wrong with a simple black and white tattoo of your four-legged friend. Keep it minimal with a portrait image accompanied by subtle floral decorations.

memorial golden retriever tattoo on wrist
Credit: mjcampostattoo – Instagram

A grand gesture for a grand dog, keep it traditional with a black and white tattoo. Choose a timeless pose of your favorite breed.

detail memorial golden retriever ink
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

Honor your golden retriever with a detailed portrait image. Capturing all your dog’s features making it super recognizable.

golden retriever memorial pet tattoo
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

It’s all about the fine details to create the perfect tattoo to honor your dog. Frame it perfectly with a subtle dotted frame.

pet name golden retriever memorial tattoo
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words – and memories. Remember them with a black and white tattoo with a faded background. Allowing your dog to take center stage.

simple memorial golden retriever tattoo design
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

I’m sure there are hundreds of images with your dog’s tongue hanging out, making them even cuter. Remember the unmatched cuteness with a replicating tattoo.

golden retriever with mouth open memorial tattoo
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

Make your golden retriever tattoo unique with the inclusion of its beautifully scribed name. Accompany it with a detailed drawing to create an uncanny memory.

back arm memorial golden retriever tattoo
Credit: rockink_tattoo – Instagram

Your pet is unlike any other. Get yourself a detailed tattoo to show off all the unique features of your beloved companion in a timeless black and white.

outline with shading golden retriever pet tattoo
Credit: setchellart – Instagram

A portrait outline with shading is a lovely way to show off your favorite dog. Find an image of your beloved dog and have a beautifully detailed black and white tattoo – whiskers and all.

owner hand with golden retriever memorial tattoo
Credit: suzylutattoos – Instagram

Remember the soft and friendly side of your golden retriever, attentive friend. A perfect way to show the strong and loving relationship between humans and dogs. This beautiful tattoo shows the owner and pet’s love for each other by holding hands – or paws.

golden retriever memorial portrait tattoo with frame
Credit: tattoo_vigee – Instagram

Worthy of a place on the throne, place your favorite friend in a grand frame alongside their name. A great tattoo, remembering them in the best way possible.

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