golden retriever portrait tattoo with olive leaves

20 Attractive Golden Retriever Arm Tattoos You Need to See

When you’ve made the decision to get your pet tattooed on you, you’ll likely want that design that truly captured both their inner and outer beauty. Golden Retrievers have captured many hearts over the years. They can be incredibly well-trained service dogs just as well as they can be warm and endearing family pets. 

Choosing the right design to represent your Golden Retriever should be carefully thought out. However, tattoos of these beautiful dogs always turn out amazing. A good tattoo artist can make a simple silhouette just as stunning as a full-color portrait. 

Are you ready to get a Golden Retriever tattoo? Let’s take a look at 20 of our favorite golden retriever arm tattoos to give you some inspiration.

Golden Retriever head tattoo with leaf on arm
Credit: Instagram- Krisyuka

This tattoo artist captured the beauty of Kayra the Golden Retriever with a simple detailed outline. The shading detail makes the tattoo look lifelike, as though we are looking right at her. A simple feather brings the tattoo together as a finishing touch.

detailed golden retriever head portrait tattoo
Credit Instagram- w_inkstudio
happy golden retriever puppy pet tattoo
golden retriever tattoo with border frame on arm
Credit Instagram- MR.K_TATS

Many dogs are happiest when they are looking out the window. This tattoo artist captured Candy the Golden Retriever in her happy place, looking out at the world. Not only the tattooist went for a realistic style, adding her name beneath the window is a great way for the pet owner to honor her.

golden retriever holding a bag tattoo on arm
Credit Instagram- w_inkstudio
Golden retriever mouth open portrait tattoo
Credit: Casabo Tattoo
One line golden retriever tattoo portrait
Credit: Dane Khy (WithOneLine)

A tattoo doesn’t have to be detailed, complicated, or a large style to be meaningful. This eye-catching design is a cartoon outline of a beloved Golden Retriever. Getting a unique artistic design may represent some Golden Retriever’s fun-loving personalities better than a realistic portrait could. 

full body golden retriever tattoo on arm
golden retriever watercolor shading tattoo on arm

Another creative approach to a Golden Retriever tattoo is a watercolor design. This is a great way to show off the dog’s golden hues while still keeping the design fun and creative. A watercolor design will do your dog’s beauty justice.

golden retriever with owner outline tattoo

This arm tattoo represents the owner’s love for their precious pooch. There’s no love as pure as that of a pet, and this design represents the comfort the owner felt when they wrapped their arms around their Golden Retriever.

golden retriever portrait tattoo with olive leaves
full body golden retriever black silhouette tattoo
golden retriever tattoo portrait with diamond frame
realistic golden retriever floral tattoo on arm
cute golden retriever puppy head portrait tattoo
diamond line border golden retriever tattoo
life like simple golden retriever arm tattoo
Credit Instagram- Krisyuka

There’s nothing sweeter than looking into a Golden Retriever’s eyes. This owner wanted the tattoo artist to do a realistic portrait of their pooch. Now they will always be able to look into their Golden Retriever’s beautiful eyes.

detail shading golden retriever tattoo on arm
Credit Instagram- tattsha_
simple golden retriever head portrait tattoo
Credit Instagram- w_inkstudio
golden retriever sitting tattoo
Credit Instagram- MR.K_TATS