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50 French Bulldog Tattoos in Creative Styles

For years, Bulldogs have been loved for their tenacious spirit and adorable appearance. Like the dogs they are modeled after, French Bulldog tattoos are cool, defiant, and trendy. Whether you have your own Frenchie or simply love the breed, this pet is one of the most popular dog tattoos you see today.

Even though French Bulldogs today often live comfy cozy lives, they were originally bred for bull-baiting – hence their name bulldog. The bull-baiting background leaves Frenchies to be much stouter and more defiant than other dogs of its size.

Despite its grisly background, the French bulldogs quickly became the lapdog of choice all around the globe. Even in society, American women grew to adore these quirky snub-nose dogs for their bat-like ears and straightforward personality.

The French Bulldog’s fighting spirit held through the social pampering, though. Over the years, the English and French Bulldogs have been associated with military prowess. Though these dogs aren’t baiting bulls anymore, it’s likely their strong jaws and stupendous drive still place them among the greats.

Because the Bulldogs carry so much significance in our society, why not choose this animal as your next tattoo? Whether you’re looking for a general dog tattoo or owner of the pet, these Bulldog tattoo styles can definitely give you some design ideas.

3d french bulldog tattoo with abstract line
Credit: efer_bp (Instagram)

Abstract Bulldog Designs

One of the best ways to embody the many meanings behind the French Bulldogs is to get an abstract tattoo. Many abstract French Bulldog tattoos use unique lines and geometric shapes to create the bulldog without giving an exact image of the pet.

The abstract style allows your tattoo to be eye-catching while still paying homage to the breed. Many abstract French Bulldog tattoos use unique lines and geometric shapes to create the bulldog without giving an exact image of the dog.

geometric french bulldog line tattoo
Credit: canesciolto_lucas (Instagram)

This abstract tattoo is clearly a French Bulldog, yet it has a unique look because of its geometric features. This abstract take on a bulldog is great for those with minimalistic aesthetics.

abstract sketch french bulldog tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

This is an abstract approach to a French Bulldog tattoo that still retains a hyper-realistic face. This sort of tattoo is great for people who want the Frenchie’s face as realistic as possible while still having an abstract flair.

abstract half face frenchie ink tattoo
Credit: ritascolours (Instagram)

Turn your Frenchie into a cartoon with an abstract tattoo. In this example, the French Bulldog looks straight out of a comic but is inked onto the owner’s skin. The placing is interesting too because it forces the dog’s face to be cut in half, further creating an abstract flair of this real pupper.

Here are some extra abstract Frenchie designs to get inspiration from.

polygon french bulldog tattoo on leg
Credit: jast23two (Instagram)
triangular abstract french bulldog tattoo idea
Credit: rogerioplassatattoo (Instagram)
sketch abstract frenchie tat on arm
Credit: tormentattoos (Instagram)
diamond stipple bulldog tattoo design
Credit: autochthonous_tattoos (Instagram)
french bulldog abstract shapes tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
geometric frenchie pet tattoo
Credit: anaisshrimp (Instagram)
abstract french bulldog head portrait tattoo
Credit: gyorgykiss_tattoo (Instagram)
abstract realistic french bulldog tat
Credit: diegoamayam (Instagram)
abstract french bulldog with flowers
Credit: fantasmagoria_art_official (Instagram)

detail circle border frenchie dog tattoo
Credit: rik.ds_tattoo (Instagram)

Realism Bulldog Designs

If you want the tattoo to look exactly like your furry companion, you’ll want a realistic Frenchie portrait design. These detailed tattoos not only give a nearly identical replica of the breed they’re based on, but they also portray their spirit.

These portrait tattoos aren’t just for Frenchie owners, though. Detailed tattoos look impressive on anyone and make a great tattoo decision as a result.

french grey bulldog tattoo comparison
Credit: thefrenchiebianco (Instagram)

If you want to commemorate your favorite dog, a realistic tattoo such as this one is the perfect way to display it. You showcase your Frenchie’s adorable pose while adding their name underneath.

simple realistic pet tattoo of frenchie
Credit: (Instagram)

If you have multiple dogs and don’t want to show favoritism to your Frenchie, you can get small tattoos of both next to one another. That way, you can take your favorite dogs with you anywhere, as seen in the picture above.

cute black brown french bulldog tattoo on arm
Credit: yuwaitattoo (Instagram)

This tattoo shows just how cute your French Bulldog tattoo can be. With realistic colors, your French Bulldog can come to life and look almost like it does in a picture. Scroll down below for some more realistic dog tattoos.

black and white french bulldog detail tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
black frenchie tattoo detailed illustration
Credit: mist.tattoos (Instagram)
cute black french puppy bulldog tattoo
Credit: soraimatattoo (Instagram)
cute detailed frenchie puppy tattoo on arm
Credit: lamargueritequipique (Instagram)
cute french bulldog realistic tattoo on arm
Credit: vixentatt__ (Instagram)
detail mouth open french bulldog tat
Credit: vixentatt__ (Instagram)
detail realistic french bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: vixentatt__ (Instagram)
cute small frenchie tattoo detailed style
Credit: (Instagram)
side by side french bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
detailed english bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: nick_caria (Instagram)
detailed frenchie tattoo head portrait on arm
Credit: emanuelemasin (Instagram)
full body french bulldog tattoo on back arm
Credit: nadia_tattoo (Instagram)
happy frenchie head tattoo portrait on ankle
Credit: (Instagram)
realistic sketch bulldog tattoo ink
Credit: willytattoodf (Instagram)
small detail head french bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: melanie.loton (Instagram)
white with black frenchie pet tattoo
Credit: polandtattoos (Instagram)
spotted ear french bulldog tattoo
Credit: lorenamrq (Instagram)

geometric one line french bulldog tattoo
Credit: mrblacktattoo (Instagram)

Line Art Bulldog Designs

Line art is one of the trendiest tattoo styles today. By getting a french bulldog line tattoo, you get a trendy tattoo that represents the adorable French Bulldog in a minimalistic appearance.

What’s great about line tattoos is that these tattoos can truly showcase the unique personality of your pet. Whether your French bulldog is active, silly, or lazy, linework tattoos can embody your dog’s personality in style.

single line french bulldog tattoo on arm
Credit: mikaelnordquisttattoo (Instagram)

This funky tattoo shows just how creative you can be with line art French Bulldog tattoos. One-line designs have become extremely popular over the years, it adds this cool abstract and unique look to the design. You’ll see more of this specific style down below.

outline puppy frenchie tattoo
Credit: dida_tattoo (Instagram)

Here’s an example of a line art tattoo that has an extremely minimalistic look. At the same time, it’s easy to identify exactly what kind of a dog breed this is from the bold outline etching.

shaded line art frenchie tattoo
Credit: perfectbeauty4you (Instagram)

If you just love how cute French Bulldogs are, you can get a line art tattoo that emphasizes their adorableness like in this tattoo.

one line french bulldog tattoos on leg
Credit: courona (Instagram)
one line english bulldog tattoo
Credit: candeeo (Instagram)
simple english bulldog tattoo on arm
Credit: ismintha (Instagram)

I know these are English Bulldogs, but I had to include them just so you can see how cool these one-line tattoo designs look.

english bulldog abstract line tattoo
Credit: duke_tattoo_luxury (Instagram)
one line english bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: tattooer82 (Instagram)
english bulldog outline tattoo comparison
Credit: maggie_the_english_bulld (Instagram)
doodle illustration of french bulldog tattoo
Credit: m_bin_8_artist (Instagram)
english bulldog with wings angel tattoo
Credit: newtribetattoo (Instagram)
funny frenchie cartoon line tattoo
Credit: ximigarcia (Instagram)
french bulldog on skateboard line tattoo
Credit: a.bishoptattoos (Instagram)

colorful frenchie tattoo holding carrot
Credit: good.boytattoo (Instagram)

Colorful Bulldog Designs

If you are a fan of colored tattoos, you will love these vibrant/colorful French and English Bulldog styles. These tattoos add character to the dogs, but they do so in a way that brings a punch of color.

Vibrant/colorful Bulldog tattoos are an ideal choice if you want to combine your pet tattoo with something else you love, such as a flower, costumes, or anything else you can think of. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see!

english bulldog colorful flower tattoo
Credit: beytadoll (Instagram)

Treat your English Bulldog like royalty by decorating her with flowers, hearts, a crown, and anything else she deserves. Not only does this tattoo show exactly where your dog stands in your home, but it is gorgeous to look at too.

colorful frenchie watercolor tattoo
Credit: dziaryubarbary (Instagram)

If you like colored tattoos but still don’t want anything over the top, you can consider adding splashes of watercolor behind your French Bulldog, such as in this tattoo.

buzz lightyear frenchie pet tattoo
Credit: melinatattoo (Instagram)

Colorful/vibrant tattoos are the perfect opportunity to make your French Bulldog super quirky. In this tattoo, the French Bulldog wears a Buzz Lightyear outfit, but you could easily turn that outfit into a Hogwarts robe, Elvin cloak, or anything else you could think of.

vibrant french bulldog with collar tattoo
Credit: andreapalombi_tattoos (Instagram)
mexican style english bulldog tattoo
Credit: watchtowertattooco (Instagram)
vibrant orange english bulldog tattoo
Credit: finzo64 (Instagram)
french bulldog with color tattoo
Credit: jilguertattoo (Instagram)
french bulldog pet color tattoo
Credit: fariastattooer (Instagram)
french bulldog in costume tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
frenchie bulldog with tennis ball tattoo
Credit: marcellobasiletattooer (Instagram)

Adding these cute floral and toy elements to your bulldog can illustrate what the pet love being around.

cute frenchie pet tattoo with clouds
Credit: xtattooist (Instagram)
bold frenchie tattoo back arm
Credit: bryceoprandi (Instagram)


As you can see, there is a Bulldog tattoo for every personality. Whether you want a trendy line tattoo or a detailed portrait of your favorite furry friend, you can easily find a French and English Bulldog tattoo that embodies what you think of when you imagine your pet.

We hope that these Bulldog tattoo ideas have helped you come up with your next ink design. Good luck!