black french bulldog arm tattoo

17 Minimal French Bulldog Head Tattoos

Getting a tattoo resembling the head of a simple French Bulldog is the perfect way to feature your beloved pet. You may even want to consider taking the design one step further and adding the Frenchie over a complex design.

Getting a more complex background behind a Frenchie’s head will give your artist the utmost flexibility while minimizing mistakes. Simple line designs are vulnerable in this regard. A complicated background, such as a forest scene or flowered landscape, can hide such mistakes.

There are also other reasons to get a complex background too. First, it will make the tattoo more personal to you as it would add more character to the design. Since you’re going to have this forever, you may as well maximize its visual appeal. If you choose to go just a simpler route of just a head portrait, then check out these beautiful french bulldog head tattoos.

Realistic Bulldog Head Portraits

real looking frenchie arm tattoo
Credit: vixentatt__ (instagram)

French Bulldogs make a great subject for tattoos, so getting one displaying realistic features is perfect as an arm, shoulder, or leg piece. Adding elements can add extra uniqueness to the dog’s design.

minimalistic french bulldog tattoo design
Credit: vixentatt__ (instagram)
small frenchie bulldog tattoo on back
Credit: superlorytattoo (instagram)
two tone french bulldog head portrait tattoo
Credit: lorenamrq (instagram)
french bulldog head portrait tattoo
Credit: vixentatt__ (instagram)
black french bulldog arm tattoo
Credit: dearyouth_ink (instagram)

Perfect Puppy Eyes

detail french bulldog head tattoo
Credit: (instagram)

This Frenchie is adorable in its depiction. It’s giving that perfect puppy dog gaze for which this breed is famous. There’s a slight look of sadness in the eyes that appears as if it’s about to experience separation anxiety. It’s like the dog knows the owner is going away.

The details shown in the wrinkled-up fur complete with ears at attention add to the dog’s expression. It’s alert and aware but the puppy doesn’t want to be alone.

That Sweet Frenchie Gaze

realistic english bulldog arm tattoo
Credit: skinkattoosp (instagram)

Another great example is this sweet rendition of a Frenchie with a circle fashionably framing its head. The patch of dark fur over the eye with that sweet gaze is enough to make anyone’s heart leap.

The crowning jewel of this image is how the light source in the eyes directs the viewer to the dog’s nose and mouth. Both of which compose perfect details that make the dog jump out of the tattoo and into your lap.

The Outline Style

Sometimes simple is just better. Not everyone wants a design that is complex, not to mention, you have to find a tattooist that is capable of doing detailed designs. So we have accumulated a couple of outline tattoo styles, including one-line designs.

simple frenchie bulldog tattoo on ankle
Credit: perfectbeauty4you (instagram)
abstract french bulldog outline tattoo
Credit: johnny_bigoudis (instagram)
minimal frenchie line art tattoo
Credit: rairazamprogno (instagram)
single line french bulldog tattoo
Credit: mikaelnordquisttattoo (instagram)
one line french bulldog tattoo on leg
Credit: chappie_tattoo (instagram)
abstract one line french bulldog tattoo
Credit: mrblacktattoo (instagram)
english bulldog one line tattoo on arm
Credit: ismintha (instagram)

Yeah, this is actually an English bulldog but we had to include it as it adds this cool abstract feel. One-line designs have become pretty trendy lately so you should consider tattooing this style if you’re looking for something minimal.

Wrapping Up

Getting a realistic-looking head of a French Bulldog against a more complex design will be the best way to feature your pup while sporting quality art. Although, if you’re a minimalist, you might also want to consider adding a little flare and go for one-line designs. It gives your artist the most leeway in terms of creativity and application too.