floral cat tattoo inspiration

Top Floral Cat Tattoos In The Trendiest Styles

Having a tattoo of your precious purr baby is a wonderful way to display your love. But, when you add flowers and foliage into the image, it becomes a gorgeous and breathtaking work of art.

Consider these top floral cat tattoos in the trendiest styles of the year. Some are realistic and others are pure fantasy. Regardless, cat lovers will find these adventures in skin art to be an endearing experience.

black cat floral tattoo on leg
Credit: gennaro_arte (Instagram)
botanical pet cat tattoo
Credit: tattooist_dh (Instagram)
blackwork tattoo of cat with plants
Credit: electriccitrustattoo (Instagram)
black tattoo of cat
Credit: greentree.tattoos (Instagram)
cat head with pink roses tattoo
Credit: julz_alunni_tattoos (Instagram)

For a vivid splash of color, the cat depicted here looks like it spotted something to pounce on in the garden. This tabby’s eyes are wide and attentive; making it clear the cat is at peak curiosity. The pink in the flowers that covers the right eye makes the image all the more appealing and aesthetic.

cat in flowers tattoo idea
Credit: rubensfromhell (Instagram)
cat butterfly flower tattoo
Credit: lauraobrienart (Instagram)
cat silhouette with plants tattoo
Credit: electra.too (Instagram)

This simple black and white tattoo with a small plant in between the cats is perfect for those looking for a minimalistic tattoo.

minimalist cat botanical tattoo line art style
Credit: chrisharveytattoo (Instagram)
cat jewel and flower tattoo
Credit: kittykat_tattoos_ (Instagram)
cat mural pink rose tattoo on arm
Credit: bexheathtattooist (Instagram)
colorful cat pet tattoo ideas
Credit: trishtattoo (Instagram)
colorful floral cat tattoo
Credit: goldlagrimas (Instagram)
detailed rose cat tattoo arm sleeve
Credit: rbitrary (Instagram)
floral and moon cat tattoo
Credit: the_limatattoo (Instagram)

The rendition of a cat shown in this trendy tattoo is realistic yet surrealistic. With a look of pure love on its face, the cat sits on a throne of flowers with the moon behind its head. The delicate detail and shading bring the composition together, providing a teeter-totter effect between the cat, its eyes, and the flowers.

detail cat mural botanical tattoo
Credit: locallahantattoos (Instagram)
happy cat tattoo with flowers
Credit: mariamousan (Instagram)
funny cat pot plant tattoo
Credit: thefaithray (Instagram)
floral silhouette cat tattoo
Credit: polkaink (Instagram)

You can never go wrong with a silhouette tattoo of this kitty with floral elements within the body. It’s easy as taking a side profile of your pet cat and adding your favorite botanical designs inside the silhouette.

floral cat tattoo in back legs
Credit: sarah.patte_de_velours (Instagram)
minimal floral cat portrait tattoo
Credit: jennyolivia_ (Instagram)

Although only a simple line drawing, this fantastic feline design is powerfully angelic. It’s a portrait of a cat with a butterfly near the tip of its nose while a crown of flowers cascades along the neck and behind the ears. The lines and shading emphasize the eyes, ears, and snout in such a way as to pull at the viewer’s heart.

large cat tattoo with floral elements
Credit: justpeachytattoos (Instagram)
large floral sleeve cat tattoo
Credit: old_letters_tattoo (Instagram)
ragdoll cat floral tattoo
Credit: tattoosunni (Instagram)

This handsome piece of shoulder skin art shows a long-haired cat in a pensive state and looking off to the side. Flowers surround the head and frame it so that they emphasize the gaze. This, in turn, shows you the touch of green with yellow highlights around the bottom of the pupils.

petting cat floral tattoo
Credit: rhua.tattoo (Instagram)
realistic black cat floral tattoo on arm
Credit: willtattoo (Instagram)
monstera cat tattoo
Credit: lhkiosk (Instagram)

Now, this is a classic cat pose if anyone ever saw one. All you see in this tattoo is the chest, eyes, and paws as the little precious peers out from under a big, fat leaf. The composition completely emanates a cat in hiding, waiting to prowl for the mouse or squirrel it sees nearby. The shading evident on the body and top of the head highlights this scenario.

two cats in flowers tattoo design
Credit: jasminwalshtattoo (Instagram)
sleeping cat floral tattoo
Credit: jessicarebell (Instagram)
realistic floral cat tattoo on arm
Credit: okamichou (Instagram)

As one of the sweetest tattoos of a cat in this gallery, this shabby tabby is one of the most adorable. As the cat rises up from under the flower bed, it looks on as if to be attentive to its owner calling. This is a look of total tenderness or the kitty just got caught digging up things it shouldn’t have. 

Either way, it’s a purr-fect rendition of how many cats appear when staring at their human.

sunflower cat sleeve tattoo
Credit: tattoosbydelan (Instagram)

Conclusion: Floral and Botanical Cat Tattoos

This small curated tattoo gallery is an impressive body of artwork. The care and attention to shading with floral and plant elements perfectly encapsulate the character of cats. They display how we see them in action and, most of all, why we love them so much. You can get general floral tattoo designs through this article for more inspiration.