french and english bulldog floral tattoo

Cute English and French Bulldog Floral Tattoos

With many people having preconceived notions of Bulldogs, they’ve managed to gain a fierce reputation. However, as those who have them as fellow companions or are fans of the breed discover, that the dog is stubborn but loyal as a canine. And what better way to show off your loyalty through inspirational tattoo design mixed with floral imagery. Here are our favorite designs to help fuel inspiration.

english bulldog rose and leaves tattoo idea
Credit: saanataiga (Instagram)

Show off the happy, family-friendly side of the dog breed through a perked-up portrait. Tongue out and all, add a flair to the monochromatic ink with the addition of multiple roses alongside understated leaves. Large and small flowers add dynamic to the large yet detailed bulldog.

simple floral frenchie tattoo on arm
Credit: vinicioslira (Instagram)

Another great portrait showing the fun-loving side of the Bulldog. This time, accompany the detailed design with minimal, geometric-like flowers, leaves, and lines. Adding a modern touch to a traditional tattoo, the foliage creates a softness to the Bulldog’s strong features. There are many great styles to go by just adding a head portrait with surrounding elements.

sailor english bulldog tattoo with flowers
Credit: spacequeenarting (Instagram)

Get inventive with your pet, adding personality to your companion. Stray away from the monochromatic designs and go bold with vibrant primary tones. Pay homage to the breed’s military past and garnish the humoristic design with a simple flower and leaves.

pet tattoo of french bulldog and red rose
Credit: (Instagram)

A great way to pay homage to a beloved family member. Paying tribute to your dog in the best way possible, showing off all the details that made the Bulldog yours. Add an extra personal element with the inclusion of their name surrounded by a blossoming rose and leaves.

frenchie puppy dog tattoo with black and white flowers
Credit: georgitattoo (Instagram)

If you want more than a portrait tattoo, get something that shows off your favorite companion’s physique. Go classic with a monochromatic design to show off the breed’s beloved characteristics and accompany your Bulldog with elegant flowers and leaves.

stipple dot french bulldog tattoo with leaves
Credit: fillipegameiro (Instagram)
black french bulldog botanical tattoo
Credit: dohi_tattoo (Instagram)
vibrant floral english bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: joshwoods (Instagram)
black frenchie tattoo with red roses
Credit: bryceoprandi (Instagram)
frenchie pet tattoo with red flowers
Credit: brotherhood.tattooshop (Instagram)
frenchie dog floral tattoo
Credit: chasetafoya (Instagram)
half face french bulldog tattoo with flowers
Credit: seawitchtattoos (Instagram)
flower branch frenchie tattoo on arm
Credit: oasis.tattoobcn (Instagram)
english bulldog with yellow flower tattoo
Credit: _simonbroomfield (Instagram)
flower red rose with frenchie head tattoo
Credit: chonzeballos (Instagram)
black white botanical tattoo of frenchie pet
Credit: jessi.tattooartist (Instagram)
blueberry branch tattoo with french bulldogs
Credit: kroplatuszu (Instagram)

Those were our top ideas showing the gentler side of the strong breed in unique and comedic ways. We hope you’ve gained an influx of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing to develop your very own Bulldog Tattoo. If you like to see more designs, check out our bulldog tattoo style post.