english bulldog portrait tattoo ideas

Eye-Catching English Bulldog Portrait Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos come in many different forms, as most people have themes in mind. Some people like to dedicate their tattoos to those who mean the most to them, especially our furry friends. What is a better way to represent a man’s best friend than having an eye-catching tattoo of your fido friend?

English Bulldogs are known for being some of the most loyal pets, so the best way to demonstrate how much you love them is to get a notable tattoo of them. Here are a few examples of some noteworthy English Bulldog tattoos that we love.

english bulldog pet dog tattoo
Credit: ma.ink (Instagram)
simple line art english bulldog tattoo
Credit: studiodereniowa (Instagram)
english bulldog realistic head portrait tattoo
Credit: w_inkstudio (Instagram)

What better way to show off your Bulldog friend than to have a picture-perfect tattoo of them? The tattoo shows off the fun-loving and silly side of the English Bulldog breed with the tongue out and the sweet, still face, while also having the perfect colors and realistic shading to show what the bully looks like in real life.

botanical english bulldog tattoo
Credit: moondal__tattooist (Instagram)
english bulldog pet portrait tattoo
Credit: goldy_z (Instagram)
blue background bulldog tattoo
Credit: ink_of_steel_tattoo (Instagram)
colorful yellow sunflower bulldog tattoo
Credit: krishtattoo (Instagram)

Bright pops of color with a tasteful floral design are a sure way to bring prominence to your pet tattoo. The life-like coloration of the Bulldog with seamless shading brings your pet’s portrait tattoo to life.

detail english bulldog head tatu
Credit: gaia_magnani_tattooartist (Instagram)
english bulldog tat ink
Credit: festverankert (Instagram)
geometric english bulldog arm tattoo
Credit: albert_thebully (Instagram)

Emulate your bully best friend with a unique, geometric portrait. The strategic shading gives a realistic look to the straight, geometric lines of the English Bulldog. A head portrait of the sweet dog is best for these modern tattoos, as they remain simplistic, but striking all the same.

line art english bulldog pet tattoo
Credit: tonycaporusso (Instagram)
minimal english bulldog line tattoo
Credit: sara.commodi (Instagram)
scribble english bulldog arm tattoo
Credit: s.leeray (Instagram)

Want a modern tattoo of your Bulldog? Take a look at this no-pick-up-the-pen tattoo of this bully, with a pop of pink coloring on the tongue. The overlapping lines add shading by themselves, and the modern abstract take on the English Bulldog is sure to catch the eyes of everyone around you.

outline english bulldog red scarf tattoo
Credit: bleed_well_tattoo (Instagram)
small english bulldog tattoo
Credit: matimilla14 (Instagram)

The sweet, fun-loving English Bulldog breed has many great qualities, and their portraits could be a great addition to your tattoo inventory. Eye catching tattoos can be hard to draw up, so we hope you gained some inspiration for your future tattoo of your pet. If you want to see more designs, check out our previous bulldog tattoo style post for more inspo!