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Dog Tattoos

Discover new ideas on your next dog tattoo. We post many articles on the latest pet tattoos shared all over the web. Offering a selection of dog breeds, we made it easier to find that special design style to admire or remember your dog. Get inspired by browsing down below.

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french bulldog tattoo

50 French Bulldog Tattoos in Creative Styles

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For years, Bulldogs have been loved for their tenacious spirit and adorable appearance. Like the dogs they are modeled after, French Bulldog tattoos are cool, defiant, and trendy. Whether…
black french bulldog arm tattoo

17 Minimal French Bulldog Head Tattoos

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Getting a tattoo resembling the head of a simple French Bulldog is the perfect way to feature your beloved pet. You may even want to consider taking the design…
golden retriever tattoo outline

100+ Golden Retriever Tattoos In Many Styles

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Tattoos are a great form of expression and are a perfect creative outlet. Many people love to share their love for animals through tattoos, one of the most popular…
Golden retriever memorial tattoo design

14 Lovely Golden Retriever Memorial Tattoos

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Known as one of the most recognizable breeds, the Golden Retriever has been a man’s best friend for donkey’s years (or should I say dog years). A loyal companion…