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Dog Tattoos

Discover new ideas on your next dog tattoo. We post many articles on the latest pet tattoos shared all over the web. Offering a selection of dog breeds, we made it easier to find that special design style to admire or remember your dog. Get inspired by browsing down below.

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small dachshund tattoo outline

20 Simple Dachshund Outline Tattoo Ideas

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When it comes to getting a tattoo, one of the main decisions is choosing which style you want. While there are different styles for every person, there is something so…
dachshund dog tattoo

60+ Stylish Dachshund Tattoos That’ll Make You Smile

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The trendiest and most stylish Dachshund tattoos to get ideas from! We all know and love them, the Dachshunds are cute and small pets, with lovably large personalities. These sausage-shaped…
french and english bulldog floral tattoo

Cute English and French Bulldog Floral Tattoos

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With many people having preconceived notions of Bulldogs, they’ve managed to gain a fierce reputation. However, as those who have them as fellow companions or are fans of the breed…
french bulldog tattoo

50 French Bulldog Tattoos in Creative Styles

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For years, Bulldogs have been loved for their tenacious spirit and adorable appearance. Like the dogs they are modeled after, French Bulldog tattoos are cool, defiant, and trendy. Whether you…