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Dog Tattoos

Discover new ideas on your next dog tattoo. We post many articles on the latest pet tattoos shared all over the web. Offering a selection of dog breeds, we made it easier to find that special design style to admire or remember your dog. Get inspired by browsing down below.

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Husky outline tattoo

Beautiful Husky Outline Tattoos for Men and Women

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The Husky breed is one of the most recognizable dogs out there. Loved for its thick, fluffy coat and piercing blue eyes, there’s no wonder why they’re so popular. It’s…
pet wiener dog tattoo on arm

17 Lovable Wiener Dog Leg and Arm Tattoos

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There are two aspects of a tattoo that are daunting. One is the pain, and two is getting the design right. You’ve already set your sights on a Dachshund tattoo,…