Custom Pet Outline Tattoos

Hi everyone, we’re glad about all the positive feedback we’ve been receiving through emails and Pinterest. We have even received a few photos of people tattooing some of our original one-line designs in our shop. It’s always fun and an honor to see our work being tattooed!

Now, one of the most asked questions we have gotten is if we do custom tattoos of their pets. Sadly, at the moment we’re only focusing on adding more content to the site so custom tattoos are on hold. But there’s good news, we have collaborated with a wonderful artist named Veni. She’s an illustrator who created these cute portraits of animals for us and we’re happy to recommend her service, which is available through Fiverr.

If you like to get a tattoo design of your pet, make sure to visit her Fiverr page. You can expect similar designs like these cute tattoo mock-ups that we’ve created down below.

simple dog tattoo of dachshund
line art tattoo of Weiner dog
border collie simple tattoo
doberman simple tattoo

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cute dog tattoo custom designs

Every month we discover new artists on Fiverr who offer their unique services. This time around we came across Amir, a silhouette artist with a cool minimalist design style. Even though he targets his designs as portraits, we figured that they would also make great tattoo designs. Check out all his past work and also pricing/availability down below.

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