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Check Out This Wonderful Artist Who Creates These Minimalist Pet Tattoos

For animal lovers, there’s nothing more special than getting a tattoo of their own pet. While many people honor their pets with custom wall art portraits or a charm bracelet, some pet owners show their appreciation with a simple tattoo. Recently, I stumbled across an artist on Fiverr who creates these cool minimalist outline/silhouette pet tattoos- and I just had to share them with all of you!

These custom pet portraits are created digitally by the artist who goes by Abay. These designs can be used for tattoos, stickers, clipart, and much more! I’ve recently ordered a couple of designs so you can get an idea if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself. Abay is really quick on delivering with a turnaround time under 24hrs and is willing to do any revisions if you’re not satisfied with the design.

I ordered these designs for my clients but I figured it could also make awesome content for the blog.

personalized dog tattoo design
custom pet tattoo silhouette
unique pet tattoo design
custom cat tattoo design
cute cat line art tattoo
custom dog tattoo designs

Just to clarify, the images above are mockups that I’ve created, you can expect just the designs when you see them on the artist’s Fiverr listing.

Take a Look at These Other Minimalist Designs

I love to browse on Fiverr and these are a few services that I came across, which I’m willing to try out to share in future posts. So feel free to check these artists down below!


Cute Doodle Illustrations

by Nekovoid

dog outline custom tattoo

Simple Flat Outline Design

by Daniel Malin

minimalist custom outline tattoo

Elegant Minimal Line Art

by Ruangsore

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