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50 Corgi Tattoos In The Most Popular Styles

Corgi tattoos are a great way to show off your love for your favorite breed of dog. An iconic yet unfamiliar breed, the royal Corgi is smart and affectionate. The Corgi has gained fans including Antoni from Queer Eye and the Queen of England herself, Queen Elizabeth the second.

Whilst I doubt the queen has one, a Corgi tattoo is a great way to show off your enthusiasm for the small dog. Looking for inspiration for your pet Corgi? We’ve run down our list of favorite tattoos in three different styles. By the way, if you like to see more specific Corgi styles, make sure to visit here.

realistic corgi tattoo ideas
Credit: tattooist_yeono (Instagram)

1. Corgi Detailed Tattoos

This style of tattoo shows off not only the Corgi’s perfect form but the skill of the tattooist. Capturing every single detail, fur line, and more, this style creates realistic pieces of artwork on your body.

Choose from monochromatic designs to subtle hints of the breed’s ginger fur. Whilst some may assume a detailed tattoo has to be big, that’s not always the case.

From large sleeve or calf pieces to small portraits on the arm, the level of detail does not diminish.

small corgi head tattoo on arm
Credit: nana.tattoos (Instagram)
happy corgi dog tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
corgi with bone in mouth tattoo
Credit: tattoo_bo.sheng (Instagram)
heart with corgi tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
cute corgi puppy tattoo
Credit: josiewwwww (Instagram)
detailed corgi puppy tattoo
Credit: patatasttt (Instagram)
floral corgi detail tattoo
Credit: inkandhoneytattoos (Instagram)
realistic corgi pet tattoo
Credit: hktattoo_ying24 (Instagram)

You could call this design the ‘original’ detailed tattoo. So realistic, the Corgi’s beautiful coat, pointy ears, and cheeky smile have been captured to a T. Using clever shading and subtle colors, the Corgi has been brought to life. A great design option for those looking for a more realistic and traditional design.

realistic corgi tattoo inspiration
Credit: greens_tattoo (Instagram)
realistic corgi portrait tattoo
Credit: olivetattoos (Instagram)
two detailed corgi dog tattoos
Credit: fabiomonth_ (Instagram)
silhouette corgi tattoo
Credit: lefthandink (Instagram)

A completely new take on a detailed monochromatic Corgi tattoo, take your design to the next level. A dusk time skyline creates the iconic dogs’ silhouette. Add a unique aspect to your design by including the stars, the moon, and scenery. An unusual concept but intriguing, your tattoo will stand out amongst the many.

top down corgi tattoo
Credit: zinktattoozac (Instagram)
corgi around flowers tattoo
Credit: hannaheddydesigns (Instagram)
corgi head tattoo ideas
Credit: truecanvas (Instagram)
corgi detail sketch tattoo
Credit: noee111 (Instagram)
corgi dog music tattoo
Credit: yuwaitattoo (Instagram)
corgi line art tattoo simple style
Credit: deannatattoos (Instagram)

2. Corgi Line Art Tattoos

Offering a more minimalistic approach to a Corgi tattoo, the outline style can present the breed in unique and creative ways. From single line designs to slightly more complex featuring block and dotted shading.

Whilst this style is associated with more medium to small designs, larger, geometric-like artwork is also achievable. Incorporate hints of color or stick with a classic black. Take your pick from portrait, full-body, or feature designs.

cartoon corgi outline tattoo
Credit: bodyfikacje (Instagram)
corgi black ink tattoo
Credit: crybabyhunter (Instagram)
corgi body outline tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
corgi funny line tattoo
Credit: murkyink (Instagram)

Adding humor to a Corgi tattoo, this outline design whilst simple oozes personality. A tattoo to make everyone smile when they get a glimpse shows off the breed’s affectionate nature. Hints of details bring the design to life whilst keeping in tune with the outline style. A great option for those considering a more playful design.

corgi comparison tattoo
Credit: corgi_pancakechu (Instagram)
corgi ears line tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)

Showing off the Corgi’s iconic pointy ears, this tattoo design is instantly recognizable to all. A great choice for those looking to get their first dog-inspired tattoo. This is minimalism at its finest.

detail outline corgi dog tattoo
Credit: polkaink (Instagram)
corgi outline arm tattoo ideas
Credit: kaplan.tattooing (Instagram)
corgi outline with shading tattoo
Credit: art_nariman (Instagram)

This line art design has a sense of anime animation to its design. Minimal yet full of detail, this intricate design encapsulates the Corgi’s fun-loving nature. With the inclusion of dotted shading, the design and dog have been brought to life. A great choice if you’re looking for a full image Corgi tattoo.

ears nose corgi tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
kawaii corgi butt tattoo
Credit: shuriken_tattoo (Instagram)
heart butt corgi tattoo
Credit: charlottelucyy_tattoo (Instagram)
kawaii corgi head tattoo
Credit: charlottelucyy_tattoo (Instagram)
line tattoo of corgi dog
Credit: dirtylittlepaws_ (Instagram)
kawaii corgi tattoo ideas
Credit: natuaze_handpoke (Instagram)
minimalist corgi line tattoo
Credit: nikiperemeshalich (Instagram)
minimal corgi and butterfly tattoo
Credit: miki_tatuuje (Instagram)
simple corgi kawaii tattoo
Credit: shuriken_tattoo (Instagram)
one line corgi tattoo on arm
Credit: truthink7 (Instagram)
simple corgi tattoo on ankle
Credit: mollyits (Instagram)
small minimal corgi tattoo
Credit: psycha_ha (Instagram)
portal corgi tattoo in color
Credit: paulamidnite (Instagram)

3. Vibrant Corgi Tattoos

A tattoo style that allows you to show off Corgi’s stunning white and ginger coat. This style also brings about more creativity and the introduction of interesting elements to a design, making it personal and individualistic.

This style doesn’t mean you have to throw the whole coloring book at a design, but it means you can create a focal point. Incorporate various coloring methods such as block colors, watercolor effects, and more. The choice of a colorful and vibrant Corgi tattoo will bring a new sense of life to the design.

big corgi arm tattoo in color
Credit: steveokertattoos (Instagram)

This dominating color design shows off Corgi’s famous coat. More vibrant tones have been used but are balanced out by the surrounding colors of yellow and green. Enhancing the features of the Corgi, this bold design shows off the breed’s soft and gentle side, presented through the addition of flowers.

adorable corgi tat cartoon
Credit: juliacampione (Instagram)
corgi cartoon tattoo on leg
Credit: ellietattoos (Instagram)
colorful corgi with flower tattoo
Credit: ali_fatale (Instagram)
colorful welsh corgi tattoo
Credit: queenofheartstattoobp (Instagram)
colorful corgi laying tattoo
Credit: ceciliavet (Instagram)
corgi spaceship tattoo in color
Credit: (Instagram)

Colliding color and personality perfectly, this design screams uniqueness. Going the animated design route allows you to show off the goofy personality of the Corgi. Featuring a geometric element, this quirky design is perfectly framed, encasing this ‘out there’ tattoo. Still showing off the breed’s favorite features, the Corgi is enhanced rather than dominated.

corgi dog head portrait tattoo
Credit: tattoosbyl (Instagram)
corgi dogs tattoo
Credit: pettattoo.salmon (Instagram)
corgi pet tattoo in color
Credit: heartlessoul93 (Instagram)
detail color corgi tattoo design
Credit: rose_and_dagger_tattoo (Instagram)
cute corgi dog tattoo in color
Credit: crystalchariot (Instagram)
corgi with a crown tattoo
Credit: clarawelshtattoos (Instagram)
cowboy corgi tattoo with hat
Credit: kwillsontattoo (Instagram)
corgi swimming tattoo
Credit: tom_charming_tattoo (Instagram)
kawaii corgi tattoo
Credit: xamgiketui (Instagram)
detailed corgi dog in color tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
geometric corgi tattoo
Credit: laurablacktattoo (Instagram)
funny corgi tattoo in color
Credit: joey_2turnt (Instagram)
running corgi cartoon tattoo
Credit: pmatattoopgh (Instagram)
vibrant corgi dog tattoo with leaves
Credit: elisvz (Instagram)
watercolor corgi tattoo in blue
Credit: sky_coyote (Instagram)

Incorporating color, outline, and geometric details, this tattoo design is great for those looking for something more abstract. Adding a unique element to the design, tones of blues and purple in watercolor-like strokes have been applied. For those looking for a colorful yet understated vibrant design – this is a great start for inspiration.

smiling corgi leg tattoo
Credit: thetanktattoos (Instagram)
yoda and corgi tattoo
Credit: ouchieink (Instagram)

Choose the tattoo design right for you

We hope our list of Corgi-style tattoos has assisted your search for the perfect design. Whether it features color, their iconic ears, butter melting smile, or all three – every Corgi tattoo is amazing in its own right.