tiny corgi outline tattoo ideas

20 Corgi Outline Tattoos for Minimalists

Corgis are classic Welsh dogs known for their loyalty to their families. They’re also excellent herding dogs that love to love. They’re happy, playful, and cute with a unique body shape. Corgis are famous for their short stature with bodies far longer than their legs.

As a matter of fact, there’s an old legend among Celts of the region that say Corgis were once the pets and work cattle for fairies. So, having a cute tattoo of these pups is ideal for any owner; especially if it’s a simple outline like the ones presented below.

blackwork corgi pet tattoo
Credit: chummchurum (Instagram)
abstract corgi outline tattoo
Credit: wongplacewongtime (Instagram)
abstract one line corgi tattoo
Credit: ching.tattoo (Instagram)

For a sweet and simple one-line drawing, this image of a Corgi shows the dog at play. It perfectly captures the essence of these cute engaging dogs. While it is a basic outline, it is complex in its composition. The lines intertwine and round in such a way as to have a whimsical texture with an enticing appeal.

corgi and owner line tattoo
Credit: hktattoo_rosey (Instagram)

This Corgi depiction is precious, denoting a moment between the owner and her dog. The lines are excellent, giving realistic detail while also providing a cartoon-like quality to the picture. The pooch is more than happy with a tender glow of reflection in its eyes, complete with its tongue hanging out.

chubby corgi line tattoo
Credit: blan.ink (Instagram)
colorful corgi outline tattoo ideas
Credit: remember_me_tattoo (Instagram)
corgi bum tattoo line art
Credit: eslstudent (Instagram)
buzz lightyear corgi tattoo
Credit: tha_pulguinha (Instagram)
corgi face line tattoo
Credit: plaga.tatuaze (Instagram)
corgi line art tattoo ideas
Credit: natuaze_handpoke (Instagram)
corgi in flowers dog tattoo
Credit: emmi_lansman (Instagram)
corgi floral outline tattoo
Credit: chelseydoestattoos (Instagram)
minimal corgi line tattoo on arm
Credit: fredaagomes (Instagram)
minimalist corgi outline tattoo on wrist
Credit: handpoke.norway (Instagram)
corgi on skateboard tattoo
Credit: violette.violence (Instagram)
corgi outline blackwork tattoo
Credit: ghosttown912 (Instagram)
outline corgi dog tattoo design
Credit: papaja.tatuaze (Instagram)
side view corgi tattoo
Credit: starlightstudio.ink (Instagram)

This dog tattoo is a tender rendition of these short-legged dogs with elongated bodies. The pup stands in space surrounded by diamond-like stars as it gazes off into the distance. This image shows the average physique of these adorable canines, highlighted by the fitted collar.

It also displays their propensity toward herding and guardianship. And this pup gives off the gentle yet watchful nature characteristic of these dogs.

simple corgi funny tattoo
Credit: murkyink (Instagram)

Speaking of cartoon quality, this tattoo style of a Corgi is sure to give any viewer a chuckle or two. This simple outline speaks a thousand words as the dog lies leisurely on its side. While propping its head up with a paw, it holds a wine glass in the other. Happy with its glass, the pooch smiles in a relaxed state with a little humor.

This is fabulous for wine-loving Corgi owners.

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simple corgi tattoo outline style
Credit: christine.rvl (Instagram)
simple corgi tat ideas
Credit: sevodji_tattoo (Instagram)
sleep corgi outline tattoo
Credit: malinatatts (Instagram)
watercolor corgi outline tattoo
Credit: uhhhhtaco (Instagram)
unicorn corgi line tattoo
Credit: pt78tattoo (Instagram)

Corgi Outline Styles

This small gallery of Corgi tattoos reflects the essence of this breed. They’re beautiful, adorable, playful, and friendly. Such simple Corgi outline tattoos will make anyone’s heart melt. Even though Corgis have a curious shape and size, it makes them all the more lovable. Read our monochromatic Corgi tattoos if you’re looking for a similar style.