Corgi pet tattoo in black and white

Awesome Corgi Black Inked Tattoos You’ll Want To See

Corgi black inked tattoos are a great choice in design for showing off the loveable breed in a monochromatic style. Allowing a range of tattoo design styles, your choices are endless. Small to large, detailed to minimalist, black and white tattoos are a timeless design.

A great option for those getting their first tattoo or looking to add a classic style to their collection of tats. Here are our top black-themed Corgi dog tattoo designs to suit all tastes and preferences.

black corgi wildlife tattoo
Credit: carrie_metz_caporusso (Instagram)

Offering a more animated design and style, this Corgi tattoo features a minimalist line design whilst capturing the pet perfectly. Through the use of dotted work, shadows and a reflection is cleverly created. A great option for those looking for a large piece whilst keeping it minimal.

abstract corgi arm tattoo
Credit: ekasudarmaputra (Instagram)
black ink corgi tattoo
Credit: jeffchewtattoostudio (Instagram)

A detailed yet darker style of tattoo, this design features a traditional portrait tattoo image. Capturing every fur strand, the resemblance is uncanny. Adding dynamic to the design, the inclusion of thin geometric lines and circles creates a frame around the portrait. Also, it creates a contrast to the dominant design. A spot-on design for those looking for a show-stopping piece.

corgi blackwork tattoo
Credit: milki_tatuuje (Instagram)
chubby corgi running tattoo
Credit: ana_work (Instagram)
corgi botanical tattoo in black ink
Credit: tattoosbyjolene (Instagram)
corgi finger hand tattoo
Credit: pufftronic (Instagram)
corgi ice cream cone tattoo
Credit: tetyanali_tattoo_kr (Instagram)
corgi howling moon tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
corgi detailed portrait leg tattoo
Credit: cekatattoo (Instagram)
corgi circle border tattoo
Credit: cherryxzhao (Instagram)

Looking at a new way of doing a Corgi portrait tattoo, this design shows a detailed yet subtle style. Fine and precise strokes create shadow and capture the breed’s coat. A thin-lined and dotted circular frame perfectly finishes the design, making it a refined piece.

corgi in geometric frame tattoo
Credit: samanthabodyart (Instagram)
corgi pose tattoo on leg
Credit: kristynkayborglum (Instagram)
corgi noodles tattoo
Credit: usantos (Instagram)
corgi tattoo in black ink
Credit: vixentatt__ (Instagram)

A perfect representation that small tattoos can be just as detailed. Showing off all the great qualities of the Corgi, this tattoo design whilst minimal with color shows detail through water coloring like strokes. A lovely small design for those looking to get their first dog-themed tattoo.

minimal corgi silhouette tattoo in black
Credit: miki_tatuuje (Instagram)
corgi tattoo on beachball
Credit: olympe.tattooist (Instagram)

Representing the more playful side to the Corgi, this design perfectly incorporates the fun and poised characteristics of the breed. Packed full of detail, the scarf, beachball, and star add a new and interesting element to a traditional design. A great tattoo option for those looking for a unique design.

outline corgi in black tattoo
Credit: neillograntattoos (Instagram)
geometric corgi mural tattoo
Credit: corgimaui (Instagram)
realistic black corgi tattoo
Credit: inkbox35_tattoo (Instagram)
three corgi arm tattoo
Credit: jilltattoo (Instagram)
realistic corgi pet tattoo in black ink
Credit: olivetattoos (Instagram)
samurai corgi dog tattoo
Credit: yuki_tatts (Instagram)

We hope our list of black Corgi tattoos has helped you find the inspiration you’ve needed to move forward in your tattoo journey. Make sure you check out the 50 Corgi Tattoos in different styles article.