cat silhouette tattoo

40 Simple and Stylish Cat Silhouette Tattoos.

Cats are some of the most fun-loving animals. They’re curious, playful and they love their naps. So, getting some skin art displaying them can be a beautiful and captivating way to show how much they fill your heart. If you’re looking for pet tattoo inspiration, you’re sure to find one here.

This small collection of simple cat silhouette tattoos is purr-fect for pet owners who find felines precious. Each one in the gallery is adorable and guaranteed to melt your heart. The designs aren’t complex, but they’re beautiful all the same.

black cat tattoo on neck
Credit: kirbeeys (Instagram)
black cat silhouette moons tattoo
Credit: _beestattoos_ (Instagram)
black cat cartoon tattoo
Credit: nilutatto (Instagram)
black kitty tattoo on moon
Credit: edersonsapotattoo (Instagram)

For those Halloween lovers out there, this depiction of a black cat complete with glowing eyes encapsulates the holiday. The moon and surrounding bats make this image what it is. The pronounced detail of the eyes, nose, and fur is even more noticeable due to the lighter tone of the moon the cat is sitting on.

cat silhouette tattoo on arm
Credit: choiyun_tattoo (Instagram)
minimal cat tattoo silhouette on arm
Credit: choiyun_tattoo (Instagram)
cat yarn tattoo idea
Credit: choiyun_tattoo (Instagram)

Siamese cat lovers will absolutely find this tattoo to die for. There are two of these cats and you can tell they’re of the Siamese variety by the darkened snout, paws, and tail tips. It’s pretty much the perfect cat breed for a silhouette design.

The red ball of yarn between them not only emphasizes their playfulness but also brings out the shading in each cat. The great care and attention to detail are exquisite. One is watchful while the other is in a playful state.

three cats tattoo silhouette
Credit: choiyun_tattoo (Instagram)
abstract cat silhouette tattoo idea
Credit: ink.feb24 (Instagram)

Surrealism is always a difficult style to pull off effectively and this image of two cats as the yin and yang symbol is a true masterpiece. Salvador Dali would be proud. Rather than fish, there’s a white and black cat, each holding a ball.

While they are very realistic as you begin with the faces, the rest is an obvious fantasy by the time you get to the tail. The white cat curves and turns into the water while the black cat’s curve transforms into incense smoke. This is a mew-ving image that belongs in a top-notch art gallery. It’s arguably one of best tattoos here.

cat arm reach tattoo
Credit: rafaela_mkup (Instagram)
blackwork cat tattoo next to moon
Credit: timlouistattoos (Instagram)
black tattoo of cat and plants
Credit: flamezec (Instagram)
cat pet tattoo on arm
Credit: kirbeeys (Instagram)
cat painting tattoo
Credit: progressiontattoo (Instagram)
black cat simple tattoo silhouette style
Credit: digallotattooart (Instagram)
cat side profile tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
cat tattoo on ankle
Credit: marion.ikd (Instagram)
cat silhouette tattoo on moon
Credit: andi.demitri (Instagram)
cat with witch hat tattoo
Credit: claire.testore (Instagram)
cat with plants and moon tattoo silhouette
Credit: bayside_ink (Instagram)
chubby cat silhouette tattoo
Credit: field_ink (Instagram)
kitten silhouette tattoo with hands
Credit: dismisslife (Instagram)
dog and cat tattoo on moon
Credit: invoking_art (Instagram)
top hat cat tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
kawaii black and white cat tattoo
Credit: tots_tattoo (Instagram)
minimal silhouette cat tattoo
Credit: bravotattoo_korea (Instagram)

The lilies, butterflies, and other flowers that surround the kitty in this image highlight the watchful and observant nature domestic felines are notorious for. While this is a very realistic image, the artistic use of pointillism is clever and exacting. Here, it’s as if the cat notices something among the foliage, like a mouse or other critter.

walking cat on line tattoo
Credit: waxgenkz (Instagram)
playful cat tattoo on moon element
Credit: fannypakattak (Instagram)
cute black cat silhouette tattoo
Credit: 777.sevenw (Instagram)
unique cat portrait tattoo
Credit: per.swat (Instagram)

This cat tattoo is a monument to how they get in your face, especially when they’re hungry or they’re in the mood to play. It’s a gorgeous depiction of a wide-eyed tabby with a delicate blend of white space and shading. The red behind the head highlights how amusing and alluring domestic cats can be.

minimal black cat tattoo design
Credit: with_of_the_north_tattoos (Instagram)

Cat Silhouette Outline Tattoos

minimalistic cat outline tattoo
Credit: jroottat2 (Instagram)
cat head portrait tattoo silhouette
Credit: luftmyszatattoo (Instagram)
line art cat tattoo with whiskers
Credit: eli_saya_tattoo (Instagram)
cat line art moon tattoo
Credit: mzaragozatattoo (Instagram)
cat stretch outline tattoo silhouette
Credit: _karin_tattoo (Instagram)
simple cat line art tattoo
Credit: dsteigerink (Instagram)
watercolor outline cat tattoo
Credit: dinnao (Instagram)

Wrapping up

Almost all of these simple cat silhouettes show the poignant wonder and enchantment inherent in cats. Each one is worth exploring for a moment to marvel at the minute detail and finesse the artist used. Although simple, they are profound. They are a testament to the cuteness, curiosity, and contemplative nature of cats.