cat moon tattoo

32 Magical Cat Moon Tattoo Designs for Men and Woman

Cats have been linked to the moon for many centuries. Under mystical and magical claims, the relationship between cat and moon is a mysterious one. If you are a fan of witchcraft, the moon, cats, and all things magical, what better way to show your love than through a cat moon tattoo.

With many wonderful ways to incorporate the two in a design, it can be difficult to conjure up the perfect tattoo. To make things easier, we’ve found our top 30 moon cat tattoos for you to enjoy and be inspired.

cat on moon with cloud tattoo
Credit: clancy_mercer_art (Instagram)

A design giving me major Sailor Moon vibes, this design is great for those looking for a minimal cat/moon tattoo. A simple moon and star outline perfectly balance out the animated cloud and dark cat silhouette. A lovely tattoo choice that can be small or large depending on preference.

cat galaxy moon tattoo
Credit: entala_tattoo (Instagram)
black cat witch moon tattoo
Credit: 138tattoo_shop (Instagram)

Drawing on the black magic side of the cat’s relationship with the moon, this tattoo is a powerful design. Crescent moons feature throughout as a triangular frame and are also present on the cat’s front. Clever shading on the cat creates a Milky way-esc effect of a starry night.

blue color moon cat tattoo
Credit: rysemil62_tattoo (Instagram)
cat line art tattoo moon design
Credit: vir_tattoo (Instagram)
cat shaped moon tattoo
Credit: easy_does_it_tattoo (Instagram)
cat outline moon and broom tattoo
Credit: lovebeyou_tattooer (Instagram)
cat quote moon tattoo
Credit: gothking (Instagram)
cat outline moon shape tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
cat stretch moon shape tattoo
Credit: _alex.aime_ (Instagram)
cats with bats moon tattoo
Credit: tattoosbyylinda (Instagram)
cat with crown moon tattoo
Credit: tattoois_jaeo (Instagram)
color cat moon tattoo
Credit: gracignoato (Instagram)
colorful space cat tattoo with moon design
Credit: derykwebb (Instagram)

A splash of color on this next design. Straying away from darker tones, this colorful design is a welcoming change from the usual monochromatic style. Whilst the moon, stars, and planet are filled with an abundance of color, the dark cat silhouette allows for a center stage position. A great option for those after a bold design.

detail floral cat moon tattoo
Credit: ritacorceiro (Instagram)
colorful cat moon tattoo
Credit: alperfiratli_tattoo (Instagram)

Taking on a Japanese-inspired style of drawing, this cat/moon tattoo is a subtle design. Dotted shading, fine lines, and pops of color create a softness to the tattoo. Taking a less literal approach, the moon is suggested through the incomplete circle with the cat nestled asleep. Minimal stars continue to surround the celestial theme.

cool cat moon elements tattoo
Credit: demi_mclean_art (Instagram)
minimal cat moon tattoo design
Credit: inkbymik (Instagram)
minimal black silhouette cat moon tattoo
Credit: alejandrotattoostudio (Instagram)
large moon cat black tattoo
Credit: grettel.inkaholik (Instagram)
Japanese cat moon tattoo
Credit: hola_holson (Instagram)
moon cat stipple tattoo
Credit: kerrie.emtattoo (Instagram)
moon shape cat cycle tattoo
Credit: napoli.tatts (Instagram)
moon cycle cat tattoo on arm
Credit: barbara_corbucci_tattooer (Instagram)

Adding a new dynamic to the popular moon phase tattoo, this design cleverly incorporates the cat. A really soft, delicate, and detailed tattoo, the inclusion of dots and botanicals adds a new element to the design. A great option for those looking to discreetly incorporate cats into their tattoo collection.

moons cat leg tattoo
Credit: gunsandinkstattoos (Instagram)
minimalist cat moon wrist tattoo
Credit: tattoos4two (Instagram)
shoulder cat moon tattoo
Credit: steelninkcollingwood (Instagram)
stipple cat moon tattoo
Credit: isitamarramamiau (Instagram)
one line cat moon tattoo
Credit: lasirenelunairetattoo (Instagram)
red roses cat moon tattoo
Credit: ah_puck_tattoo (Instagram)
witch broom cat tattoo
Credit: capinksa (Instagram)
stipple cat silhouette with moon tattoo
Credit: pani.mery (Instagram)

I hope our list of cat moon tattoos has inspired you to get an out-of-this-world tat. We wish you luck on your mystical tattoo journey.